adventures in pattern drafting

I finally had a chance to go through the next portion of the Jean-ius class, so I thought I’d post a couple of pics of what I spent the evening doing.
PhotobucketOoh, sparkly. Part of the drafting process involves tracing onto organza. I had some silk organza left over from the LBD, and originally started on that since that’s what the class called for, but my organza got so wrinkled and distorted in the dryer that it was basically impossible to work with. (Mental note to self: I probably should not throw silk organza in the dryer ever again.) I couldn’t even get a straight grainline drawn on there, because it kept shifting to some wavy thing on me. So I used some black polyester organza instead. I have a rather large piece of this–it used to be the curtains to my brother’s rather dungeon-like bedroom, and when he got married a few years ago he passed it on to me so I could use the fabric for things. I was still able to see the thread tracings pretty easily through the black, it just took a little longer on occasion because I’d have to retrace the colored pencil lines. But I thought the somewhat neon effect was kind of fun to play with!

I rather enjoyed the process, actually. The Craftsy videos make it really easy to follow, and it’s a technique that I could most certainly use again (assuming I have something RTW that I like the fit of enough! And, well, I’m not sure how well the process would work with knits. But it’s still a good technique to know.)
PhotobucketAnd so I have a preliminary pattern now! No seam allowances added as of yet, So here’s the front….


And a closeup view of the back.Getting the pocket placement was a little tricky to transfer, and I’m still not 100% sure it’s right. But I guess that’s an easy enough change to make.

I only have 3 pieces so far–the front, the back, and the yoke. (And the start of pockets as marked on the pattern–my big concern is the waistband, since these jeans have a contoured band, and I hope that gets covered in a later video.) It felt good to finally get something done! And I’m hoping that I can remove the thread tracings soon so I can actually wear my jeans again. I’ve definitely been missing this pair over the last several weeks!

The next adventure, according to the end of the video, is making a muslin. I’ll have to figure out if there’s any way I can swing a wearable one–only problem is I may not have any appropriate fabric on hand. And with something that takes more heavy-duty fabric like jeans, I’m not convinced a regular muslin test will cut it. Guess I’ll just have to watch and see!

4 thoughts on “adventures in pattern drafting

  1. This class is on my list of sewing for fall. I plan to work on it during the heat of the summer…and hopefully end up with some jeans for september…crossing my fingers. Your pattern looks great so far.


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