scrapbooks and girly TMI

I feel like a one-woman sweatshop. I spent pretty much the entire day sewing… cloth pads. I got eighteen shells with wings done, except for snaps, which I think I’ll sew on later because my carpal tunnel is flaring up badly today (I’m typing with braces on, but those don’t work for hand-sewing.) I still have to make the inserts, but the couple I’d made up earlier and tried seemed to work pretty well. So here’s hoping… though I’m not sure if I’ll have enough to get through a whole period if they do work. I may have to acquire some more waterproof fabric.

On a completely different note, I’ve attempted to take pictures of the scrapbook pages I’ve recently finished.

This one was mostly finished last fall, but it still needed some finishing detail, so I added the stamps this week.
I was especially proud of the flower detail–the best picture I had of the couple was given to me by another friend at the wedding, and it had a datestamp that I wanted to cover.
This was another that was mostly finished but needed something, so I added the text blocks on Thursday.
I was intending to just crop paper down to size yesterday, but started working on this layout and ended up finishing it in stead. I had just enough time to finish it before the friend I was supposed to hang out with finally finished what she was doing and called me. Whoever thought of using the sewing machine on scrapbook layouts had the best idea ever.
This one’s not done yet, but I worked on it today after I finished with the pads since the tv show I was watching wasn’t finished.
And, just for fun, this is how big a stack of paper I have paired with photos that I need to make into pages. Well over an inch. And this is not counting the Chile album that also needs finishing.

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