And now for something completely different..

At least, different for me. You may be wondering what the outcome of that dress in the last post was. Well, I went to Goodwill on Monday and found a cute vintage-esque cardigan to wear over top of it. As for the wrap, I’m most likely going to recycle it into some pillows. At least then I’ll be able to use SOME of the fabric I bought for this outfit!!

As for this….yes, I’m making a quilt. (My mother is so proud.) This is my inspiration. It’s a quilt I saw years ago in a Coldwater Creek catalog, and for some reason it just jumped out and grabbed me. Something about the combination of greens and the leaf print. So I decided back then that if I ever got the urge to make a quilt, this just might be the one to do.

As it so happens, the idea also goes perfectly with the bedroom makeover I’m getting started on–it’s very nature-inspired. So I’ve spent the last two nights getting the blocks cut out (with some help from my mom, who had to explain the most efficient way to do it.) This is the color scheme that I’m using for the quilt, mostly. There’s going to be 15 patchwork blocks with tan strips in between, and the main border is going to be the fabric that inspired the color scheme of the room–it’s kind of a hexagon print in green, blue, tan and white. And, of course, leaves appliqued on the blocks.

I won’t be starting on the sewing right away. For one thing, I have to make the leaf template. For another thing, my Pattern Review sewing class starts on Monday. And I also have a weekend near the end of the month where I’m going to be house/dog-sitting for a friend, and so my plan for that time is to watch a lot of movies and sew as much of this together as I possibly can. (At least the patchwork blocks and the appliques. I should probably wait to cut the in-between strips until I see the finished size.)


3 thoughts on “And now for something completely different..

  1. Hey Becky! First – thanks so much for getting back to me and giving me permission to use some of your photos. 🙂
    Second – Wow! Good luck with the quilt! I am in awe of big projects like that – my few experiences with bits of piecing suggest that it requires a great deal of precision! Yikes! But the colors you picked are beautiful and it's going to be an incredible addition to your bedroom! 🙂
    Take care, Gwen


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