Someday my posts will have pictures again, I swear.

Just not yet, as I’m still not sure what’s going on with my computer. It now has a new hard drive, but still crashes at least once a day. We suspect there may be virus trouble, in which case I still don’t want to load pictures on this thing and then risk losing them when I inevitably have to wipe the hard drive and start from scratch with reloading Windows and all.

In any case, I’ve been keeping busy with non-computer-related craft stuff. On Tuesday, I finished up my print top for the mini-wardrobe, and will write up a pattern review for it once I can take pictures again. Spent a good bit of the last couple of days figuring out the pattern for the bedspread quilt I’m going to make for when I switch to the other bedroom, with a great deal of help from my quilter mom. Went to Joann’s today to get the materials for that while they were on sale, and also got the paint for my furniture. I also cut out the stencil tonight for the Alabama Stitch-inspired skirt, and am hoping to get the prepwork for that started tomorrow afternoon–if the last remnants of the brown bamboo knit hat I’ve already made two tops out of are large enough to handle the applique, I’ll need to get beads to match (while I have a ton of beads, seed/bugle beads aren’t so much in there), and I have an AC Moore gift card that I’ve been hoarding so I can get them for free, hurrah!

So that’s it for the moment, other than I’m getting rid of the Freecycle fabric tomorrow (hopefully– she was supposed to pick up today but had transportation issues). Managed to get two trash bags full for her. So now I just need to mark them as gone in my fabric sample book, and then rejoice in stash reduction!

paring down

Another picture-less post… as of Friday, my computer is completely dead. Friday is also when my new hard drive came in, so now it just needs to wait until my brother can swap them out. (Hopefully this afternoon.) I’m on the family computer in the kitchen right now.

I made a top almost in its entirety yesterday– I probably would have finished it, except I got a later start than I’d anticipated. My original plan was to give my car a long-overdue washing and waxing–I think the last time I’d washed it was 2007! Working at a garden center, it’ll get dirty again really fast, so I figured there was no point… until my brother reminded me that I was overdue for waxing it. Turns out he was right… my car had a couple of small chips in the paint that had gotten rusted, and I had to spend some extra time with rust-remover gel trying to get it off, with mixed success. And then, just as I was 3/4 0f the way done getting the wax off, it started to thunder, and so I couldn’t plug my machine in until 5 or so. I wasn’t a total slacker with the time, though– did some reading, and sorted through several old bins of fabric and scraps. I’m in a mood to just downsize my stuff lately, and recently a request came over the local Freecycle for some fabric and sewing patterns from a new sewer. I got in touch with her, and she’s not in a rush (3 young kids), so that gave me time to really look around. So between that and pulling out some clothes from my refashion stash that I’ll probably never get to, I managed to empty one huge bin and one smaller bin! (I also went through my book stash, and am getting rid of something like 85 books…now I just need to go through my closet and drawers, and take a trip to Goodwill. Also considering going through my beads and scrapbook paper and then making an offer on Freecycle or something.)

So, anyway, I don’t think I’ll finish the top today because I hardly ever have time to sew on Sundays, between church activities and flute orchestra. Maybe on Tuesday or something. Also plotting a new side project… I’ll need something hand-workish to do at the beach the weekend after next, and I’m thinking about bringing an Alabama Stitch-inspired project to work on in lieu of scrapbooking stuff this time– I haven’t printed any photos since October, and while I’m in the process of uploading them to a website for that, I obviously haven’t been able to work on that with the computer issues. And so, with losing this coming weekend for craft purposes (helping a friend move), I don’t think I’ll have the time to get those printed out/choose the papers/do the prepwork/get everything ready to go in time for the trip to just assemble pages. Might be a lot faster to just cut out some knit, grab some beads and go! I’m thinking of a skirt similar to this one.

a picture-less progress post

I do have another finished project to talk about, though no pictures yet. a) I haven’t taken it yet because I just finished it last night, and b) I’m a little afraid to take the pics off my camera– my computer’s been acting up for the last week, I may need to get a new hard drive, and though I have a backup as of last Thursday, I don’t want to load the pics onto the computer/have them removed from the memory card/lose them if I do have to get a new hard drive. (Especially because that means I’d lose all my pics from the Andrew Bird/Decemberists concert I was at on Monday!)

So, anyway, I finished my weekender bag last night. With a few modifications– I added a lining, and I couldn’t find the hardware to make the strap adjustable. It’s not the best sewing job I’ve ever done– I don’t know if it was cutting it out without a pattern with a rotary cutter, or if the fabric was off-grain, or what, but I had some definite size inconsistencies that resulted in the lining kind of bubbling up against the zipper. And the corners on one side came out all wonky. And this was supposed to be my quick-and-easy post-jeans project! On the plus side, though, I do have a nice roomy bag for the beach trip now (and I’m praying that the strap doesn’t completely fall apart on first useage). And the main bag fabric was fabric that had been in my stash for a couple of years, so I’m at 5/6 of stash used vs. new-bought this year. (Though I did buy some fabric last week, it’s specifically for the purpose of bedroom renovations, and therefore I’m not counting it because my stash is all pretty much fashion fabric.)

I cut out 6/6 this afternoon– one of the knit tops and the dress for my summer wardrobe, which are of the same knit print. And I discovered that it’s a really good thing that my muslin for the original maxi-dress pattern made me decide to go with a shorter one– since the majority of the pieces for both the top and the dress were cut on the fold, I would have been seriously short on fabric! As it was, I had to cut the back bodice piece for the dress out to be seamed, instead of the on-fold it was supposed to be, to make everything fit on there. Not sure how that happened, since I basically added the yardage for the two garments together when I ordered it… and it does count as stash used, since I bought it last year. Booyah.

So hopefully I can figure out this computer issue soon and have pictures again!