The vintage victory apron

When I haven’t been busy with homeschooling/mom life this year, one of my big projects this year has been following along with a vintage skill-building challenge of sorts. So I’ve been learning how to do things like canning and making sourdough bread. In addition, my husband and I have been getting into gardening over the past two years, which has been a great mutual hobby for us. And it’s been an interesting challenge to see how much food we can cram into a townhouse yard.

It’s still TBD how much we’ll actually harvest. But since it looks like we might get a decent number of tomatoes, and I’ve been scrambling for bowls when needing to pick from our blueberry bushes, I needed something to use for harvesting. So I found a tutorial of sorts for a WWII- era “basket apron”. The idea is that it uses drawstrings to turn it into a giant hands-free pouch. I figured that Doug would like that it folds up smaller than a basket, too!

This ended up being a good stashbusting project for me. The main part of it is a green denim left over from some chair cushions that my mom had made years ago. She gave the rest to me with the thought of little boy pants, but my boys really only like to wear knit pants. The lining was a gift from one of my church/book club friends, who gave me a bag of quilt cotton pieces that she’d had sitting around for years. The greens matched perfectly! And the drawstrings were part of a pack that I bought when making Hudson pants a few years ago. Not the best match since they’re white. I thought about tea staining them, but I figure the odds of them getting naturally dirt-stained are good.

Aside from the drawstrings, it looks like a normal apron. The pocket was my addition. I figure it’ll give me a place to put the blueberries next year. (We only have two bushes, so it was really a handful at a time.)

And here it is, all tied up into its “basket” form. A second addition here was making some belt loops from the print to anchor the ties. I probably should have interfaced them, but they are quadruple topstitched, so that’s something.

And then the fruits and veggies just sit in here.

Overall, I found this to be a satisfying project. The most time consuming part was that I ended up hand-reinforcing the eyelets. So now it’s just waiting for green tomatoes to ripen so I can really test it out!

Just for fun, one of my very few successful sunflowers. I planted a whole pack, but only 2 came up because it’s a terrible spot for weeding and they choked my flowers out.

2 thoughts on “The vintage victory apron

  1. Nadine In NC

    What a great idea! I’ve recently gotten back into gardening as well, so this will come in really handy for me. Thank you so much for sharing this.


  2. Oh that’s so interesting! thanks for this post 🙂

    I’ve looked at that apron pattern SO often and wondered if it works. I’m really not a great food grower. I’m extremely good at pollinator food though lol! And always have some flower to pick (or 10!) for vases in my house. Not to mention I have a habit of just wandering out in my everyday clothes and getting them inevitably dirty.

    So I’m really curious as to how well it actually works?

    Also I really love it. Does it need a heavy fabric like corduroy? or would quilting cotton be ok?

    Extra love the print pocket! What fun!

    And go you for learning all those amazing skills. It’s really wonderful to be able to do them isn’t it. As well as a real eye opener about how much effort it takes to grow food. Like you learn about the resources that goes into clothing when you learn to sew.

    My granny taught me that sort of thing, along with crochet, knitting and practical cooking. And I have some good written resources too. One day I’ll buy a proper big pot for sterilising jars of food. In the meantime a bit of jam every now and again is fun.


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