the rules of engagement

(In terms of battling against something, not wedding proposals. Just to clear up any possible misconceptions right from the start–can’t get engaged when I don’t even have a boyfriend!)

So this is something that I’ve been pondering for quite some time–coming up with something similar to the Wardrobe Refashion pledge for my scrapbooking. Because, like my fabric, I have a ridiculous amount of stuff that needs to get used up. (A little behind on this year’s fabric-busting “pledge” right now since I had to go ahead and purchase my summer wardrobe stuff–once I finish that top, hopefully today, I will be at 1/6. But I’m hoping I can even out those numbers with a few quick spring-oriented projects once this weekend’s scrapbook binge is done. No, I will even out those numbers. But I digress.) It’s partially out of a desire to save myself some money (these patterned paper stacks are definitely a weakness of mine), partially out of a desire to reduce the amount of supplies I have, (thinking ahead to someday when I can afford my own place, and knowing that neither my scrapbook supplies nor my fabric stash are at an amount that I can manage with a small place), and partially out of a desire to make this paper-eating hobby more environmentally friendly for myself (since going all digital to almost entirely eliminate the paper usage really isn’t an option for me at this point–I have no access to a printer that will print out quality enough photos, let alone entire scrapbook pages, my wrists won’t hold up to that, and frankly, I just like physically manipulating the stuff. It’s like grown-up collages.)

I haven’t come up with a catchy title for this pledge yet– it’s not really a “scrapbook refashion”, since I’m not remaking my old pages or anything, so the best I’ve got is “scrapbook stashbusting”. Which isn’t so great, but at least I’ve got some alliteration there so that’s something.

Anyway, here’s the rules I’m setting. (Figured since this weekend is all about scrapbooking, and that’s what I’ve spent the majority of my craft time doing prepwork for, now would be a good time to post this.)

1. I will avoid purchasing new supplies as much as possible, until such time as my stash is reduced to the point where it actually needs replenishing.

2. Exceptions to this will be the following, to be purchased only when necessary: Adhesives, page protectors, replacement blades for things like my paper trimmer and xacto knife, tools that will make processes faster and/or are multifunctional*, cardstock (if I’m completely running out of a certain color. Like, say, black.), clear embossing powder.**

3. Whenever possible, I will alter my pre-existing supplies (embellishments, paper color, etc.) to fit whatever page I’m working on, or find creative ways to use up the stuff I have that I haven’t figured out what to do with.

4. I will recycle my paper scraps, either in the form of further cutting them up to make page embellishments/journaling blocks, or in literally recycling them into new handmade paper. (I’ve already been doing this, actually.)

5. For embellishments, I will use what I have on hand or find ways to recycle things I can commonly find around the house that would otherwise get thrown out. Buying embellishments adds up fast anyway, and then I can avoid ending up with stuff from multi-packs in colors I’m not really fond of. Like, say, pink.***

6. Whenever possible, when I do need to replenish supplies on my exceptions list (particularly the cardstock), I will make an effort to find options that are recycled or otherwise made in an eco-friendly way.

7. Finally, since craft supplies are sometimes very hard to resist, or sometimes things that need extra-special stuff comes up, I will allow myself one “get out of jail” card every six months (hey, it works for Wardrobe Refashion), just in case.

*I’m saying this because once I finish paying off my car at the end of the spring, I’d like to use what would be less than my monthly payment to get this, since it works with any TrueType font and cutting out letters with my xacto knife is a pain–literally, if I’m having a bad carpal tunnel phase. Besides, paying off my first major debt is a big accomplishment that warrants a reward, right?

**I’m not including albums on this list because, thanks to inheriting all the albums from my mom and another friend who tried scrapbooking and it wasn’t for her, I easily have enough to get through at least the next five years.

***Yes, I do have things from multipacks, particularly in the way of patterned paper from stacks, that have this issue. Starting with this weekend’s pages, which I’ve already chosen the papers for, I am making an effort to use papers that have some of these colors rather than just avoid them like the plague. I’m also thinking that some of that nasty pink paper will be the subject of some art technique experimentation– maybe if I completely ink it over with brown or something, I can actually find a use for it!


One thought on “the rules of engagement

  1. I love pink, myself, although it’s not my favorite color. Could you donate it to a school? It would have been great to use for Valentine’s Day, but it would work for Easter or Spring, too. Good luck with your “Scrapbook Stashbusting”! I like that name!


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