sewing swap!

We can all agree that giving and getting goodies in the mail is fun, right? So I decided to participate in this year’s Spring Sewing Swap, hosted at Kestrel Makes. I got paired with Emily, who was a blogger I hadn’t “met” before. But she makes lovely vintage-inspired things and enjoys going to historic events, so I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of her posts so far!

I got my package in the mail on Monday, and this is what was inside:

 Two pieces of colorful printed cotton (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s cotton– I haven’t done a burn test, or even measured them yet!), along with two vintage patterns. Isn’t that maxi-dress fun? And the pullover blouse looks like it will be a good, easy-to-customize basic.

Beads! And earring hooks to go with. This is a fun color combination, so I think more jewelry-making will have to happen, once I get a little more caught up on my DragonCon sewing.

There was also this partially-finished dress in a nice jade color, along with the pattern. Several of the pieces are still pinned to the pattern tissue! So I’ll have to try this one on and see what needs to be done.

All in all, some very lovely things! Thanks, Emily, and I hope you enjoy what I sent you in return! (I feel bad that yours was packaged so nicely and I had to resort to stuffing them in a post office envelope!)

Happenings in my corner of the internet

No pictures this time…just a few things of interest lately.

First of all, I wanted to thank those who responded to the Spring Cleaning swap! Out of the 16 patterns I offered up, I got requests for 6 of them, which is not bad at all. My work hours for the next 2 days are shorter, as I had some rearranging with my lessons and only have the garden center job tomorrow, so I plan to get those packaged up and out in the mail by the weekend. I think I’m going to put the remaining ones up in the Flickr group, since there’s still the ongoing swap for the year there and one of them was actually requested through it anyway.

I have a little package of my own to look forward to–Gail had this cool piece of bamboo-printed rayon denim that she offered up, and my name got picked! Thanks, Gail! I’m already plotting what I can do with it, though I’ll have to check my own pattern stash for yardages and all.

Now that it’s April, I finally have some tangible progress on the March Sewcialist theme. Haha. I haven’t sewed a stitch yet, but I did finally finish cutting out the first garment for my costume yesterday. I guess it’s something. 

Saving the best for last, because I got good news today…Pattern Review’s independent designer spotlight of the month was for Sewaholic Patterns, and they were running a contest to get some more reviews of her work up there. The prize was that two randomly drawn people would win a voucher for 3 Sewaholic patterns, and I found out today that my Robson coat review was one of the ones picked! Which leaves me with the question: what patterns to choose? Honestly, I might have to wait for her to release some more, because I already have almost all of them…

So who wants to swap some stuff?

Andrea, Gail, and Morgan— the masterminds behind the Stash Diet– have come up with another fun stashbusting idea. In the interest of decluttering, they’re hosting a Spring Cleaning Swap Meet! I’m also in a mood to spring clean and declutter some. My husband and I spent several hours last night cleaning about half of our house–ok, he cleaned about half the house, all I did was the kitchen and the living room windows. That kitchen took forever! Though in my defense, it was a really deep clean. And we still have more cleaning to do today.  Anyway. So I dug through my stash and found a whole stack of patterns that I’m ok with parting with. Honestly, these are just the never-been-used ones, so I’m going to have to go through again and figure out which patterns I’ve tried that just aren’t for me.

I’ll ship these pretty much anywhere, though if it’s outside of North America, I wouldn’t mind if you’re willing to chip in on shipping costs. I’m also going to keep it simple this time and say first come, first served. So here’s what’s up for grabs. (The two with the glasses are pictures that I didn’t realize duplicated in the collage until after it was already on Flickr, and I’m too lazy to redo it.) And since I probably won’t be able to get these out right away, let’s say I’ll leave this open till April 1.

swap patterns

  1. Simplicity #2700, sizes 14-22. They’re pretty similar to the Thurlows, and I know that one works for me.
  2. J. Stern Designs #37 Women’s Jeans, sizes 12W-24W. Generously given to me by the designer when I took her class on Pattern Review twice, because I was having so much trouble with fitting, along with the Misses size. I’m keeping that one for myself, but would love to see this one go to someone who can use it.   TAKEN by Linda.
  3. Vogue #8781, sizes 8-16. Just too corporate for my lifestyle.
  4. New Look #6977, sizes 6-16. For knits. I kind of feel like I’m too old for this one for some reason. TAKEN by Paskiaq.
  5. Simplicity #4220, sizes 8-16. I bought this mainly for the top, but I have other similar things. TAKEN by Dottie.
  6. Simplicity #2369, sizes 8-16. For knits. Also bought for the top, which I’m no longer feeling.
  7. Simplicity #2344, sizes 10-18. I liked the jacket, but I have tons of jacket patterns that interest me more for now. The top is a knit, the rest are woven.
  8. McCall’s #5105, sizes X-Small-Medium. I have TNT top patterns that pretty much cover these silhouettes.
  9. Simplicity #1915, sizes 6-14. I thought the waist casing would be enough fitting for my taste, but the Wardrobe Architect project has changed my mind.
  10. Simplicity #1910, sizes 6-14. Bought as a possibility for the skirt of my wedding dress, but I didn’t use it.
  11. Butterick #5212, sizes 8-14. A bit more low-cut than I’m comfortable with.
  12. Simplicity #3559, sizes 6-14. So cute, and totally wrong for me. I’ve learned the hard way that sheath dresses don’t work on me at all.  TAKEN via Flickr by Frau Sma.
  13. Simplicity #7090, sizes 12-18. Not feeling it anymore, but a teenager learning to sew might love it. TAKEN by Becky
  14. Vogue #8099, one size. I don’t even know how I got this pattern–probably something my mom was destashing herself.
  15. Simplicity #4543, sizes 8-14. I’ve also learned the hard way that skirts with wide yokes don’t work on me at all, either. TAKEN by Becky
  16. Simplicity #2416, sizes 10-18. I was looking for a good maxi-skirt pattern, I still think the seaming is interesting, but I’m highly unlikely to make it now that I have the Gabriola skirt.

I have one other thing I can offer up, too, though due to bulk, I’ll have to limit this one to the US.

Some time ago, when I first started knitting, I snagged a couple of sweaters at the thrift store and unraveled them as part of an experiment to see how much, if any, wool I can handle. You can see the original sweaters here. The offwhite one got trashed, the grey is currently being knit into my Roheline cardigan, and this is the greenish one. I was going to attempt to do something with it, but it seems that even tiny percentages of wool and myself don’t get along, because my hands were still feeling prickly from handling this long enough to take a photo for Twitter, about an hour later. So here’s the details:

  • Yes, I washed this sweater before I frogged it.
  • If I estimated right, based on the measurements on my swift and wpi, there’s approximately 1475 yards in a sport-weight. Though the plys seem to want to loosen up quite a bit, so it might be better off doubled for actually knitting. 
  • Divided into 12 skeins of various sizes, based on how the sweater was unraveling.
  • Original sweater gauge is 4×4” square = 20 stitches, 28 rows in stockinette. 
  • Fiber content is 74% polyester, 11% mohair, 7% acrylic and 8% wool.

It’s a pretty color scheme of olive, pale yellow, blue and a darker green and brown all twisted together, and I really wish that my skin could handle it. If no one wants it, I’ll just toss it or donate it back to the thrift store– no harm done, since I only paid $3.50 for all of this yarn.

Sewing Surprise!

It’s reveal day for the Sewing Surprises swap that Nova is hosting!

I received a package from the lovely Kerrilee, from Sew Exhausted. (The sewcialist that I sent to was actually her co-writer, Laurie!) My package got a bit lost in transit for awhile, but arrived just in time for reveal day, on Friday. Which was great, because the end of the week was pretty stressful and it was the perfect fun surprise to cheer me up! So here’s what was inside:
IMG_0533The package came all tied up neatly with a pretty ribbon. It was much neater than this, but then I repackaged it when I realized that I needed to take pictures–I was too excited and had torn into it right away!

There was a card with the cutest little cat sticker to seal it up.


There were two packages of wedding-related scrapbook stickers. Which is perfect, because of course I’m already plotting to make a scrapbook so I can hoard all of the candids that my friends and family make, as well as professional shots that we can’t necessarily fit into the album that comes with our package!

The latest addition to my stash of sewcialist-given chocolate. I’m still working on the first of the two bars I got from New Zealand for the stash swap (eating them verrrrry sloooooooowly so there won’t be any last minute dress-fitting panic issues!), but sea salt and dark chocolate is completely yummy, so I’ll be looking forward to this for sure.

IMG_0537And finally, there were two coordinating pieces of super-lightweight jersey, and a pattern to make them into! I’ll have to see if I can squeeze this in before the wedding, because wouldn’t this be great for a tropical getaway?

I had a lot of fun putting together my package for Laurie, and it was very exciting to see what I got in return! Thanks again, Kerrilee!

A few small things

  • No finished project post yet. I still have been unable to take a picture, but I will as soon as I can.
  • Do you ever have dreams about sewing? I do, sometimes. Last night’s was that I made a Tiramisu dress. Except that for some reason, subconscious me decided to pair just the skirt from it (in a navy blue jersey) with a sheer, woven coral thrifted button-down with a peplum. Which a) I do not own such a garment, and b) dream-me had it as one giant v down to the waist. Which I would never, ever do in the real world. At least subconscious me did ok with the color pairing. (Incidentally, I do have a mental plan to make a test tiramisu in navy blue jersey, since I have some jersey bedsheets to play with.)
  • Today is my birthday. I’m 32 now. That sounds so weird.
  • The Swap Your Stash was fairly successful for me! I didn’t get rid of everything, but I did have requests for about a third of what I’d posted. And most of those were things that I had either already made things out of and was therefore stuck, or things I couldn’t use at all (like accidentally pink silk!) I’ve sent out 4 pieces to 3 people, am waiting on addresses for 2 more, and so far I’ve received one package, from Anne in the UK. I’m not sure how this will end up as far as yardage in vs. out goes, but I tried to be very thoughtful in the things I swapped for, so hopefully I will end up with things that are much more useful for me!
  • My future sewing room is coming together very nicely. Doug and I spent last Friday night moving my sewing machine table to his place–I haven’t been using it lately, because I get way too cold in the basement this time of year and have therefore been doing all of my sewing upstairs, like I tend to do every winter. We also did some organizing in there. Most of my scrapbook/jewelry related things are there now, as well as a little fabric and probably about half of my yarn. We’ve also been discussing fabric storage options, and stumbled across a good option on sale at Target. So we’re probably going to spend this Friday evening moving the bulk of my remaining fabric stash and organizing that. Assuming I get done the dress in enough time to actually sew something else before the wedding, I figure I can just stop by his place and grab the fabric that I want.
  • Speaking of the dress, I’m now working on the hemming stage! I also spent some time over the weekend cutting out lace appliques for the skirt. 

I think that’s everything for now…back to work.

Stash confessions of a fabriholic

As you know, I’ve been taking part in the Swap Your Stash, hosted by Kat and Anne, this month. As of now, I have four pieces of my stash that will be making their way to their new homes, where hopefully they’ll find some better use than sitting around in mine! They’ve also been doing a series of interviews to show our stashes, and with Kat’s permission, I’m borrowing the questions to do a little reveal of my own. (Plus a very first sneak peek of my future sewing room! Which is absolutely nowhere close to set up.)

How long have you been sewing and stashing? How big is your stash?
I started learning to sew when I was about 7 years old. Thankfully, I have no stash that dates back to that time, but given that I’m in my early 30s now *cough*, I’ve been stashing for awhile. As for the size, it’s still hovering somewhere at 200+ yards of fabric!

wall of shameWhere do you keep your stash? How do you store it?
My stash is so big that it’s in two different towns, haha! Just kidding–the real story is that even though I’m not moving in with my fiance until after the wedding, I am in the process of moving what I can down to his place now. So getting my future sewing/craft room set up was a logical place to start, since I do have this somewhat all-consuming dress project going on right now. So I’m in the process of moving things from the wall of shame (which refuses to post vertically for some reason–I guess it’s appropriate, since it’s rather precarious of a setup to begin with), where they are folded into plastic bins, or unceremoniously stuffed in wherever they will fit….

IMG_0153….to the new space. I haven’t gotten a lot of fabric moved down there yet, it’s been more scrapbooking/jewelry stuff/yarn so far, but I did at least get this one bin down. The plan for the new space is to fold the pieces around these letter-paper-sized comic book boards, so they’re all nice and neat like this, and put them on shelving, kind of like this. 

IMG_0152 (Second shelf down.) Except not in the closet, because the mostly wire shelves that Doug so kindly put up for me wouldn’t hold it all. I’m thinking of getting something more along the lines of an Ikea Expedit. 
What is the oldest piece in your stash? What was your original plan for this piece and why hasn’t it happened?
Chronologically, the oldest things I have are a brown twill-type fabric and a tan stretchy also possibly twill-type fabric. Both of these were given to me for free by my mother, who in turn was given these for free by someone connected to someone at my church who was destashing. (She randomly gets given fabric sometimes by people who don’t understand that not all fabrics are good for quilts, and I often get to paw through those leftovers.) I have no idea how old they actually are, and I obviously had no original plan for them but I’m thinking they will get turned into wearable muslins for the Thurlow and Clover pants patterns, respectively.  Also, I didn’t take pictures of them because they’re just solid colors and therefore not very interesting to look at.


The oldest things I bought myself are these two printed polyesters, both of which date back to my college years. I honestly can’t remember if I even had a plan for the floral, I think I just liked it. I was thinking more of a 60s-style tunic top for the paisley, but I didn’t have a ton of time to sew when I was still in school, and somewhere along the line, I realized that boxy 60s tunic tops are really not flattering on me at all. So neither of them have gotten used yet. I did have a thought of making the floral into a Burda pattern, but I’m thinking now that I might be better off using this one for some kind of summer PJs, since this really doesn’t go with anything else I own.   

Favorite stashWhat’s your favourite piece in your stash? Where did you get it, what do you love about it, what do you think you might do with it?
 I have this lightweight floral knit print that my mom gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I love the colors and the kind of old-world European look of it. And I keep going back and forth as to what to do with it–sometimes I think it wants to be a knit dress, sometimes I think I should make it into a top because I do wear separates more, but then I’ll probably have a bunch left over, and therefore it hasn’t gotten cut into yet.

Does the fabric you buy go straight into hiding or do you wash it first?

 I definitely wash it first. Ironing is another story.

How do you add to your stash? Do you buy with a purpose in mind, or is it fabric lust?
I’ve gotten better over the last several years about buying purposefully, and the majority of the fabric I’ve bought over the last year in particular were for specific projects that I had nothing on hand that would work otherwise–fabrics for curtains, waterproof fabric for a raincoat, and of course, the 20+ yards I had to buy for all the various layers of the wedding dress I’m currently sewing! Sometimes I’m given things, particularly by my mom, who likes to give me fabric for Christmas. (We have similar taste in prints, so this is not a problem.) Aside from that, it’s generally fabric lust, because I am most definitely a printoholic, and have to force myself to buy solids that actually work with those fabrics.   
IMG_0499Do you have something in your stash that you cannot bear to cut into? Why?
 I have this suedecloth, which is from the same Christmas gift stash as the knit I mentioned earlier. I think this print is so fun, even though the colors are way more neutral than I usually go for–and I have absolutely no idea what it wants to be yet. So I don’t want to waste it, you know?

Do you just stash fabric, or does the problem include patterns and notions?
I’m actually not much of a notions buyer–most of my excess buttons and such have come from intended planned projects that never happened for one reason or another, or were salvaged from old clothes that I was getting rid of. And I’ve seriously cut back on pattern buying. Most of the patterns I buy now are from independent designers, and those are way more expensive than the $.99 sales at Joanns, so that curbs my acquisition a lot!  (Plus I did a pretty major pattern clean-out a year or so ago.) What I do tend to also stash is non-sewing things, like yarn–it’s hard for me to resist colorful yarns that are wool-free, since that’s all I can use–or patterned scrapbook paper. Yes, I’m still a printoholic there too. 

I also have a large bin of clothes that need mending or refashioning, since I just haven’t had time to get to it. I am guilty of thrifting clothes solely because I like the fabric and want to make something else with it, though I’ve managed to keep myself from doing that for the last several Goodwill runs. 

Have you decided to do a “stash-busting” resolution this year? If so, what have you decided to do?       
As regular readers of this blog know, I’ve been trying to do stash-busting resolutions for at least the last 3 years! I’ve even been tracking the yardage numbers, mostly–I do have a few pieces that I think I forgot to add. (I was doing pretty well with seeing the numbers go down, at least until I got engaged and decided to be insane and make my own wedding dress and a bunch of curtains!) As far as this year goes, I am taking part in the Stashbusting Challenge from Cation Designs, though I’m unable to be an active participant in the challenges right now. And I did already have to break my no-buying-fabric pledge, but those were extenuating circumstances.

So there’s my stash! And a look in the new craft room closet, at least. Yes, the inside of the closet is painted–the room itself is turquoise. I hope you enjoyed taking a look–and I am definitely open to suggestions for how to use those fabrics that I showed!

a mildly belated (or perhaps very early) giveaway!

2/12/13 update: This giveaway is now CLOSED. I’ll draw and announce the winner later this week.

It’s Sew Grateful week! I didn’t join in the fun last year, but since I’m having to sit out of all the sewalongs and such right now, I’m excited that this is something in the sewing community that I can be a part of!

It’s also my birthday later this month, so I wanted to do a giveaway sometime this month anyway. So let’s just do this for both, shall we?

Since I’ve been spending sooooo much time with the Cambie dress over the last several months, that was the first thing that popped into my head. So for this giveaway, it’s going to be your choice of pattern from Sewaholic Patterns!

Image of 1202 Cambie DressSo you could make your very own Cambie….maybe a little less time-consuming than mine! maybe you want to conquer your fear of knits? Everyone raves about the Renfrew, and for good reason. I love mine, and can’t wait to make another several!

Image of 1203 Thurlow TrousersMaybe you’re like me and am desperately in need of pants and shorts. I haven’t tried these myself yet, but I’m super-excited to make the Thurlow Trousers, and I’ve seen a lot of great reviews of this pattern around the sewing blogs, too.

Image of 1206 Hollyburn SkirtOr maybe you’re just learning to sew and you want something simple. In that case, maybe you want her latest pattern, the Hollyburn Skirt! It’s based off her Lonsdale Dress, which I made a modified version of last summer, so I know it’s a great pattern!

And of course this isn’t all of them–she has patterns for jackets, skirts and other dresses up on her site, too, so be sure to check it out!

I’m going to leave this open a little longer than probably most of the Sew Grateful giveaways, since I’m a little late posting it up to begin with. Not quite all the way to my birthday, since that’s at the end of the month, but the deadline will be 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time, on February 12. To enter, just leave a comment saying which pattern you’d get. I’ll have Tasia ship the pattern directly to you, so this one’s open to anywhere!

(One quick edit to say–sorry that the comments aren’t showing up right away, I had to turn comment moderation back on due to a massive spambot attack on my last post that Blogger didn’t catch! But I am moderating these as quickly as I can, promise!)

And while you’re at it, check out the Swap My Stash that Kat and Anne are hosting! I’ve already had 3 of my pieces claimed, so I’m excited about that. It’s a great way to get some less-loved things out of your stash and get some new pretty things in return! I’m focusing more on fabric, since I already did a pretty serious pattern purge within the last year or so, but there’s also patterns and some notions up for grabs. You can see everything on the Pinterest board— just make sure to check the comments because some things up there have been claimed already.

Swapping some stash!

As you know, I need to go through all of my belongings in preparation for moving, and it’s time that I unload some stash. My original plan was to just do a take-what-you-want giveaway on here, but then Modern Vintage Cupcakes decided to do a bigger swap, so I’m jumping in on that instead! It looks really fun, so if you want to join in, be sure to check it out!

Swap Your Stash

Several of these fabrics are leftovers from previous projects, and if that’s the case, I’ll post a link so you can get an idea of how they look in terms of a garment. Also, several of these have little pieces cut out of one corner, as I use swatches in the stash notebook that I keep in my purse. But it would only be about a square inch or so, so you’re not losing much yardage. (I’ll mark which ones.) All of these have been pre-washed and no one here smokes, but they come from a house with a dog and a cat, so if that’s an issue, you might want to wash it again. As far as shipping goes, I’m willing to do international for all but the denim, since that one is the heaviest. Because of that, I’m doing my best to include the metric measurements too. (Thank God for the internet and its easy conversion charts.)

Without further ado, here’s what’s up for grabs!

IMG_04641. A patchwork denim/brocade fabric. 2 yards, 56″ wide (1.8288 x 1.4224m). There’s also some extra at the end, cut in irregular rectangles. The brocade strips, which I believe are polyester, are 6″ wide, and the denim strips are 6.5″ wide. Originally used to make my laptop bag. but since my mom gave me this one while reducing her own stash, I had a lot left over and I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with it. (Reminder– this one is USA only. Sorry, international peeps.)

IMG_04702. A silky polyester print, 1 1/2 yards, 58″ wide (1.3716 x 1.4732 m). There’s a swatch-sized piece cut out of the corner. I bought this to line some red twill with thoughts of making the Beignet skirt, but I’ve since thrifted a red dress that is great for layering and now I’m probably going to make some kind of shorts or capris out of that twill instead, making this unnecessary, since red isn’t a color I wear often. I know it’s busy, but it could be a fun lining.

IMG_04713. A light green lining, probably polyester. 1 yard plus two ends by the selvedge with a chunk cut out of the middle, 48″ wide (approx. .9144 x 1.2192 m). I’m not sure why I have this, because I don’t really do pastels. I was having trouble getting the coloring right on this photo–it’s a little less mint, a little more yellowy. Maybe a celery green or something?

IMG_04654. Reserved for Anne! A lightweight silk, probably of the habotai variety. 2 yards, 44″ wide (1.8288 x 1.1176m). There’s a swatch-sized piece cut out of the corner. This was hand-dyed by me, and the color I intended it to be, based on the dye I used, is the same as this luscious brown silk velvet that I dyed at the same time. Instead, this is what happened. I’ve thought for years that I could just re-dye it, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Pink isn’t my thing, but if it’s yours, it could be a great lining or lightweight top. (It is fairly sheer, so keep that in mind.)

IMG_04695. A crinkle-textured polyester print, 2 1/2 yards, 44″ wide (2.286 x 1.1176m). There’s a swatch-sized piece cut out of the corner. I’ve had this one sitting around since sometime during my college years, never made the project I bought it for, and it’s definitely in the use-or-lose stage of its life. So I’ll see what I can come up with if no one wants it, but I figured I’d see if someone else might want it first. It’s hard to see the colors in this one, so it’s kind of an impressionistic paisley with dots of red, purple and a few shades of brown.

IMG_04736. A striped polyester silky print, 1 yard, 44″ wide (.9144 x 1.1176 m). There’s a swatch-sized piece cut out. The stripes run perpendicular to the selvedge. I bought this, along with several other fabrics, to make a patchwork-ish striped skirt that I’d seen in Threads magazine. I never got around to it, lost interest, and a few of those fabrics have since gotten used for other things.

IMG_04747. A glitter-embellished floral silky polyester print, 1 yard, 44″ wide (.9144 x 1.1176 m). There’s a swatch-sized piece cut out.  Bought for the same reasons as #6. Yes, those are cheetah spots you see in there, though I bought it more for the big flowers. Animal prints aren’t something I do very often either! (My apologies for not sending this to someone else in time for Jungle January. 😉

IMG_04758.Reserved for Juliet! A floral polyester shantung. 1 2/3 yard plus some good-sized scraps, 58″ wide (1.524 x 1.4732m). This is the leftovers from this dress— I’d originally planned to make this into a maxi-dress, but decided it just wouldn’t work with the drape of the fabric. The “good-sized scraps” are the bottom parts of those skirt pieces, since I cut it out as the maxi first, and then thought better of it and chopped it off to the shorter length before sewing. But they’re still large enough that you might be able to squeeze some smaller pattern pieces out of them. I still think this fabric is gorgeous, but I just can’t think of anything to do with it other than a second dress, and I don’t need two dresses of the same print, you know?

IMG_04729. An embroidered gold lightweight satin, polyester, 1 1/3 yard, 46″ wide (1.219 x 1.1684 m). The embroidery is done more or less on the bias, and does not reach all the way to the edges (about 2.5″ away on one side and 2″ away on the other). There is one minor flaw–when I was photographing this, I found a somewhat larger-than-pinhole-sized hole right next to one of the embroidered flowers. It felt like the edges had been sealed during manufacturing,  so I don’t think it will get bigger, but you may need to watch pattern placement if that’s an issue. This one is leftover from aaaaaall the way back to the early days of this blog, after making this dress. And again, I haven’t figured out what to do with the rest of it yet.

IMG_047810. A floral polyester brocade, 2 yards, 46″ wide (1.8288 x 1.1684m). There’s a swatch-sized piece cut out. I think this one was also given to me by my mom’s stashbusting once she decided that it was going to be all quilts all the time for her. And this is one of two floral-on-black brocades that I have and still haven’t figured out what to do with, so I thought I’d see if someone else can have fun with this one.

IMG_047611. A hunter green satin, just shy of 1 1/2 yards, 58″ wide (approx. 1.3716 x 1.4732 m), plus a big diagonal piece on one side. For those of you in the States who are familiar with Joann Fabrics, this is their Casa Satin. I’ve actually used this fabric twice now–for my masters’ degree recital dress, and also for my Licorice dress–and still had this much left over. I must have done a terrible job of estimating fabric usage for that first dress!

IMG_047712. Reserved for Kat! A quilting-weight cotton or cotton blend, about 3 yards, 44″ wide (2.7432 x 1.1176 m), plus an extra rectangle on one end. This one was given to me by a friend who was destashing some craft supplies, so I’m not entirely sure of the fiber content. I used it to line a couple of baby bibs, but that’s it. This would be cute for kid stuff, but since I have no kids (and very few young kids in my life, period) I really have no use for this.

IMG_046813. An embroidered linen (or linen-looking) fabric, about .85 yard, 52″ wide (.777 x 1.3208m), The embroidery starts 1.5″-3.75″ from the selvedge, depending on where in the pattern it is.  The embroidery is in shades of olive green, brown, turquoise, red and orange. This one was used to make my “Cha-cha” skirt. And it’s super-cute, but I’m not sure what to do with the rest of it unless it’s a bag, and a girl only needs so many bags.

IMG_046714. Polyester beige organza, 1.3 yd, 62″ wide (1.889 x 1.575m), plus a little ireegular bit on the end. This one was very hard to photograph, but it’s just a neutral beige with a shimmer effect on it. (Slightly darker than pale woman of Anglo-Celtic-German decent, if that helps?) This one was for my muslin of my wedding dress, of course, and I seriously overestimated how much I needed.

IMG_046615. Reserved for Imogheena! White allover lace, 1.8 yd, 64″ wide, including the wider part of the scallops. (About 1.646 x 1.626 m.) I photographed this one on top of the pink silk so the pattern could be seen better. The scallops are about 2″ wide, and are on both sides. This was also for the wedding dress muslin. And again, I seriously overestimated. I don’t really do lace in my day-to-day life, you know?

So that’s it! Like I said, if you’re interested in joining in and swapping out some of your less-loved fabric for something new, be sure to check out the rules/guidelines.  And if you’re interested in taking some of this off of my hands, let me know!

The Stargate Swap

As of tonight, the last of my projects is finished! Which finishes me up for swaps for a little bit, since I’d like to concentrate on getting some of my personal projects done (and I need craftiness without a deadline for awhile.)

But, here’s what I made (so if you’re dearjoan from Craftster, please don’t look!)
The first project: a cd case (purchased), painted to look like the top of the Milky Way DHD. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to get the symbols on– finally ended up drawing them with ball-point pen and then tracing that with the paint. But I’m quite proud of the results (and seriously tempted to keep it for myself.)
The second project: The Daniel notebook. Her favorite SG-1 character is Daniel Jackson (and can you blame her?) I had a lot of fun gathering pictures for this one. And fun with the captions too– ones like “Evil Daniel”, “Ascended Daniel”, “Geeky Daniel”, “Bandana Daniel” and so on.
The third project: The Rodney notebook. Her favorite Atlantis character is Rodney McKay, so the cover of this notebook is all memorable quotes by him (which I also had fun gathering), and printed out in color blocks that are quite reminiscent of Atlantis (and, well, now that I look at it, just about the same colors as his uniform too.)
As a side note, I had more difficulty than anticipated with both notebooks on the decoupage– I discovered the computer paper just wasn’t working on the covers, had to get new notebooks for both, print it out again on heavier cardstock, then the glue didn’t want to stick on the Rodney notebook because the cover’s more plasticy… it was a mess. But it’s a done mess that actually looks decent, hurrah!
Of course I couldn’t do a Stargate swap without using gate symbols somewhere. This was one of my quick projects, once I got it sketched on the shirt– just went over it once with a silver paint pen and it’s done. But this is the gate address for Earth.

And for tonight’s finished project, the Atlantis frame. I’d originally intended to use the gate symbols from that on polymer clay. And, as a bracelet. But the clay didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, and my mom had these wooden picture frames that were leftover from a kid’s craft class she taught, so I spent last night and tonight painting this. (And added a picture of McKay for good measure, though she can take that out.) I really like how this one turned out, and that if she doesn’t want to be overtly geeky, it could double as just normal constellations in space.

Swaps and Starry Nights

I worked on the last of my swap projects tonight. Not done yet, but I should be able to finish it tomorrow. Sendouts are on Saturday, and I’m hoping that if I finish my stuff tomorrow, I can send it out on Friday, and then I can have Friday night to sew.

Speaking of sewing, as one of my Wardrobe Refashion projects, I spent Lost dissecting that star-studded shirt from the last post. The sleeves are detached now, and the front and back as well. My current plan is to salvage the sleeves, as well as the lower portion of the front. Not sure if the back is salvageable if I make the lacing merely decorative. But I’m really anxious to get sewing so I can actually finish some things before my four months are up (even though I have a feeling I’ll be extending to six.)