No pictures to show for it, but I’ve been spending quite a bit of my free time this week in making preparations for this weekend’s craft/Doctor Who marathon with Tracey and Cassie. Mostly little detail things for my scrapbook pages–changing journaling fonts from all default Times New Roman, slapped some paint on a couple of things yesterday, swapped out my sewing machine needle for an old duller one and sewed some paper pockets for pages that needed them tonight. (One of my favorite techniques for doing so– much sturdier than the average scrapbook adhesive, no problems with things getting stuck in the slightly-peeled-away sections, and sewing on paper is just fun! I still need to print out almost everything writing-wise, and I’m hoping I have time before I go to do some of the more detailed work (stuff like cutting out letters for titles and that sort of thing. What I would love to be able to do this weekend is just mostly assembly work so I can get a lot of pages done!)

Some more mini-wardrobe prep, too– my mom went to Joann’s yesterday after having found a McCall’s pattern that was the style of shorts I wanted to make for it (she’s my main real-life person that I bounce sewing ideas off of). I’d given her my fabric sample of the print and asked her to look while she was there and see if they had a sweater-type knit that I could use– they didn’t, but she did get me the pattern and some light khaki fabric to make them, as an early birthday present. She also picked up a couple of skeins of yarn to do some test knits, having offered to knit a rectangle for me. My mom is the best. 🙂

The shirt is coming along well– I set in the sleeves last night, and sewed the side seams. In that order– it was sooooo much easier to iron the sleeve cap when I could just open out the sleeve! The only difficulty I had was in lining things up at the underarm seams–one side is slightly skewed, but I don’t think it’ll be that noticeable. And the other side is pretty much perfect. All I have left to do is the hems, but I didn’t do anything on it today since I was either working or working on scrapbook stuff between lessons. Maybe tomorrow.

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