Friday Favorites, Episode 4

Can’t really categorize this week’s offering– it’s really random.

1. As most of you who actually read this probably know, I love ThreadBanger. I grew up with craft shows, since my mom is also a very crafty lady, but have often found the projects on them to be kind of lame for my tastes (I’m way more rock n’ roll than country.) So if this had been around when I was a teenager, I would have been probably making everything featured on this show. Of course, as it is, I generally watch this more for the entertainment value, since a lot of the projects are rather easy for me by this point. That, and though I can get away with a lot more than, say, someone who worked in the buisness world, I do feel it’s important to try to maintain some form of professionalism in my dress while I’m teaching (albeit funky, artsy professional.) After all, this is my buisness. And while a lot of what they show is great for teenagers and college students, doesn’t work so well for an older 20-something in the working world.

That being said, I was really excited about this past week’s new episode. It’s a technique I’ve never tried (freehand machine embroidery), I’ve had that foot sitting in my box unused for years, and this is something that I could actually use. My head is reeling with the possibilities of custom-embroidered bags, jeans pockets, etc. (I just have to try it first.)

2. Creative Kismet showed some lineoleum block-carved stamping that she made for some notecards. This is another one of those art forms that I’ve had some exposure to (we did a bit of that in my high school art class too– I still have one of my more intricate stamps down in the basement with my other crafty stuff), but I never got this involved on it. I love all the layering and the colors (and the design, of course, because I really love tree-based designs).

3. Laura gets the most practical application award this week, thanks to this well-written and illustrated how-to on underlining and finishing a garment with Hong Kong seams. I’ve been wanting to try the underlining technique as part of my resolution to learn how to finish the insides of my clothes better. I just haven’t found the right project to attempt it yet, since pretty much all I’ve been sewing this year so far are simple tunics and skirts and the like. But once I do, like next time I make a jacket or something, I will certainly be returning to this.

4. The craziest item of the week, as seen through Crafting a Green World: a musical dress. I kid you not. Somebody wove this “sonic fabric” out of the innards of old tape cassettes, designed a hand-held device that allows one to “play” it (like the same thing that’s inside a tape player that reads the tape), and made a dress out of it, gave it to the lead singer of Phish, and he “played” it on stage.

5. Also through Crafting a Green World: vinyl wrist cuffs. Being the music junkie that I am, I have long admired crafts that recycled things like records and cds. And since I really have no reason to try the record bowl that everyone’s made by this point anyway, I really like this (and I don’t think it would clash with the “funky professional” aesthetic I mentioned earlier in the post). This one they show is extra-cool because of the vinyl color, but either way it gives me another reason to reconsider browsing the record section of the thrift store….

6. Not a craft, but I still really enjoyed two posts over at Beadlust this week. In the first post, she instructs you to draw five symbols, and then number them in order of what visually appeals to you most to least. (She got this from a psychologist friend.) Then, in the second post, she reveals what each symbol stands for, and what their placement in the 1-5 order means. Surprisingly insightful, and since I love personality tests anyway, it was fun to have one art-related.

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