pajama progress

I’ve started sewing the pajama top together since Tuesday night, now that my recital is done. The pictures are my progress from that night. I got the shoulder seams and the neckline/front facing sewn on (shown inside out on the dummy). If I were going to do it again, I would have put the facing in two pieces because I forgot that it was a one-way pattern and some of the Asian characters will be upside down as a result. Hopefully it won’t be too noticeable.

I also got this ribbon pinned on, along the seam between the facing and the main body of the pajamas. Last night, I got that sewn on, and did about one and a half of the side seams (though not the sleeves yet). I would have at least finished both seams, but it was time to go over to a friend’s to watch Lost. So I abandoned it in the middle of a seam. I think I’m also going to put some of the ribbon trim around the sleeves as well, which is why they’re not sewn yet. Hopefully I can quickly figure out how much hem to do, since I’d prefer to leave that until the seam is sewn, and figure out where to put it accordingly. I’m also hoping I’ll have enough ribbon left on the spool to put around the bottom of the pj pants as well. (I’m making those from a regular tried-and-true Simplicity pattern–since it fits and they’re comfy, no need to come up with my own pattern for that.) Those ribbon-by-the-spool things they have at Joann’s that I can actually afford are great. I’m hoping to make some good progress on these tonight, and possibly finish them up. It would be nice to have them to bum around in once I get back from my snowshoeing trip this weekend!


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