Friday Favorites, Episode 24

Another rush job, as I’m getting ready to head to Philadelphia to hang out with N! And hopefully get some craftiness in while we watch movies and stuff.

Lots of links today, because I’m also doing stuff I found last week (but wasn’t around to post).

Tutorials that rocked:
At Whip Up, I found instructions for a “teepee” Christmas ornament— great way to use up scraps, and a fun idea to hide a small gift or stocking stuffer in! And also a tutorial for paper fortune cookies— another fun scrap idea!

At Craft Tutorials, someone posted instructions for how to make transparencies for papercrafting out of packing tape.

Recycled Crafts featured a “bookring book” that would be good for notetaking, scrapbook journaling on-the-go, etc.

Thanks to Trail Mix, I found a link to Amandajean‘s storage cube tutorial— so cute, but functional!

Projects I liked:
Both from Wardrobe Refashion this time. The first is Auset’s knit maxi-dress that reminds me of a Mondrian painting. The second is Sandira’s “boxy pouch”, for which she was also kind enough to provide a link to the tutorial.

And finally… Carnival of Green Crafts #5! I think my favorite this time was the person who made paper out of daylily leaves. And a stick to beat them with. (I guess blenders don’t work for pulpifying plant matter that wasn’t already turned into paper.) Kind of makes me regret all those daylily leaves I had to toss at the garden center. But I guess there’s no chance that homemade leaf paper would be acid-free for scrapbooking….is there?

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