What do you think?

I’ve been so bad at keeping up with this blog this week…between trying to recover from my brother’s wedding/stay caught up on work/use almost all of my free time working on my Pattern Review class (which I’ll probably post on later, once I have time to make a muslin to show for it), I just haven’t had time to write!! But after the huge fiasco that was sewing my dress for my brother’s wedding, I’m thinking that maybe I should get a bigger head-start on making a dress for a friend’ s January wedding that I’ll be attending. And I’m weighing my options, so I’m blatantly fishing for feedback on this one!

This is the pattern I’d picked out, Vogue 7762. I’m planning on trying the one sketched in purple in the middle (which is actually also the one in the photograph) because I love those funky elf sleeves. And I have a problem with finding long-sleeved dresses that don’t look frumpy on me, but since it’s January and I get cold easily, long sleeves are a must. I don’t think a sleeveless dress and shrug are going to cut it. Problem #1: When I bought the pattern, the sketch was on there and in the pattern catalog, and the photo was not. And in the photo, the dress looks a little…boring. I don’t know if it’s the color or the way she’s posing, or what, but I liked it much better when it was the sketch! But I’m thinking that making it out of a print instead might liven it up– I kind of like the look of it with the print on the sketch to the right.

So question #1: Print or solid? (And if you say print, should I go for something really graphic or more understated? I’m thinking understated since I don’t want to draw attention away from my friend the bride, but I still want to look good! And, admittedly, funky prints are way more my style, as you’ve probably figured out if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time.)

The second issue: The dress calls for a woven. And it looked fairly fitted on the sketch and the pattern drawing when I was looking at it. But when I was reading it more closely after buying it, I noticed that it called the dress “semi-fitted”, and that set off some alarms for me because one of my usual biggest fitting “problems” is my waist. It’s not a bad problem to have–it’s just small compared to the other curves, so I guess I’m pretty much an hourglass figure. But that means I have to be very careful about wearing clothes that aren’t fitted at the waist, because that can easily make me look pregnant! Also, there aren’t really any darts around the chest. So what I’m seriously considering doing is making this dress from a knit instead of a woven. It would probably be more comfortable that way, both for the hour-and-a-half or more drive to Baltimore and if I actually make it out to the dance floor (we’ll see, because I’m not going to have a date for the wedding. I’m not a believer in asking some random guy to go to a wedding for two people he doesn’t even know just so I don’t have to sit by myself. I don’t know anyone I could ask anyway. And it’s not like I won’t know anyone there–my best friend is a bridesmaid. I just won’t get to sit with her for dinner, that’s all.) Also, from a sewing standpoint, I figured then it would be a lot easier to make it more fitted at the waist and still accommodate the fact that I’m not flat-chested without getting weird “I don’t fit” wrinkles.

So question #2: Go with what the pattern says, or take a chance on a knit? Also, other than eliminating the zipper and making it pull-over, and maybe eliminating the back dart, any advice on such a drastic change in textile?

If I don’t go with a knit, I need to figure out what to make it out of. The dress calls for “Lt.wt. Wool Crepe, Soft Faille, Silk Like Crepe, Matte Jersey and Lt.wt. Double Knit.” I don’t want to go too lightweight, though… I’ll get cold!! And I can’t wear wool because then I’ll break out in hives.

Question #3: With the potentially big fitting issue, should I just go for a different pattern altogether? If so, any suggestions for what won’t look too old or frumpy or high school on an almost-29-year-old?

Decisions, decisions….

6 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Great pattern. I go for solid color fabric. The silhouette will look great. And i think there's nothing wrong for using other fabric from recommended one (which i always do). I say go for knit. Just my humble opinion 🙂


  2. Definitely go with a solid colour. Those big sleeves can be very elegant in a solid, or totaly funkalicious 70s (and not in a good way) in a print.
    I convert lots of woven patterns for knits. My advice is remember that the knit fabric doesn't need as much ease and the seam allowances will be smaller especially if you are using an overlocker for the seams.


  3. I'd go with a solid. I think the ruching would disappear in a print.

    As to fabric choice they do list a couple knits as suggestions- matte jersey and lt. wt. dbl knit. I also think they're suggesting lt. wt. fabs so the elf sleeves hang/drape right. Anything to heave/stiff is going to stick out.

    You may want to rethink the no zipper, even in a knit. With an hourglass figure and a fitted waist you could be looking at popped stitches trying to get it over your head and shoulders or pulling it up over your hips.

    My last(!) thought is a muslin is a definate. Even though they have knits in the suggested fabs they also list wovens, so they're going to have the ease for the woven built in. Anytime I've used a knit for a woven pattern I've had to go down at least 2 sizes and sometimes 3.


  4. ooh, I love that dress! So pretty!

    What about instead of a print, doing something with beading (even a small amount) or embroidery around the upper part. Or doing something different with the neckline? Or perhaps just some nice jewelry.

    That picture looks like it needs something up there.


  5. I really like the dress with the 3/4 sleeves and without the flair. I think the flair takes away from the great shape of the dress. (I know the sleeves is why you probably picked the dress to start with!)


  6. Nicole, you know I will never survive anything taking place in January while wearing 3/4 sleeves. 😉 (Unless the wedding was in, say, Flordia or the Bahamas. But it's in Baltimore.) But I will keep that in mind in case the dress turns out to be something I'd want to make a second time.

    I think the solids have it…though I do like the idea of possibly doing something to the neckline. Maybe I'll stick with the jewelry idea, though–would probably be a lot faster to make a spectacular necklace than for me to hand-bead or embroider anything!


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