Not dead yet.

I’ve just been super-busy at work. But here’s a little of what’s been going on in my crafty world lately…

1. The Pattern Review class. I’ve been kind of feeling a bit behind, mostly due to needing to get the feedback from the instructor on the fit and that usually takes several days (I post one day, she posts the next, I fix and post again, etc.) So far, it’s been helpful, though, and I think I’m getting close to the point where I might actually have a muslin I can make a real sloper out of. Here’s where I’m at:
I think the front is actually fitting pretty well. Still having a little trouble with the back, but hopefully the instructor will be able to let me know what to do and I can get the actual sloper made soon.

2. I’ve actually started to make some progress on things for the bedroom makeover. Nothing actually in the room yet, as my brother hasn’t finished moving his things out. I might have to just box them up and stick them in the middle of the room and work around it. But I did start priming pieces for the computer desk as of Monday. And since I’ve felt the need for a sewing project that I can work on in between bouts of muslin-tweaking, but nothing really demanding of my brain, I’ve been working on this instead.

No before pictures, as I forgot to take one, so an in-progress one will have to do. Basically, I’m just taking my cream-colored (at least, it used to be cream….use and the occasional spilling of tea have taken their toll) IKEA storage ottoman–it’s similar to this one but more square-shaped (the lid’s a little off here, which is why it looks more like a Super Mario mushroom tower)–and recovering it with this blue moire. I’m hand-sewing it directly onto the old cover because I’m feeling too lazy to figure out a pattern for the cover of the top. Especially since it would involve about 3 zippers and hammering in some grommets in the exact placement it would need to screw in the little feet on it that helps it sit in place within the box. I am leaving the handles on, though planning on leaving them tucked inside the box. What I store in there are things like my high school and first half of college scrapbooks (which are this odd bigger-than-12×12 size with no page protectors and therefore a bit unwieldy for a bookshelf), old journals, etc., so it doesn’t get the lid taken off too often. In my current room, the idea was to use it to sit in front of the computer, but it’s really more of a dumping ground for my stuff since I generally just sit on the bed instead. In the new room, I’m planning on using this more as a window seat of sorts, to give me a nice place to sit and read.

3. I was planning on going backpacking this weekend with the outing club at my church. Since the forecast basically sucks and I don’t want to spend two days straight outside when the temperature isn’t going to crack 40 (and be raining and possibly snowing for much of it), I decided to wimp out and stay home and work on stuff for my bedroom and whatnot. (Besides, I got scheduled to play on the worship team even though I already told them I wasn’t going to be there…and my brother is the one in charge of the scheduling and was standing right next to me when I blocked out the date and he still didn’t realize I was supposed to be gone! Go fig. I guess I should cut him some slack since this was before the wedding and he’s only been married for a week and a half.) Anyway, since I’m staying indoors, I’m on a quest for the perfect baked potato soup recipe. I’m feeling inspired by this awesome potato soup they used to have at Bennigan’s, may it rest in peace, so here’s my rules:

  1. It must be more or less smooth instead of chunky.
  2. It must be creamy and use bacon.
  3. It must also be a healthier version (since the inspiration is decidedly not, and I want this to be something I can eat on a regular basis!)
  4. It must be able to be made in a crockpot, since I basically just want to dump all the ingredients in something and then be able to prime furniture for a couple of hours.
  5. It must taste good. (Obviously.)

So I’m arming myself with a recipe from this book, this magazine, this tv chef and this blog, and basically just taking all of my favorite parts from each to create my own recipe. We’ll see how it turns out. And when I actually end up making it…there’s a fairly good chance I won’t have to go into the garden center tomorrow due to the crappy weather (I got sent home early today), and if that’s the case, I might just make it for lunch tomorrow. Possibly even on the stovetop, just for kicks. (And warmth…we’re getting a new heater installed and therefore we don’t have heat right now!!)


2 thoughts on “Not dead yet.

  1. I have unintentionally created tasty potato soup by adding diced potato to a basic vegetable soup (onion, garlic, celery, carrot — I think we had a couple other things like fresh corn and shredded kale). My husband suggested putting it in the blender, which we did. Voila! Yummy potato soup. I don't eat bacon anymore but I bet it would be a nice addition if you do eat bacon. Now my stomach is growling!


  2. Becky, your muslin is looking good! I'm taking Sharon's class, too, and am more behind than you. I'm just now making a muslin and hoping that I don't run into too many problems so that I can make the second one during the class. My life has been a zoo!! I wish that I could taste that potatoe soup – sounds so gooood!


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