Seashells and Stones

The finished product! I made the earrings today. Unfortunately, I already have to redo one of them, because right after I took this picture, my cat knocked the jewelry stand over. I stupidly left the earrings on the floor while I was trying to rearrange the necklace to take the close-up shot, and unbeknownst to me, while I was doing that she sat on one of them. Besides flattening the metal cone on top, her weight broke one of the shells right off. And of course, since I did them all on a single piece of thread, that means I need to redo the entire earring. *facepalm*
But anyway, this shot gives a better idea of how the necklace overlaps. The second layer loops around the beads holding the first together. I’ll have to arrange the shells very carefully every time I put it on, but I’m very proud of the way it looks.
I also made this set this afternoon to go with the sweater I’m wearing now–I’d gotten the black donut awhile ago, along with some plain jasper beads, but ended up using these carved jasper flowers instead that were leftover from a necklace I’d made for my mom (at least, I think I made that one–since I taught her how to make the beaded necklaces it’s a lot harder for me to remember what I made for her and what she made herself, but she still let me keep the leftover beads so that’s what counts.) There’s also some black stone chips in there too, though you can’t see those as well.
I also finished making those raffia wrist and ankle bands for the Scarecrow costume yesterday. I still need to baste some patches onto the pants, though I have to admit my brain’s a little more occupied at the moment with trying to come up with something I can reconstruct the pants into later. 😛
Ok, off to practice my flute so I can see if I still have any time to sew this afternoon…

If I only had a brain…

Been doing quite a bit of work on the Scarecrow costume lately. Last night I made the hood and braided a bunch of yarn to use to tie around the hems of my sleeves and pants, plus a longer one to tie around my waist.

This is what I made tonight. It’s just a piece of elastic with raffia looped around it. I’m planning on doing one for both wrists and ankles, but I only got this one done tonight, so guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow night?

I also managed to work a bit on my skirt last night, and also to finish up the shell necklace except for clipping off the extra thread, and I’d also like to reinforce the knots. But I’m not posting pictures yet because I want to make the matching earrings first.

Seashells and seed beads, part 2

I did get a skirt cut out last night. I was originally planning on using a pattern (not that I need one so much for a tiered peasant skirt, but it did have a more fitted yoke that I liked.) I ended up having to improvise on it a good bit because not only was the fabric more narrow than the pattern, but it was a striped print and I wanted to try to get the patterns to line up if at all possible. So we’ll see how it turns out.

I worked some more on my seashell necklace tonight. I needed something brainless to distract me from work. 😛 So the second layer of shells is on now. I’d attempted it last night, but the thread kept tangling, so today I realized what I should have done originally is just tape the first finished section to something. It worked a lot better, as I was able to just weave around the rest of it. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the loops for the top line of shells are looped around the beaded sections in between the original shells. What I’m hoping it’ll do on me is lay relatively flat so it’ll have kind of a fishy scale look to it. So now I just need to string beads coming out from either side, and decide if it needs a third strand or anything. I’d originally thought so, but now I’m rethinking that.

I’m so happy that I can actually get decent pics of the jewelry stuff now. I’m loving this new digital camera. They’d always blurred horribly before, which was really frustrating.

And I’m actually happy that Jeffrey won Project Runway. Not the most likeable personality, and I had been rooting for Uli all along, but I really did like most of his final collection. And I felt like for me, it was a bit more wearable (read: easier to steal ideas from) than Uli’s, since I’m not a huge fan of showing obvious cleavage and most of her designs were slit down to the navel or so. But I am happy that she got second place.

Operation: Jacket, and Seashell Jewelry

As of last night, my corduroy military-style jacket is done. As you can see, here’s the front and the back. I used McCall’s 5190 for the pattern, mainly based off of view A, but I added the epaulets on the shoulders and the band on the back from view D because I liked them. I couldn’t get a good closeup of the buttons, but I absolutely love them because they’re a bit sparkly and they look like sunflowers (which are my favorite), so it’s a nice feminizing touch, I think.

I also started making a necklace tonight from some of the shells I picked up on the beach at Ocean City.

This is kind of what I’m going for– I want to layer the shells just to give the necklace a bit more substance, since the holes in a lot of them are rather large. (I found them that way, so it was nice to not have to attempt to drill anything!)

And this is what I actually have done so far. I still need to figure out how to get the second layer on there, but the seed beads seem to be working nicely for non-abrasive loops so far.

And just a note about the seed beads because I think it’s cool– they’re from Kenya! My best friend went there this past summer and brought them back for me.

Follow the yellow brick road…

Yes, some of my friends are throwing a Wizard of Oz-themed Halloween party this year, and due to small numbers of guys in our social group, I’m the Scarecrow. So a bit of the afternoon was spent thrifting for costume materials. I managed to find basically everything other than a few finishing details. And, well, I have to reconstruct the tan knit shirt into a hood-type thing for that collar of his. I’m just happy that for the rest of it, I managed to find things with reconstructive potential. And, well, I did splurge on one T-shirt to resize or recon. But that means the entire costume’s basically going to be under $20. Quite a switch from my usual Renaissance garb.

Ok, maybe that was a bit TOO ambitious.

I’d managed to get the lining cut out and partially sewn together at some point last week… I think it was last Wednesday, come to think of it, because I do remember sewing during Project Runway and Lost. So my goal for tonight was to get the machine work on the jacket done, but I only made it up to getting the lining sewn together and pinned to the outer jacket. Oh well.

The military jacket, continued

Finally had time to do some more sewing tonight! I got the body of the jacket more or less entirely sewn together, minus the sleeves. I probably would have gotten them in, but I was having trouble with placing one of the buttonholes and had to keep ripping it out and sewing it again. So I have to sew them, then cut out and sew in the lining and I’m done.

Small progress

Didn’t get much done tonight, since it was largely preoccupied with cooking (hey, a girl’s gotta eat, and since leftovers are pretty much my only usual dinner option for food I can grab quickly, needed something to leave over in the first place!) But I did get the text added to four scrapbooking layouts. My usual operation mode is to save the text for last, which might not be the best thing graphically, but since I’ve got to finish getting all the photos from my grad school years in albums so I can be quasi-caught up, the art’s just going to have to suffer a bit. (Especially since I keep going to things that I take photos of, and am therefore getting further and further behind.)

Crafting at the beach

Not that I got much of it done. But since I was at a beach condo with two crafty friends all weekend, we did bring stuff to do. I brought scrapbook stuff this time, and got the layouts done for four layouts (I still need to add text to all of them, and for me that’s best done with a computer! If I want it legible, anyway.)

I also found a decent-sized stockpile of seashells with natural holes in good places for jewelry. Most of the ones I collected are these neat iridescent ones– more or less half in goldish and half in dark greyish. I think I have enough to do separate jewelry sets for the two color schemes.

Also, not entirely related to crafting, but it’s not unrelated. Since my beloved film camera keeps acting up on me (two weekends in a row it hasn’t functioned well! Last weekend it decided the batteries were dead halfway through loading the film, and this weekend it decided to spontaneously rewind a different roll of film after four shots. Boo!) and I was going to get a digital for Christmas anyway, when I told my mom that it wasn’t working again she went ahead and ordered the one I’d wanted so I can have it early. So it’ll make it easier for me to get pictures on here now (and, hopefully, finally get some decent jewelry pictures out of it!)