Costumes, embroidery, and recons, oh my!

First off… watching Project Runway as I write, and heehee, fashion inspired by music!! I’m cracking up that Korto has to dress like a country star. That is so not her!


Had a good weekend hanging out with N. She’s an avid swing dancer, and enlisted my help for a costume for a Halloween dance.

This was mostly all her, but I thought it turned out really great, so hopefully if she ever finds this blog, she won’t mind that I posted a picture! She wanted to do a swing dress inspired by Marie Antoinette (she looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst, and therefore likes to dress up as her characters– she makes a mean MJ from the recent Spiderman movies!) So she got the 80s prom dress from the thrift store and made the decision to fold the ruffle down to make a better neckline. I helped her figure out what length to shorten it to. And then the next day we went to Walmart (because we couldn’t find a Joanns), got the light blue fabric, the white lace and the flowers. She inserted the blue panel, I did the teal ruffle down the front and covered the buttons, and then we figured out where to put the white trim. She added some darker lace and the flowers later, and then the lighter neck ribbon to tie it all together. I think she did great, and I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of her wearing it! Plus now she’s thinking about a New Year’s Eve costume party, and I hope she does, because I’m feeling bitten by the costume bug again!

I didn’t spend the entire time working on the costume– while she was working on machine stuff, I worked on my little embroidery project. One piece of three now done!

I wanted a quick project tonight, so decided to do a recon. Remember this skirt from my little dyefest?
Now it looks like this. I’m still not sure if it’s done…still kind of feels like it needs something. But the border is a huge improvement over what it was. I spent the night with my serger, and the variagated thread really made it. Didn’t really have to add trim at the top like I was originally going to do, but I’m glad I serged that edge.

I hope I don’t need to add more fabric higher up… I really don’t have much of that sheer left.

And now, since I haven’t done it this season, PR runway show commentary!! I’m on commercial break now, and my personal opinion at the moment is that Kenley is going down in flames. Also, I think my brother owns Jerrell’s boots that I borrowed for my fairy costume.

And now, on with the show!

Leanne: Wow, what did she do to Korto’s hair? I can definitely see the country influence, though I’m not sure about the peacock feather earrings.

Jerrell: He definitely got the pop thing down. I hate that genre so much.

Kenley: last time I checked, Princess Leia buns were not hip hop.

Korto: The bleached jeans are pretty cool. And Suede has the personality for it!

Suede: Not really over the top enough.

Judging time! With LL Cool J as a judge, Kenley is so screwed.

Korto’s up first. The chain lacing is a nice upgrade to the safety pins.

Suede’s turn. The leather pants are so stereotypical rock. The vest is pretty cool. The shirt looks like every shirt Jerrell always wears though.

Jerrell’s turn. Brave girl… I would never walk out on national tv dressed like that! But he did nail it.

Kenley’s up. Isn’t expensive in hip-hop usually in the form of massive amounts of bling? I know the judges aren’t happy with Suede, but Kenley’s arguing just might push them over the line.

Now that I’m looking at Leanne’s outfit more closely, it doesn’t look very well-made. At least the skirt doesn’t. Though it definitely looks more country than Leanne looks hip-hop…

So it’s basically between Suede and Kenley getting the chopping block, it seems. Which I wouldn’t really be sorry to see either go. Suede’s gotten described as boring for several challenges in a row, and that’s pretty much the kiss of death. And Kenley really doesn’t know how to do anything outside of the 50s.

Hurrah, Korto won! That makes me really happy, since she hasn’t won in awhile and she is my favorite of the remaining designers. Plus Jarrell was being so cocky that I think he needed to be taken down a notch.

I wonder how long it takes Heidi to concoct these speeches? Turning up the volume and silence… nice metaphors.

And Suede is now out. Though I still believe that unless something drastic happens next week, there is no way Kenley’s making final three.

I can’t help but find it ironic that the auf’ed designer was wearing the winning designer’s outfit. And wow, next week looks like the week of mental breakdowns on the runway!


2 thoughts on “Costumes, embroidery, and recons, oh my!

  1. I was stunned that Suede was auf’ed instead of Kenley. Suede’s outfit might have been boring but Kenley missed the mark entirely. Plus she put Leanne in those high-waist pants and they simply weren’t flattering on her! I agree with you, Becky — if she isn’t out next week I will be very, very surprised. Unless the challenge is to create a 50’s outfit.


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