The halfway mark!

And to “celebrate”, I’m having a Blogger fail where I can apparently no longer upload photos to my account, because it’s suddenly saying I’ve used up my photo storage. Apparently the only solution is to buy monthly storage, which makes me rather unhappy. I guess I shouldn’t complain, since I’ve gotten over 5 years for free, but I don’t want to spend money just to upload photos! *shakes fist at Blogger* So hopefully Flickr will cooperate from here on out.

Without further ado, Day 13:

MMM'12, Day 13

Dress:   “Titania” dress, blogged here
Jewelry: necklace/earring set made to match, blogged here
Shoes: Montego Bay Club, via Payless

I couldn’t let the month pass without giving this dress a spin, since it’s still one of my favorite ones that I’ve made ever. I do worry about how much longer it will hold up–it’s not as nicely finished inside as some things I’ve made since then, and the tie-dye fabric is fraying. I’ve also had to do a few hand-stitch repairs since I made it, but hopefully I can at least get another year or two out of it! I ended up wearing this all day instead of changing after church like I normally do, and it was surprisingly comfortable!

MMM'12, Day 14

Day 14:
Cream cami: JCPenney’s
Top: “Spiced Chai”, blogged here
Sweater: The brand’s literally called “Sweater Project”. From Goodwill.
Pants: Acxess by Liz Clairborne, from Kohl’s
Sandals: Naturalizer
Necklace/earrings: Me-made, predating blog

The sweater was added on a whim–it was just a little bit too cold for a sleeveless outfit, and this added just the right amount of warmth. I think it needed the color, too. I’m rather surprised at how versatile this odd little cardigan has been!

MMM'12, Day 15

Day 15:
Camisole: The same one as yesterday. Hey, I only wore it for a few hours.
Shirt: Studio 1940, from Goodwill
Pants: The “Corset-Laced Pants (of awesomeness)”, blogged here
Jewelry: See below

I took my shoes off for this picture, but they were the same as day 13.

Day 15 jewelryA slightly better view of the necklace–my earrings kept falling into my hair, and laying on the bed was more comfortable. It’s been a long workday. Anyway, this is–you guessed it–another craft fair leftover. The pendant was an earring belonging to a friend– I was helping her move, and she couldn’t find the other earring, so she told me to take it home and do something creative with it. It only took me about 4-5 years to follow through…

So now that we’re more or less at the halfway point, here’s my thoughts:

  • I really need more me-made bottoms of the pants variety.
  • I thought that taking the pictures would be awful, but it hasn’t been so bad this time. It does help that I have a part-time photographer who is more than willing to take pictures of me every time I ask (aka my boyfriend, on the days that I see him).
  • Warm-weather outfits are the most fun for me to put together. I need to find a way to be this inspired for colder-weather ones. (Those pants will probably help, once I make them.)
  • Layering definitely seems to be the way to go for me! Especially since the temperatures have been rather up and down. With that in mind, investing some time in more lightweight layers might be a good way to go.
  • I really need some sewing time….in fact, I’m going to go see if I can maybe get a half-hour’s worth of work in on that next bit of the Craftsy course. Don’t think I’ll get much more than that done, as today has left me rather oddly tired. That, and my carpal tunnel is acting up like crazy today. So I don’t want to push it, but this is definitely the better option for me between that and knitting.
  • I also need to start branching out and occasionally making accessories that are NOT jewelry, I think.

2 thoughts on “The halfway mark!

  1. I really like your first dress, even though tie-die isn't really my thing. It's great how much you're learning from these challenges, although one of my issues is the opposite from yours – I tend to make bottoms in stead of tops.


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