2015’s final projects

I have a few last-minute additions to this year’s collection of makery.

IMG_3269The first two are both Christmas projects! I only made two things this year, and they were all for Hobbit. The first was this sock monkey ornament. I did it to continue a tradition that my mom started when I was growing up–she would make an ornament each for my brother and I every year, so that we would have a collection to decorate our trees with when we were out on our own. My brother’s got lost somehow, along with a box of ornaments I made myself at one point, and even them moving never turned it up, sadly. But aside from one or two that broke, many of the ornaments on our tree come from that collection. So it’s one I’d like to continue with Hobbit, and any other children that we might have. This year, I kept it simple with a kit, and all I had to do was stuff and stitch. My mom has one too, and I’ll eventually get to making the third and final for our collection. (My mom has taken to calling him Monkey, so we thought it appropriate.) Isaac's ark


The second is this toy ark, which ended up being a family affair. The pattern came from one of my grandmothers, who was getting rid of old craft books last Christmas and asked my cousins and I to see if there was anything we wanted to take. Most of the fabrics came from my mom’s stash of quilt cotton, and she helped me a great deal with both sewing the animals and holding Hobbit so I could work on it myself. Doug helped by cutting some thin wood into the shapes for the boat, after I couldn’t find large enough pieces of the  illustration board that it called for at the local arts and crafts stores. And I ended up using my dad’s duct tape to seal the board edges to prevent splinters from working through, so that counts. Right? Aside from the duct tape, the boards are covered in quilt batting and fabric, and I had to hand stitch and hot glue the covered pieces together. Awkward, but it worked. I think it turned out pretty cute, and the adults in the family were impressed. Hobbit’s take on it so far is that the animals are fun to stick in his mouth, just like everything else in life right now. But he did seem somewhat interested when I was showing him how to drop the animals inside, so hopefully he’ll like it when he’s a bit older.

Exhibit B: knitting. As I mentioned in my goals post, it’s been a slooooooow year on the yarn front. But here’s the two things that I did finish.

rock and tideThis cowl. Which I actually posted in January, but it took me this long to weave in the ends and block it. I still wish the drop stitch was working the way I wanted it to and showing the meshier aspect of the yarn, but hey, I made up my own knitting pattern. That’s new. Sebastian's

This scarf. The pattern is called Sebastian’s Scarf. It’s one of the projects in the Improve Your Knitting class on Craftsy, which my mom and I were going through together. I was a little disappointed that the class basically just covered different styles of knitting, and not much else. They do have a class now that’s just on continental style, and I think that would be more helpful, since I’ve been told multiple times that it would be better for my carpal tunnel than the English style. Continental purling is extremely awkward for me so far, though. Especially when switching between knit and purl in the same row. And forget yarnovers! Anyway, they don’t really go over the specific projects in the class at all. I have yarn for the other two– another scarf and an all rib-knit sweater that will no longer be anything resembling flattering with my remaining post-baby squishiness. So I may just see if I can find alternate uses for those yarns. Particularly the sweater– some of my older knitted scarves are starting to get a bit ratty, so it might be time to start replacing them.

To finish off, here’s the nerdy numbers bit!

Projects completed this year: 41. Not too shabby, all things considered.
The breakdown:
Dresses: 4. All from scratch.
Skirts: 6. 4 from scratch, one of which used otherwise difficult scraps, and 2 refashions.
Tops (for me): 4, all from scratch. I’m counting the waterfall cardigan as a top here.
Pants: 2 pairs, both leggings.
Costumes: 2. One to help my bestie, one for Hobbit. Actually, I could probably say 3. I just remembered the Saturday that I spent helping my sis in law to make a Jedi robe.
Accessories for me: 3, all knitted neckwear.
Baby clothes: 8. 2 refashioned onesies, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of pants, a romper and a t-shirt.
Toys/ toy storage: 6. 2 epic quiet books, the play gym, the ark, and then storage bags/hammock for blocks, puzzles and stuffed animals.
Functional baby gear: 4. An entire stash of cloth diapers, a diaper bag, a nursing cover, and a changing mat.
Holiday: 1, the monkey ornament. I also have a Christmas stocking cut out for Hobbit, but cutting it out was as far as I’ve gotten with it.

I’ll have to do the stashbusting review later, since my focus this week has been mostly on washing and nicely folding all of the more recent additions to the collection, and I’m still tallying the yardage. Let’s just say that I epically failed on my one challenge goal this year (to end with less than I started with), and save the gory details for next year, shall we?

Hope you all have a happy new year!

Top 5 of 2015: Goals

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I like to use this category to see how I did with the goals I set for the current year, as well as to set some goals for the next. So let’s pull out the scorecard!

1. Finish a capsule wardrobe that will get me through the first half of the year.
This was specifically related to my maternity wardrobe. Overall, I think this was a success. The only thing I really wished I had at the end was shorts, since I was past due and it suddenly got hot (as is typical around here) and rolling up the bottom of my jeans just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Mental note to self if I’m ever pregnant during the summer again, I guess.

2. On a related note, I need to work on my pattern hacking skills…If I can figure out how to do a couple of other things that will be good for both pregnancy and nursing, great.

Hacked projects include both of my maxi dresses, the tie dyed skirt, and the Manila leggings fail. I definitely have a long way to go in successfully altering my patterns, but these mostly did what they were supposed to. (At least for the maternity/nursing part.) So I’ll count it as a win.

3. Get as much sewing for “Hobbit” (what I’ve been calling the baby while we don’t know the gender) done as possible, before June.

I think I did pretty well with this one! I do have to make a fourth batch of diapers soon in size L, because he’s pretty big for his age and there is absolutely no way I’ll make it to potty training age with medium diapers like the pattern suggested. He’s still in S, but on the largest snap setting. So I’m almost positive he’ll be in M before the winter is over. Aside from that, I think I’m good on practical baby gear and can just mostly focus on clothes and toys when making stuff for him next year. Yay!

4. I might as well work on things like finishing techniques and getting my serger tension right.

Thanks to a conversation on Instagram, and mostly thanks to Brooke, I learned that my tension is actually fine! I guess I’m comparing it to my RTW, and their machines are fancier. I do plan to continue trying to work on hems and other visible stitching, since my older machine doesn’t have a stretch stitch other than zig zag. It’s usually a lot of trial and error to get a line that looks fairly straight and still has the give that I need.

5. I think probably the biggest goal for after Hobbit comes will be finding time to make things!

This one has admittedly been a challenge, since Hobbit naps best/longest when someone is holding him, and crib naps often don’t last very long at all. There’s been several days where I’ve resorted to heading to my parents’ early to drop him off for babysitting while I teach my music lessons, and having my mom hold him while I cut something out or sew a few seams. Recently, he has started to sometimes take better naps in his crib, so we’re making progress. And I just counted up, and it looks like I’ve finished about 12 projects since. So that’s not too shabby! (I haven’t showed the last one yet, since it’s one of his Christmas presents.)

Moving on… here’s my top 5 goals for 2016.

Button-downs1. Shirtmaking. I have 4 buttondown patterns I’ve been itching to try, but didn’t quite get to this year. Since my overall plan for now is to focus on clothes with a more forgiving fit, at least until we’re done having kids, nursing-friendly is still a bonus! I do like buttondown shirts, and have missed most of the ones I have. (They don’t fit my nursing-sized bust. Ahem.) I’m not scared of buttonholes or anything, I’ve been making those since I was a kid. But I would like to focus on finishing these nicely, and especially learning to do a proper full bust adjustment. I’ve never had a truly successful one yet. For the record, the patterns are the Grainline Archer, the Sewaholic Granville (not pictured, because my room is a disaster and I’m not entirely sure where it is right now), the Deer & Doe Bruyere, and Butterick 5826. I also have some things that would make adorable little boy buttondowns, and another Butterick pattern to try out for that. Deep stash2. Use up some deep stash. I definitely have things that have been sitting around for a decade or more, like these three pieces here. So it’s time to start chopping, dyeing, wearable muslining, whatever I need to do to get these fabrics out of the stash and into my closet. I want to be able to occasionally select a new piece of fabric without the guilt!

3. Try something completely new. There aren’t many types of garments I haven’t tried to sew by now, so I’m leaning towards bramaking and/or lingerie. Some pretty new underthings would be a nice treat after I’m done nursing. Especially because my few nursing bras are already in awful shape, and I still have 6 months to go with them! Ugh!

4. Loungewear. I could use some new pjs, especially for the warmer months. And I do have a tested pattern I can use, since my Sewaholic Tofinos actually fit pretty well again already. Aside from pj pants, though, I could use some comfy clothes to wear around the house that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to run an errand in. Aside from one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that never fit great, the only pants I have that currently fit are the one black pair and two pairs of jeans that I bought a couple months into the post-partum stage. And ok, they’re already big enough that functional belts are necessary, but all of the Thurlows and other jeans are still too small. (Waaaaah.)

The point is, I need to keep those three pairs of jeans for teaching days and social events, and therefore need loungewear for the other days. I just don’t know what, since I’m not comfortable in leggings paired with anything shorter than a dress, and sweatpants make me feel sloppy in a bad way. Any suggestions, other than the True Bias Hudson pants? (Nothing against them. They just remind me too much of sweatpants I wore in the 80s, and that’s my least favorite fashion decade ever.) Or should I just make some tunic-length tops in hopes that I’ll feel ok in leggings?

Mini-capsule possibility5. More mini-capsules! Either sewing more complete outfits, or new pieces to style with things already in my closet. This combination may be the first one I tackle. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice sooner that they go great together, but I do have an idea for this pairing. Assuming the kind of loose sweater knit works with the top I have in mind.

I have two bonus goals that are relevant, but not sewing.

The first is that I’d like to do a bit more knitting this time. I only finished three small projects this year, and haven’t even woven in the ends on two of those yet! (Probably due to spending most of my couch-bound pregnant time sewing quiet books!) Ideally, I’d like to make a new cardigan, but I have other small projects I’d like to do as well, including one that’s already on the needles. I have a few things on the needles, actually. So I need to finish or frog them. Or in one case, probably restart, because it’s been so long that I have no idea where in the pattern I left off!

The second is a closet purge. I did one shortly after Hobbit was born, in which I got rid of all of my woven dresses except for one, any shirts that were too short now, and all of the shorts and jeans that I used to wear at my garden center job. I’m probably going to wait until closer to the fall, after I’m done nursing and my measurements most likely stabilize. I’m hoping that by then, I’ll really have a better idea of what will actually fit again/what still fits my newish lifestyle, and can make informed choices about what to keep and what gaps need filling.

I’m going to try to do one more post before the end of the year, mostly for an update on how I did with the Stashbusting Sewalong. I can’t do that yet, since I still need to measure out the recently acquired yardage, and odds are pretty good I’ll get more fabric for Christmas. Until then, merry Christmas to all!

Top 5 of 2015: Highlights and Reflections

#sewingtop5 - The Top 5 of 2015!
For my second post, I’m combining my non-sewing highlights of the year with my reflections on the things I did make. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

20150622_1902341. Obviously, the biggest one for me this year is that I made a little human! While pregnancy and labor were physically the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I haven’t gotten a single full night’s sleep all year as a result, this little cutie has been 1000% worth it. I can’t believe he’s almost 6 months old already!

2. Does it make me sound like a total bum if I say that a highlight is having only one part-time job? I’ve had multiple jobs my entire post-college life, all in the name of trying to support my ability to keep working in music in one way or another. But since my last day of my old seasonal retail job was just before last Christmas, this year, I’ve been quite content with being a full-time mom/part-time flute teacher.

3. I’ve gotten a lot of time in with my very first hobby love this year– reading. While I was pregnant, sometimes that was all I had the energy to do. Thanks to my Kindle, books (and blogs) have helped me stay awake through many a late night feeding session. And while I haven’t quite managed daily, I’m trying to get into the habit now of reading to Hobbit as often as I can, in hopes of passing a love of the written word on to him.

4. New blog. It wasn’t easy for me to decide to move on from my old Blogger site, especially since I had to change the name. But sometimes a fresh start is nice. And obviously, my crafty life had to change, with the life changes I’ve had this year. To quote Annie, I think I’m gonna like it here. (As an extension to blogging, I’m going to throw in Instagram, because I’ve quite enjoyed the monthly photo challenges with #sewphotohop and #bpsewvember. My only wish is that IG would allow me to choose which photos to make public and which to keep to followers. Maybe someday?)

20151017_1240455. My husband. Aside from the two weeks of paternity leave that he was with us for, he burned all of his sick days to stay home and help me on particularly hard days (usually when the baby kept me up all night). He’s also got this uncanny knack of being able to get through more cleaning and organizing around the house in three hours than I can get through in three weeks, usually when taking the baby for a few hours on weekend nights so I can catch up on some sleep. He’s amazing.

1. My sewing this year, as a whole, has been so utilitarian. Aside from the practical baby things, like diapers/bags/nursing cover, a lot of my choices were driven by literally having almost nothing to wear that fit. So I had to go with things that were quick to sew and work for nursing. And while I don’t necessarily regret the projects that fit the current need, or used up fabric that would still otherwise be sitting in my stash, several of these were not things I probably would have made if I was going for the ideal of a wardrobe full of things that I love.

2. I definitely struggle mentally with letting go of supplies that I don’t know what to do with. (See my “secret corner of shame” pic from the #sewphotohop.) Whether leftovers from projects, old pieces from my stash that I just never found the right project for/are too fancy for my new mom life, or perfectly useable fabric that people destash onto me that I wouldn’t have chosen myself, I’d guess a solid third to half of my stash is made up of fabrics that I’m clueless about how to use. But since they’re not nice enough to try to sell, being mostly polyester blends, and I haven’t found any good solutions around here for non-clothing textile recycling–even the thrift shops here don’t take yardage that isn’t old curtains and such– I feel bad just sending them to the landfill. And so they sit, waiting for inspiration to strike. And also making me feel a little guilty whenever I want to pick out some new fabric, or just can’t find a good piece for whatever pattern I’m using in the stash.

3. I guess those first two are to say that I’ve reached the point where, while I don’t necessarily want a small wardrobe– I’ve learned that I get extremely bored with wearing the same 10 outfits all the time, thanks to my maternity clothes– I want a more curated one. And definitely a smaller stash that’s all either prints that inspire me, or good for making basics to complete the outfits. I’m just not sure yet how to make that happen, given #2 in particular.

4. I did enjoy making a couple of capsules this year, and if I can continue to plan outfits that way– especially separates– I think that will help with the curating.

5. I wish it was easier to find fun knit prints that are suitable for little boys that don’t cost $15+ per half yard. It seems like most of the really cute patterns I’ve found for boys so far involve knits. Since his daddy is so picky about clothes and I can never sew for him as a result, I feel like I have to have my fun while Hobbit is still little and lets me pick what he wears! At the same time, I am grateful that we’ve been given such a large stash of second-hand clothes for him, because then I don’t have to stress about having to make him clothes. And I am enjoying being able to make him some toys instead, too. So I guess it evens out.

Top 5 of 2015: Hits and Misses

#sewingtop5 - The Top 5 of 2015!

Time for the yearly roundup posts– thanks for hosting this again, Gillian!

I did do somewhat of a maternity/baby-specific roundup back in May. But since I’ve had a half a year of sewing since, it’s a good time to revisit. For the purposes of this roundup, I’m going with 4 things I made for myself and one thing I made for Hobbit, per category. Mostly because for my clothes, I couldn’t think of a fifth for either category.

Top 5 hits:
IMG_23271. My black maternity maxi-dress. I still need to hem it shorter, and should probably do so in the next few months so I have it for my next concert– I’m going back to the flute choir soon, and I’m sure the spring concert will be before I’m done nursing. Excess length aside, I’m happy with the nursing alteration, and I feel like it was comfortable and flattering in both my pregnant and post-partum states. But it did get a lot of use during the warmer days this year. Tie dye maternity skirt front

2. The tie-dyed maxi skirt. In retrospect, I wish the yoga band wasn’t quite so wide, because I have to fold it down a lot now. But my hope was to wear it after the pregnancy, too, and it worked out well for that.

exploding TARDIS Rae






3. The Exploding TARDIS Rae skirt. Out of all the things I’ve made during the “oh no,  the baby’s out and all my stuff is still too small” second half of the year, this one is hands-down the piece that I feel is most me, stylistically.

IMG_32124. The Espresso leggings. Once I got the waistline tweaked, they turned out to be pretty comfortable, and I’ve been wearing them pretty much every time I wear a skirt since it got cooler. I have a piece of brown rayon knit that I think could make a nice second pair, so this pattern will definitely see more use.  (And excuse the derpy picture– I literally had time to snap one, once I realized none of my pics of them actually showed the leggings.)

IMG_31665. Hobbit’s top hit: the play gym. I’ve had to swap out several of the felt animals for more durable/noisy toys by now, particularly since googly eyes fell off of a couple, but he still loves this thing! It was definitely well worth the time spent.

Top 5 misses:

Not my best project ever.1. The Manila leggings were the worst by far. I won’t go into the whole saga again, but aside from the maternity alteration itself, this one was a total fail. I don’t even want to keep them.

Since that was the only true wadder, the rest of my list is things that are okay, but I wish were improved in some way.

Maternity/nursing maxi-dress

2. The print maternity maxi-dress. I’m guessing it’s from swapping the bodice with another pattern, but this one never fit as well as the black one, even when I was the most pregnant. I’m hesitant to reconstruct it, since we are hoping for another child at some point and then I’d need this again, but the temptation to take in the back somehow is very strong. Adelaide front

3. The Adelaide dress. As I said in my post, it’s ok. I’m just less than thrilled with the fabric, and found it a little boring. I did wear it several times this summer/early fall in spite of that, and I think I actually would consider using the pattern again. It did fit pretty well with no alterations. We’ll call this one a wearable muslin.

Darling Ranges Front

4. The Darling Ranges dress. I still love the fabric, but I’m disappointed with the fit, especially the bodice. Not enough to toss the dress, but enough that the chances of me making this pattern again aren’t looking good. IMG_2729






5. Hobbit’s top miss: the baby shoes. Mostly because I should have gone larger. Despite going two sizes bigger than I thought I needed to, they only fit him for about two weeks! And they were warm weeks, so I think he only wore both pairs a combined total of three times. Also, he hates wearing shoes and/or socks, period. (My friends and family raved about them on Facebook, though, and I’ve been told I should keep them forever anyway.)

I guess that overall, it’s not a bad year since most of my misses still got plenty of wear! Granted, at least half of my wardrobe either still doesn’t fit or just doesn’t work for nursing at all. Things may have been different otherwise. But I’ll take it.

return to refashioning

It took a lot longer than I felt like it should have, for such a simple change. That’s the story with all of my sewing projects these days, to be honest. But once again, I’m quite happy with how much more use I’ll be able to get out of this garment now.

skirt 1Meet my new maxi-skirt. I finished this one a couple of weeks ago– before the blue shirt from the last post– but I had to wait for a chance to take some photos.









The before: This is actually the dress that my mom wore to my wedding! (My mom doesn’t like pictures of herself on the internet, so I hope this is acceptable if you’re reading it, Mom– I swear I took a before picture on my mannequin, but I can’t find it on my hard drive!) She gave me the dress after the wedding to chop up, because she said she’d never have occasion to wear it again. We’re a very casual family as a whole, so cocktail parties and holiday dresses aren’t really our thing. (We’re more the jeans, sweaters and homemade pizza for Christmas type.)

My initial plan was to shorten the dress and maybe wear it for a fancy date with Doug or something. But we don’t often go on fancy dates– again, casual family– and post-Hobbit, I honestly wasn’t sure if the top of this would fit my embiggened figure anytime soon. But a maxi-skirt is always useful, and the dress was a jersey-type fabric, so I decided to go more of the everyday wearing route. The dress had a slit up the center front that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving in, knowing I’d have a little boy tugging on my skirts in an effort to stand up before I know it. So I unpicked that, sewed it shut, and made that the new side seam. (There was only one other seam, conveniently in the center back.) Aside from that, it was pretty simple– just cutting some excess length off the top, and gathering it to an exposed elastic waistband.

This was my first attempt at such a waistband, and it’s a bit messy. (Thus the lack of picture.) The stitching got kind of jagged when I had to release the elastic to stretch to match the next section of fabric. But the gathering is mostly even, at least. And the insides are nice and tidy, thanks to this tutorial. I do have plans to make at least one more exposed elastic skirt, hopefully for next spring/summer, so hopefully that will go smoother.

skirt 2Overall, I’m happy with the results. The skirt is very full, so I have no trouble walking in it with my usual longish stride. The color makes it great for all seasons, possibly with the exception of the muggiest summer days due to the fiber content. It’s basically secret pajamas! I’m wearing it with boots and leggings here, which is probably what I’ll do all winter for warmth, but I know I have at least one warmer-weather top that it will look great with. I’m still hoping I can come up with something for that beaded waistband section of the original dress, too!

So that catches me up on finished projects, for now. I’m currently in Christmas mode, trying to finish up a toy for Hobbit. I’m also hoping to get his stocking made before we pack up the decorations this year. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m excited that Gillian posted the categories for the Top 5 year-end review today! That’s always fun. Are you going to be participating this year?




the stashbusting wagon ran me over

Since falling off the wagon was a recent topic of discussion in the Stashbusting Sewalong group on Facebook, this really is the best analogy I was able to come up with! The thing is, I actually have been doing well with not buying fabric overall. I bought only two yards of fabric in November, and both pieces were for immediate Christmas projects for Hobbit. It’s just that people keep destashing onto me! This time, it was a friend of my grandmother’s, and my mom and I ended up splitting this pile based on what we each thought we could use. I haven’t had a chance to tally up the yardage yet. But at least this time, there were pieces that will be good for little boy clothes. Mostly plaid.

lace-layered RenfrewAnother thing it had was a piece of mystery blue knit, which I was actually able to mostly use up right away. The November theme for The Monthly Stitch was a capsule wardrobe. Since I technically finished my black Espresso leggings in November (and they fit SO much better after tweaking), I decided to pair that with my exploding Tardis Rae skirt as my pre-sewn piece, and add a top. The last pile of free stash had this blue mesh lace stuff, and the mystery blue knit from this pile, while not a perfect match, went well enough with the mesh that I decided to layer it.

IMG_3124It’s another Sewaholic Renfrew, of course. The bands in plain knit would be easier to deal with than cleanly hemming the mesh and knit together. Also, I was fairly confident that I could adjust it to work a little better for nursing, since my older Renfrews, while admittedly snug at the moment, can still be pulled up for access as needed. I didn’t make this a full blown nursing top, but I added back to the waist (my old ones were graded down two sizes), and also added an extra inch to just the front.

I couldn’t do a pattern hack, no matter how small, without issues. This time, I forgot that adding to the front did not mean I should also increase the neck binding circumference. I ended up with a baggy, saggy neckline that took me a week to rip out. I’m going to blame sleep deprivation for this one. November was rough with the baby, to the point where we’re having to start solid food earlier than I’d intended just to see if more food in his tummy will keep him sleeping for more than two hours (or often less) at a time. (Day one, which was Tuesday, worked out pretty well. Day two, which was yesterday, saw him still waking up every two hours like clockwork. Ugh. At least it’s less than a month until we were going to start him on solids anyway.)

IMG_3164On the plus side, once I finally got that neckline off and gathered the excess to fix that–and the extra stretching that happened when it was stitched on the first time–it came together really fast. Even though I still had to break it into three sessions, and therefore didn’t finish until December 1st. Oh well.

I had to make it short sleeved, due to the amount of fabric I had–I have just enough for a baby tee shirt left over. I think. But I’m ok with that, because this one will be easy to layer and will also go well with a couple of my older print skirts, assuming they’ll fit again as well. The lace and two toned blue keeps it from feeling boring to me as a solid top, which is usually my big issue with solids. All told, I think I busted about 3 yards on this top, though I didn’t measure the knit before starting. I do have some of the mesh left over, but it’s admittedly kind of cheap fabric–good for an experimental top like this, but not something I necessarily want to bother making another outfit with. So I honestly might just use it as stuffing in a plushie I’m making for Hobbit!

I have to say, I’m really liking this mini-capsule/complete outfit style of sewing! My love of prints has definitely left me with orphan clothes more than once, and this is an easy way for me to get more cohesion in my wardrobe without resorting to sewing all neutral basics. I still don’t feel like I’m at a point where I can really justify picking out my own fabrics to add to my stash, given what I’ve acquired lately. (Even though I did buy two things yesterday to use as wearable muslins for some recently acquired patterns, because I just didn’t have the yardage required. I think I’m going to have to up my default “I don’t know what I’m going to do with this but I like it” buys from 2 yards to 3.) But I think I’d like to continue this way of adding to my closet as I can.