Ask, and you shall receive.

The cover-up problem for my Azalea shirt is now solved. I stopped at Goodwill while I was running errands on Friday, just on a whim, and found a long cardigan sweater in exactly the color I needed! It looks a bit winterish, but I think if I fold the sleeves up once or twice to make it 3/4, it’ll probably be ok for overly air-conditioned buildings in summer too. (Plus, if I don’t actually hem the sleeves off, it will make it more versatile because I’ll still be able to wear it in the winter.)

Other Goodwill finds from the weekend: an oversized men’s button-up shirt to use in my Anthropologie knock-off attempt, a cropped short-sleeve lightweight sweater that I’m hoping to use as another air conditioning cover-up (for things like the Titania dress), a black tank top that’s more work-appropriate than any of the ones I currently own and basically only wear under other things, a green knit shirt with a design on the front that I’m also hoping to be able to wear for work, and (the best part) two pairs of jeans that actually fit me! Even at the waistband! (That part’s usually huge on me.) And just in time, too, as two of my older thrifted pairs of jeans are starting to get holes in them from wear. (Still want to learn to sew them, though.) Oh, and I also found a Lord of the Rings board game for $3. The box is kind of bashed in, but when I cut through the tape holding it closed, I discovered everything inside is unopened. So I think me and my fellow geeky friends will have fun with that.

No time to sew for a little bit. I was running around all day on Sunday, and then last night one of my fellow bridesmaids came over and we started working in earnest on a scrapbook for our friend that’s getting married this summer. Made some really good progress too– we got all the photos sorted and laid out by page, and decided what non-photo stuff we want to put in (memorable quotes we recorded of laughable things said while hanging out, mentions of favorite single-girl memories we didn’t have pictures from, etc.) We still have to add paper to all the pages, so we’re going to get together again this Sunday to do that. And we’ll be heading to Baltimore for another weekend hang-out with our mutual (and also crafty) friend who lives down there, so odds are we’ll try to assemble the entire album while she crochets. So I need to get my share of that ready to go this week. But I also want to take the time to make that belt and sew on the hook and eye so that my Azalea will be done! Perhaps tomorrow night, as today is one of my later teaching ones and I probably won’t want to bother with measuring or cutting out after that.

2 thoughts on “Ask, and you shall receive.

  1. I love thrift stores – I always feel like a treasure hunter 🙂 By the way, I feel like a complete moron because I can’t figure out how to reply to comments on my blog. heh. So to answer your question you posted, if you have a PC you hit “print screen” which should be on the upper right side of the keyboard next to insert. Then all you have to do is hit paste when you’re in a program like powerpoint, word, or paint, and the image just magically appears 🙂 Then you can crop and save as picture. I hope that’s more helpful – I really have no clue how to do it on a mac. Do you know how to reply to a comment on blogger?


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