"Moving Target" shirt, and Cadence update

#1: I finished this shirt last night. I went ahead and used Butterick 5084 (the same one I used for this shirt), and I think it went better this time. Probably helped that I didn’t have the embroidered insert that added basically 3 extra layers of fabric at the under-bust seam, between the fold and the interfacing. I still had to take it in at the sides some, and lengthen the sleeves a bit, but otherwise, I’m really happy with the fit. I changed up the neckline a bit by replacing the facing with a strip of fabric, sewn on the seamline, folded under, and stitched double. I also stay-taped it so it wouldn’t sag and gap with repeated wearings, and so far, so good. It came together really quickly– I cut it out on Monday, and sewed it together in two sittings. Would have been faster without the stay-taping, but I think it’ll be worth it.

This color scheme is pretty different for me– I hardly wear red, and I don’t think I even owned anything in mustard until now. But what’s the point of sewing if you can’t have fun getting out of your self-imposed boxes? Also, I tried really hard to avoid awkward print placement on the top, and I think I did a pretty good job! The fabric is a cotton jersey (rather thin, as you can see from the tank top lines) from Mood. Which I think I bought 2 years ago. So, since it took me this long to get to it, another FESA project down! Thank you, Mood!
I’m also rather excited about this. See that? That’s the lace chart on my Cadence sweater, which is now DONE. Third time’s the charm. And that lime green bit of string at the bottom? I wove that in, in case I mess up the rows leading up to splitting the sleeves off. I shouldn’t, because it’s basically all knit all the time for 20 rows. But I’m not taking any chances! (I’ll take it out when the sweater’s done.)

Also, I think that taking the neckline down a needle size worked well. The overall knit looks much better than my first attempt, and the neckline doesn’t look like anything from an 80s dance movie anymore. Yay!

Finally, a new FESA project!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I didn’t have time to take any pics until well after dark, and I just could not get an un-blurred one of the skirt as a whole. So Monday it is. I’m wearing this right now. This probably isn’t the best top to be pairing it with, but I usually tend to wear things un-tucked and I wanted the fun waistband details to actually show. I’m also wearing this with my black military-style jacket, since it’s kind of cold now, but obviously then you can’t see the skirt so well.

Since the weather here completely unseasonably sucked on Saturday, effectively cancelling any potential plans I had, I stayed indoors and sewed all day. And finally finished this skirt. (Though I really wasn’t expecting it to take as much of the day as it did!)So here’s my quick n’ dirty review of Burda 4/09 #101: I’m a little disappointed in the fit of it– I pin-basted the skirt when I was working on it last week and marked where it fit perfectly, but I guess the fabric stretched, because after it was all sewn together, it ended up a little loose. I think it would be more comfortable if it sat just a little higher on my hips, but I can deal. Now that I think about it, it might help if I tack the very top above the buttons. That doesn’t have to be functional since it has a side zipper, and I’m thinking that when I had it pinned, I must have had that part pinned a little more snugly because the buttonholes weren’t cut yet.

I do love the color of it, and the suede-like texture. And the pockets, though I wish they’d press a little flatter at the top. I’ll keep trying. (They are rather useful in that they’re the perfect size to fit my phone!) I like the style of it too. And I think I would use this pattern again, though with some definite tweaking in the fit. I’ll just have to find things to tuck into it to show off the waist details. Maybe my Sorbetto? I wish I had a shorter grey cardigan to throw on with it…

I probably would have gotten this together a lot faster, except I lined it and that added quite a bit more time to what otherwise would have been a fairly simple skirt. For one thing, I drafted the lining myself. And, well, when I draft things, it never goes right. All I did for this one was to overlap the pattern pieces to take out the seam allowances, trace, and then take a facing-sized-minus-seam-allowance chunk out of the top. Even so, the lining ended up too big and I had to chop about 2″ out of each piece. I’m glad I finally got it working in the end, because I think it makes the skirt so much nicer to wear. And perhaps easier, given that the fabric seems clingy. Plus solid-colored things are more fun with print linings, IMO.

In knitting news, I’ve hit a bit of a snag on my Cadence sweater…


I was working on the last row of the chart last night, and most of the pattern looks like this. (Which, as far as I know, is what it’s supposed to look like.)

But then I discovered that two of the diamonds look like this. Which, at least to my eye, is pretty obviously wonky.

I have this great book called Knit Fix (or something along those lines) that taught me how to fix a mistake in the pattern vertically, that has already saved me frustration on several occasions. Unfortunately, the concept doesn’t seem to work quite as well for fixing things with decreases. I think I made this one worse.

So I’m waiting to hear back from Kristin (the “Knitter” for Newbie and the Knitter) on if there’s a good way to fix this….but I may have to just unravel this. It’s kind of discouraging, and something that’s a little difficult to reconcile myself to to from my seamstress perspective. Yes, I mess up my sewing, but there’s usually a way to, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, “make it work”. It’s very rare that I have to just toss the whole thing and start from scratch, you know?

I’m honestly thinking that it might be easier to just unravel the whole thing and start over, rather than unknit stitch by stitch to whatever row in the chart I started screwing up here. I’m assuming the chart may go faster now that I’ve knit my way through it once, and unpicking this will take hours. I’m not even sure it’s possible to do it and get the right stitch count, with all of those yarnovers and knit 2 togethers and stuff…. I’m too new at this.

So, while I wait for that, happier sewing thoughts instead. Today’s non-work projects (other than my continued hunt for a new part-time job with more hours–thus the reason I’m posting during the day so much lately) include switching out the last of my more summery clothes, because I’ve been digging something out from under my bed every day lately just to find something long-sleeved to wear. But if I have time, I’m hoping to make some refashion progress. And I’m thinking the next thing on the sewing table is going to be that knit print I pulled out for my FESA. Though I probably won’t be able to touch that until Wednesday.

I’ll blog about sewing again soon, I promise.

I just need to actually have something to show. I did at least start quilting the fabric for the bag my friend is paying me to make. (Two pieces down, one to go.) And I did go to Joann’s today to take advantage of their Columbus Day sale and pick up some underlining for my raincoat/some buttons for the teal skirt. (Nothing on hand at home. I checked.)

But in the meantime, I did finish up two of my FESA knitting projects over the weekend!

#1, the Counterpoint hat.

An easy finish, as all I had left to do was put the brim in and stitch the hat closed at the top of the ribbing.

The brim is pretty subtle, so I had to take a profile shot so you can actually see it. And I like the quasi-tweedy but still really colorful effect of the yarn. Even though it makes me want to walk around with a magnifying glass and say things like, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

The other thing I finished was my cable slippers. Not the most flattering shot ever, as they look like deformed socks this way, but this is what you get at 12:30 in the morning in someone else’s residence. I’m glad these are only meant to be lightweight slippers, since they feel kind of like they’re going to fall off when I wear them. It probably would have helped if I’d stitched them up more, like the originals were, but I was literally sewing the first one of these around my foot and this was as far as I could stretch it. Mental note to self: Whenever I attempt socks, I might need to add a few stitches in that just-below-my-toe area to compensate for the extra width there.

Since I had both of these finished by Saturday night, I spent our tv-watching time on Sunday working on that scarf I’m making from the hat leftovers. It’s currently about 15″ long. The nice thing is that it’s complicated enough of a pattern that I still have to look at the pattern for pretty much every single line, but not so complicated that I couldn’t watch tv or chat with my friends.

I did think about picking up my Cadence sweater, but I looked at the directions and the very next row starts the chart. Which I’m still not entirely sure I read right before, and I think that’s something I’m going to have to hole up in my room away from people and give full concentration to. Which means this is a great time to sidetrack myself from it completely by sewing, right?

Moving on…

The dress is fixed! I hope. I ended up doing the elastic thing, since I figured the dress is ruched enough that it would somewhat blend in. So I used the facing to make a casing, sewed one folded-under-and-stitched end of the elastic to the zipper (less likely to pull than the knit fabric)…

…tacked it again at the end of the facing, and then just to give it a little extra support, cut the elastic across the front and secured that in the middle where the knot is. I figure it should be stretchy enough that having what basically amounts to a chest stay (as opposed to waist) shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear. The sides do seem to fit me much better now, so here’s hoping that’s the end of the green dress saga!

So, other than this little repair job, I haven’t sewn a thing in a week. Except for this.

This is a piece of plastic canvas edged in bias tape. Otherwise known as the brim for my “Counterpoint Hat.”The pattern specifically called for plastic canvas, and I happened to have some on hand from trying to get my earrings somewhat organized. But I didn’t want little plastic nubs poking through the yarn or into my head.

Though I haven’t been sewing, I have been knitting some. So here’s the updates on that:

1. Like I said, I’m done knitting the hat. I just don’t have pictures yet since it’s kind of wet from my attempt to block it yesterday. Not sure the blocking quite solved the issue of the stitches looking stretched next to the cables, but I was able to stretch it out to fit my apparently big head a little better. Once I add the brim, that’s done.

2. My yarn estimation skills are lacking. I had over an entire skein of that yarn left over! So I’m making a scarf just for the heck of it. It’s a bit hard to see the pattern, but it’s got kind of a dragon-scale look to it. The pattern is called Guardian’s Tail. It’s got something like a 10-row repeat, and it’s complicated enough to keep me from getting bored. I think this is about 50 rows in, so this is going to take awhile! Especially since my plan is to basically knit until I run out of yarn.

And I’ve made some progress on the scarf I’m making for Shantelle to use up the yarn from her handwarmers–this is pretty much all from keeping my hands busy while we have mini Project Runway marathons. I did use up the first half-ball that was left. Can you see what I did three stripes in from the right, though? The end of the second ball was the right color to add it on, and I couldn’t find the other end, so I just went with it. And it’s now reversing the colors! Which I kind of like. I’m afraid this isn’t going to end up being a very long scarf, probably more of a neckwarmer than anything else. So I’m going to try to do some kind of keyhole to slide the other end of the scarf through. Hopefully I can figure out how to do that.

I’m getting kind of antsy to start sewing again. Next up on my list is a bag I’m making for my friend Jolene. (She is rather generously paying me to make it for her.) I’m hoping to get that cut out today. I’m also making a slight amendment in my FESA plan. Instead of the straight skirt I’d planned for my teal suedecloth, I decided that would be better off as some kind of A-line. So after digging around in my pattern stash yesterday, I came up with this. I think it’ll look nice with the patches and topstitching with the somewhat textured fabric, and will keep a solid color more interesting for me. I also found a second skirt in a different Burda that will actually be perfect for the red twill–I wanted a more or less pencil skirt with some kind of pleat or godet in the back, and that pretty much does it for me. With lining and everything! I’ll need to draft a lining for the teal, but I think it’ll be fairly simple. But if I want to have any hope of getting on that soon, I’d better get to work!

If I had $1000000, I’d buy you a green dress…

“….but not a real green dress, that’s cruel…”

Yeah, I had that song stuck in my head quite a bit while working on this project! Which, in typical fashion for me when sewing anything that might get worn to a wedding, ended up being much more difficult than I’d anticipated. I’ve spent hours and hours working on it this week, and it’s definitely got its issues. But the one and only dress I’d listed for the Fall Essentials Sew-Along is now done.

Last weekend, I was originally supposed to go camping with the friend I made the Anthropologie-esque aprons with. But we had to make a last-minute change of plans due to nasty weather forecasts–neither of us felt like camping in the rain and mud. So instead, she came here for a sewing day. The funny thing was, without planning it, we both ended up using the exact same fabric for our projects! We’d actually each bought some yardage of the same knit a couple of years ago when shopping at a Joann’s together, and neither of us had figured out what to do with it until now. So she copied a dress she’d borrowed from a friend, and I worked on this. It’s probably a good thing, too, because there’s no way I would have finished the dress before this Saturday’s wedding otherwise. I’m going to go ahead and do a full pattern review for this one, in hopes that it might help someone else down the line. (Especially since, as of when I wrote this review, this was the first one for this pattern on PR.)

Pattern Description: From the envelope: Lined, close-fitting dress has side front inseam pockets and attached petticoat with ruffles.

Pattern Sizing: 6-18. I (stupidly) made the 14.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Mostly.

Were the instructions easy to follow? The instructions were very well laid-out. The only confusion I had was finishing off the end of the zipper.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like the style, and the clear directions. I did not like the sizing–the whole thing seemed to run very large, and it caused me quite a few issues.

Fabric Used: I used a 2-way stretch knit that I’m pretty sure is a rayon for the majority (it’s been in the stash for awhile),  plus a tricot lining and polyester organza for the petticoat.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I ended up having to make quite a few fitting changes. I didn’t make a muslin for this since I figured knits would be easier to tweak as I went. (Besides the aforementioned on-the-fly small-bust-adjustment that I NEVER have to make….) I also had to take about 4″ total out of the back, at least a good 2-3″ out of the back shoulder strap, and I spent several hours yesterday ripping out the side/back facings I’d sewed in earlier in the week so I could stay-tape those edges and hand-sew the facings back in. I didn’t know until I tried it on to double-check where I’d pinned up the hem that adding that facing stretched the sides out an extra 3″ each (!), and it was sagging out horribly under my arms. (See picture for how much I had to pin it in to get it to fit after machine-sewing the facings on!)

I also ended up having to gather up the fabric and tack it under the knot at the bustline, because the gathers were not falling right around the waistline. (It’s still sagging there, as you can see, but it’s definitely better than it was.) I also hand-picked the zipper topstitching, because I didn’t think my machine would be too happy about all of the layers around the waist between the fabric, the lining, and the elastic.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I would not sew it again, since this is a rather unique style and I don’t need two of these in my wardrobe. I would recommend it for more advanced seamstresses, with the caveat that you should probably take it down at least a full size from your usual pattern size. Possibly two. I’d also strongly recommend adding stay tape or interfacing before adding the back facings so it doesn’t distort as badly as mine did the first time.

Conclusion: I think it looks ok overall, and I’m certainly going to wear this since it was the pattern I’ve been most excited about sewing this fall. I’m thinking that if I add a belt, it’ll hide the slight wonkiness that is still around the waist seam. But I wish I’d gone with the thought I’d had about perhaps sewing size 12 instead. There’s a LOT of fabric in this dress, and it makes it somewhat heavy for a knit dress, and everything gets stretched. 

Other notes: The elastic was a pain in the neck to get into this dress. I actually ended up having to rip a hole in the lining with my seam ripper so I could better distribute the elastic within the casing. Also, pressing the petticoat section is kind of helpful–it was too poofy under the skirt at first, but after I flattened it out, it seemed to lay better. Even though that put creases in the organza that probably shouldn’t have been there. (The petticoat is still pretty poofy, but it is laying better now.)

I also kind of wish I’d hand-sewn in the entire zipper, because it isn’t entirely lined up at the waist. Though it doesn’t look that bad in this picture, to be honest–it seemed much more off to me in real life. And I couldn’t do anything to fix it because by the time I’d noticed it, I’d already trimmed the seams, and this is what’s holding the elastic “waist stay” in place.

So it’s done, and just in time for the wedding….though apparently we have a cold front coming in later today or tomorrow, and it’ll actually be feeling fallish on Saturday. So I hope I don’t get cold in this basically sleeveless dress!

This is the other thing I’ve been working on this week– I realized late last week that I didn’t really have any shoes to wear to this or the second wedding I’ll be attending in October. I’ll be wearing the little black dress for the second since I’m also on musician duty for that one, but for Saturday’s wedding in particular, I didn’t want to go too casual for the shoes since it’s basically a big ruched-up t-shirt of a dress. One rather frustrating trip to two different shoe stores later where absolutely nothing was even close to fitting and I learned that the trend for this season is 4″ stiletto heels that I would undoubtedly break an ankle if I try to do anything resembling walking in, I decided to just do a non-permanent refashion to the basic heels I already have. So, with the help of some clip-on earrings and some pre-made flowers I found at Joann’s, this is what I did to my brown shoe. (Singular, because I still have to do the second shoe, and that is on the agenda for today.) I did this at the beginning of the week, and I made a little tutorial for it over at Refashion Co-Op. And since the little flowers just clip on, I can easily go back to my basic brown shoe after. (If I want to. I actually like them much better with the flowers!) I’ll be doing a second pair of clips later in the month for my black shoes, since it’s a formal evening wedding and my shoes are, again, not quite fancy enough.

But first, once clip #2 is done, I think I am actually going to take a few days off from sewing. This dress left me feeling like I need a break before I dive into my next project, so I think the rest of my crafty free time this week will be taken up by knitting instead! (I do have things to show there, though none of them are finished, so I’ll try to do an update for that in a day or so.)

Never thought I’d have to make THAT adjustment…

When I started this dress, I’d figured I’d just adjust as I go since knits are more forgiving than wovens. I was debating between sizes 12 and 14, and finally decided to go with the 14 because it looked pretty fitted–I didn’t want it to be too tight up top.

So instead, when I pinned in the zipper and tried it on, the bust part was super-saggy. Like 80-year-old-woman saggy! So I had to wing something I never thought I’d have to do– a small(er) bust adjustment! (And here I haven’t even mastered the FBA that I usually have to go for…)

I didn’t want to take the sides apart since it was already topstitched and stay-taped and everything. So I ended up taking a pretty huge chunk out of the front seams–well over an inch–and tapering it towards the side and center twist. I also took about an inch off of each side in the center back.

I think it fits much better now! Still a bit slouchy across the front, but it’s supposed to look gathered, so it’s ok.

And the back, which still needs adjusting for the back shoulder bit, but I’ll do that later after the skirt’s on and I have a bit of a better idea of how much that’s going to weigh things down.

Moral of the story: Next time I make something out of a two-way stretch knit, I should probably go with the smaller size, huh?

p.s. I’m drawing the giveaway winner tomorrow–you’ve still got a few more hours if you want to enter!

green stuff

Not the most creative title, but that’s what I’ve been working on this weekend.

This was last night’s project. I have yet another wedding to go to later this fall, and the shower is next Friday. I wasn’t going to be able to go at first due to a mixup in the invitations that meant I didn’t get it before I made other plans, but since the shower was originally supposed to be the same day that Hurricane Irene came through here, it got rescheduled. I ended up buying most of her gift but I wanted to give her something handmade as well (especially since she’s from the same group of friends as the bride-to-be that the cherry apron was for!) Didn’t have the time or funds for a whole apron, but I did make her these potholders from a pattern that my mom had on hand and some fabrics left over from my quilt. I actually really liked how these potholders turn out–this might become the go-to pattern the next time I need to make a shower gift!

I spent the majority of today starting off my Vogue dress, and got the bodice pretty much sewn together. So here’s the front so far…. (sitting a little lopsided on the dummy, now that I look at the picture, but hopefully I can fix that when it’s on myself!)

And here’s the back, though not quite how it’ll end up (since the seam is  pinned to the outside.) I think I’ll have to tweak the back shoulder part a bit, maybe shorten it up, but it’s only basted on right now so that will be easy enough to fix. The zipper is supposed to separate the back a bit more, so I may need to take some of the length out there, too. Guess I’ll have to actually try it on to see, but I’m all sewed out for today!

The surprising thing is that it looks like I’m going to end up doing this entirely on the machine instead of the serger, which I haven’t done on a knit project in awhile! But there’s so many places where you have to stop sewing at a certain place or sew on stay tape and that sort of stuff. I’ve been using the walking foot on my machine and it’s helped quite a bit.

I’m ready to kick back now….maybe I’ll see if I can get some work done on that second swatch for the knitalong.

The Frankenblouse, and other craftiness

Well, here we are–the big 600! I wanted to wait to post it until I actually had a finished project to show. And since I’ve been working on other stuff in the meantime, this one’s going to be a bit pic-heavy. Also, just as a reminder, there’s still time to enter my 5-year/600 post giveaway, which is open through Monday! And now, on with the show…

This is the blouse I finished today (about half an hour ago, to be precise.) It has the distinction of being on both my Summer and my Fall Essentials Sew-Along lists, and was kind of a transition between the two. It was also a mash-up between two patterns and my own improvisation. And, well, like the literary monster it’s named for, the results are a bit less than pretty. I’m hoping it looks less lopsided on me than it does on Donna! But I did have some issues with this, probably due to the pattern merges I made.

Namely that it ended up huge on me. I had to chop this much off of the sides just to get it anywhere remotely close to fitting! And it still doesn’t quite have the look I was hoping for. So this probably would have worked better if I’d worked with two patterns from the same company. Or maybe a more fitted lower half. Oh well…you live and learn.

I’m not entirely convinced about the back either, due to the two lines from the stitched-down pleat. But it’ll probably work better when I’m wearing it, because unlike Donna, I’m not blue-skinned.

And there are details I like. Like the button closure, which was the detail from the original RTW blouse that inspired me to do this. It could be a bit neater, and probably would be with skinnier button loops, but it seems like it’ll hold the front closed pretty well.

I’m also pleased with the sleeve, which is pretty much straight off of the New Look pattern. Except I cut the band/tie longer so I could actually make a bow out of it, since I’d learned before that it’s not long enough to do so otherwise.

So I wouldn’t say this is a complete failure, and I’m still planning on wearing it. And it did bust a piece of stash fabric that I’ve had for well over five years, so that’s certainly a good thing.

(While I’m at it, the update on that: I added in about 4 yards for the raincoat fabric, and it probably should have been a bit more for the things I got for the Vogue dress. But since I’m planning on using those up next, I didn’t bother to add them in. I did completely use up this metallic stripey fabric, so that leaves me at about 253.5 yards, down from 275 at the beginning of the year. Only about 150 yards to go to reach my target….this is going to take awhile!)

It hasn’t been all sewing around here by a long shot. I whipped up a quick necklace last Saturday:

Super-easy, since all I had to do was put a clasp on it, and link the pendant to the pre-made chain.

I just couldn’t resist this pendant when I saw it on a more recent Joann’s shopping trip, because it’s my favorite painting by my favorite artist. There were actually two pendants in the pack, the other one being a small circular one with the moon from this same painting. But I gave that to my sister-in-law (who also loves Van Gogh and this painting in particular), so no picture of that.

And I’ve been doing a good bit of knitting, too. Back on Labor Day, I finished this:

It’s the first of the cable slipper pattern that I found. I had to leave a bigger foot opening than it called for (I was literally sewing it shut while it was on my foot, and well, my feet are wide so I couldn’t take it as far), so hopefully they’ll stay on all right.

I think the cables turned out really nicely, though, and this really was a perfect beginner cable project.

Though the second one is started, I haven’t worked on it since Labor Day, though. Mainly because I’m getting sidetracked….

I finished the first of my two swatches for the Newbie and the Knitter knitalong. As it turns out, since I knit rather tightly, I had to take this up a full two needle sizes from what the pattern called for! This is the pre-blocked swatch…

And here’s the post-blocked one. This is going to be a much more open knit than I thought, so I think this one will be another one I’m going to have to wear camisoles under! But it does knit up lovely, very soft and drapey. And the alpaca isn’t causing me any allergy-esque trouble except for a slight tingling in my hands when I’ve been working with it for awhile straight. Since I won’t be handling it that long when I’m actually wearing it, I think this means I’ll be ok.

I also went ahead and started the hat I want to make for the fall, because the yarn was just demanding to be played with. I have to say, I love this yarn so far–it’s a dream to work with on the bamboo needles, with no splitting or shedding. Hands-down the nicest 100% cotton yarn I’ve worked with so far. (Probably because it’s also the most expensive 100% cotton yarn I’ve worked with so far.) And the color scheme makes me think of a sunset–it’s been fun to see how the colors change and blend together as it goes. I’ve gotten about 2″ done so far, and need to knit another 3″ of the rib before I get into the main pattern of the hat.

Practically dollar-store clothes!

And my first Fall Essential! I knew what I wanted to make for this week’s Refashion Co-Op challenge, but didn’t have the raw materials for it. So while I was running errands earlier this week, I picked up these jeans. They just happened to be the 50% off color of the day, so these were only $2! I guess technically they would fall under the category of “jeggings”– they were rather stretchy, with this awful elastic waist, and no fly front like jeans normally have.

So I undid the elastic (as well as the majority of the rest of it), trimmed off the legs a bit….

….did a little pinning and shaping in the front and back, added some darts and that zipper I showed in my last post…

And after adding a strip to function as the waistband (perpendicular grain so it wouldn’t stretch), I had this!

And here’s the back, with the exposed zipper. I think it worked out pretty nicely!

I’ll have to come back and add an action shot later, since I wore this today…it’s just that none of the pictures that actually show the skirt ended up on my camera, so I’ll have to wait and see if they end up on Facebook.

But not bad for $2 and an on-hand zipper!

Edit: Since I rarely have the opportunity to get a decent (read: not me doing stupid things with self-timers and bad backgrounds) shot of me actually wearing the things I made, this is what the skirt looks like on. A little shorter than the skirts I usually make, but nothing ridiculous. So I think this will be a great one to carry me through the fall, especially once I get some boots involved!