strawberry fields forever

Admittedly, I haven’t been sewing much lately. Or crafting much in general. I’ve been too busy making mix cds for the upcoming road trip. But I did have time on Saturday to finish this. I’m fairly pleased with the results– the green band in the middle is a bit puckered and I wish it wasn’t, and I had a lot of trouble getting the top to fit properly (never thought I’d have to put darts in a t-shirt!) I am rather pleased with the neckline, though I wish I’d thought to use elastic to help keep the shape of the neckline earlier in my refashioning career (the sleeve hems provided instant casing.)
I also made this for the trip:

My mom had a wallet pattern that I used for this, and the fabric was a freebie from some samples she was given, sorted through, and let me have at the rest. (I guess she didn’t want tropical print quilt squares.) My goal was to have something smaller and lighter that wouldn’t take up a bunch of space in my hydration pack, and I think this fits the bill nicely. (Um, no pun intended.)
I also did a little bit of tweaking on this:
One of last summer’s recons. Pretty much all I did was take in the front of the neckline just a bit, both to acoomodate for stretching and to try to make it a litlte bit more bra-friendly. It had ended up being more of a trapezoid neckline than a rectangle, so not so good for the bra-strap factor.
And, I’ve also been trying to get myself organized for some scrapbooking again, because I’ve decided it’s ridiculous that I still have pictures from 3 years ago that need to get put in. So I’ve got a fairly good idea of what all needs to get done, and spent a bit of time tonight matching paper to photos. Only about halfway done on that, but it’s a start.

2 thoughts on “strawberry fields forever

  1. He he… Well, for starters, this one allows me to play music on my blog, and that just makes me happy ;D and as for other differences, Blogger is the primarily for my church friends…I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of copying and pasting (though I haven’t done that yet) so that all three have the same info., but the biggest differences between them is such that LJ will get major rants about things as it’s locked to friends only, and xanga is primarily family (and there are just some things I don’t want many people to see), and so I will just have to decide as time goes on what I want to say in each.And that I think was one of the longest explanations for something that was entirely one sentence 😛 I hope that all made sense. He he!


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