Talk about frustrating….

Well, here it is….the sister-of-the-groom outfit from hell. This dress is better than the first, of course, but you can see that it still has some issues with the fit.

And then there’s this wrap that I thought I finished tonight…
I used the Weekend Designer wrap pattern. But it does NOT work with the velvet at all. Too floppy despite my interfacing, too bulky, too BAD looking. So I guess I’m going to have to take some time tomorrow and try to salvage this into a capelet or something. Seriously…why do I even try to work with nice fabrics?

I guess this outfit is just jinxed or something…even my shoes have been an issue. I have an unusual size due to my unusually wide feet, and so I mail-ordered the shoes almost two months ago. Got them fine, the width was fine, but the shoes were cramping my toes so I sent them back. And then didn’t hear a thing about them until a couple days ago, when I emailed them to find out the status of the order. The shoes are out of stock. So now I have until Saturday to find a pair around here, and probably the only day I’ll actually have time to look is Wednesday. Aaargh.


6 thoughts on “Arrrrrgh!!!

  1. To be honest, this whole experience putting together your outfit for your brother's wedding (esp. now that you share the shoes thing) does kind of sound like a nightmare! LOL I am really sorry. Hang in there. Just another week to go, right?


  2. Yes, the wedding is on Saturday and then it's over, thank God. At this point, I'm ready to just throw in the towel and go out and buy an outfit (that goes with the black shoes I already have), because unless I can find some kind of jacket to go over top of this dress, I don't even want to look at it right now. I might be able to do something like make something to go over top of it later because I have another wedding to go to in January, but I'm just out of time.

    I think the worst of it is that this whole fiasco (coupled with my jeans that fell apart so quickly and the last shirt I made didn't really work either, though I think I can fix that) is making me seriously question my sewing abilities. Guess it's a good thing that my next big project is all home decor stuff that I don't have to fit onto myself…


  3. What a bummer this wedding outfit has been! As you said, the dress is getting better. I seldom can fix problems when I have a time deadline. Also, I tend to magnify problems in striving for last minute perfection. The dress actually is starting to look good. I hope to see it finished sometime in the future.


  4. Just read your comment on my blog, and I will try to refrain from using the phrase “Becky Home Ecky” out of respect to all the Beckys out there. After reading about your frustration with the dress you are making I can understand the sensitivity! If it makes you feel any better, we've all been there. Reading blogs by people I consider experts and taking classes with experts like Susan Khalje has helped me get much better results with my sewing. Good luck and don't give up! (Though if you want to throw in the towel with this dress don't beat yourself up about it. Like I said, we've all been there.)


  5. Like getting dressed for a wedding isn't hard enough … sometimes I think the sewing universe insists on my ruining a few projects in order for me to feel some extra satisfaction when I get one just right.


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