The eternal war between sewing and scrapbooking

Scrapbooking’s been winning this week, hands-down. Even so, it’s strange how when I’m involved in the one, I always feel guilty for not working on the other! Anyway, I’ve managed to match up all my photos to paper this week, so I have a 12×12 portfolio envelope that is currently completely stuffed for layouts I need to work on. I also did a little bit of work this week, putting finishing details on two layouts from friends’ weddings and assembling a one-page layout that had everything basically cut out and together, it just needed to be trimmed down and assembled. I have to admit, it was very nice taking a break from the Chile album, because I’m really not that happy with how it’s looking. It just looks so amateur and unfinished. But I was thinking about it and looking through some of my other albums last night (at this point, I have five albums in various stages of unfinishedness, dating all the way back to the end of college o_0) and I think I’ve figured out what my problem is. My layouts often end up looking unfinished to me, and while I think I’m pretty good at basic layout/color stuff, I need to work on adding finishing details. Which will be a challenge, since in the layouts I see that I like in my scrapbook magazine, those finishing details often come in the form of embellishments, and those can get very expensive very fast. So I need to figure out how I can get a more finished look with the stuff I already have.

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