the skirt my husband designed

IMG_3843So, May in a nutshell, this skirt. I really wasn’t expecting something this relatively simple to take me almost an entire month, but such is the nature of my sewing life these days.

I say that my husband designed this, because it was basically his idea. We had a conversation somewhere during my third trimester that went something like this…

Doug: So I saw this girl at the mall today…

Pregnant me: Why were you looking at this girl?

Doug: I liked her skirt. I thought it would look good on you after you’re done being pregnant.

He went on to describe it as a long sheer skirt over a shorter skirt. It sounded simple enough to make, and it’s not often that he notices women’s fashion, so challenge accepted. I bought a couple of yards of black chiffon and some wide elastic and waited for my stomach to shrink enough to make the skirt that he liked.

Like I said, I wasn’t expecting it to take so long. On the one hand, it’s essentially two rectangles gathered into a wide elastic waistband. On the other hand, I ended up with a wider tube than the elastic would stretch to, so I ended up having to do a bunch of little pleats to gather it in. That took me a couple of tries to get the spacing right.

IMG_3854The outer layer is just black polyester chiffon from, purchased specifically for this purpose last summer. The inner layer is a silky polyester from Joann’s, bought years ago with a more workwear-type top in mind that I never got to. I put it shiny side in for a more subtle effect, but I really like how the print looks underneath. The background is a rather stark white, and going through the Wardrobe Architect process made me realize that ivory tones are better on me anyway, so I’m pleased to have found a use for it that better suits my palette. Now I just need to figure out a use for the leftover 2/3 yards.

I’m still trying to sort out how best to handle these wide exposed elastic waistbands. The stitches skipped and wobbled less on this one than on my refashioned plum skirt, but the waistband itself is more rippled. I guess it’s a good thing that I rarely tuck anything in. I also wish the hem was a little neater. Fighting for these little scraps of sewing time is really doing a number on my finishing skills. I just get so desperate to actually get something new into my wardrobe. Especially since a good chunk of things still don’t fit. And I don’t expect that to improve for awhile.

I feel like I should at least mention Me-Made-May, even though we’re halfway through June now and everyone’s moved on. I played along loosely via Instagram, while trying to pull out older stuff from the closet and see what still works and what doesn’t. My overall takeaway was a good news, bad news sort of situation. The good news is that I still have more workable me-mades than I thought. The bad news is that a lot of what I’m having to let go of are the majority of my basics, which is making the whole outfit thing tough. I’m especially hurting for pants and jeans, and even basic tank tops and tees. But I’m honestly not really sure what to do about it, given that I’m averaging about 1 project a month right now, I’m so dissatisfied with the styles and fit of store bought clothes these days, and (hopefully not TMI) there is talk of when to start trying for a sibling for Hobbit. It seems pointless to go through the pants fitting process just to end up with a closet full of pants that I can’t wear anymore again…any suggestions for my dilemma, mom-types?

On a happier note, this skirt busted 3 2/3 yards. It’s progress, even if just a small step.

Hopefully it won’t be weeks before I post again. Photos were the delay in sharing this one, and this month’s project is for a much cuter model!



9 thoughts on “the skirt my husband designed

  1. great skirt, I’m loving the subtle florals. My only top tip for dressing yourself in such situations is really cute things for the baby to distract attention away from your mundane/grubby/bizzare wardrobe. Also knit wrap dress if that’s your kind of thing, looks fairly smart, has a fair amount of wiggle room in the fit.


    1. I did get the Cashmerette Appleton dress tweaked to a place where I like it, so that helps! Though a big part of my problem is that when I’m out teaching flute lessons, my cute wardrobe distraction isn’t with me!

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  2. Nice skirt. I can imagine a similar conversation with my partner. Have a 6 month and am finding myself in a similar situation. I have very few clothes that fit, I’m generally to tall and right now I’m too busty for shopping and I get about an hour of sewing time a week. I’ve been going with TNT knit dresses as they are quick to make and forgiving in fit. I just wear leggings with them when it’s colder. Not sure if it will work for you but I feel your pain. Good luck.


    1. Yeah, that’s pretty much all the sewing time that I manage too! I do have a leggings pattern that fits well, but I guess I might need to get a few more pairs made up since the black and brown didn’t go with everything well enough.


      1. On the plus side leggings only take an hour to make and you can cut down on time by doing a few at the same time. Not so glamorous or exciting but sometimes I get a boost just from completing something tangible these days (as opposed to laundry or feeding the baby which is just on infinite loop).

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  3. not a mom type(yet) but….
    Have you thought about something like the Moji pants that doesn’t require a ton of fitting? Can you mostly gravitate towards things without much in the way of a fitted waist?
    Good luck!


    1. I do have the Moji pattern, I’m just not sure if I have sufficient yardage of anything suitable for them. I also have the pull on Style Arc Elle pants pattern, I think Gillian was the one raving about them. And I do have a piece of rather stretchy twill that randomly ended up in the stash, so maybe I’ll give those a go. I have been doing well with elastic skirts, but I don’t want to go all winter wearing the same pair of jeans almost every day again!


  4. Great skirt! And the best thing about black is the not-perfect-details are really hard to see! =)

    btw, my husband also loves sheer fabric. He loves sheer sleeves and sheer overlay skirts with the shorter skirt underneath like the one you made. He said he likes things like that because there’s something alluring about “see through clothes” that aren’t exactly immodest but give a surprise peek of something that at first glance appears to be covered.

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  5. Lovely skirt! I like how the pattern of the under skirt shimmers through!
    I rather like the mom trend around here of wearing trousers/jeans with jersey or ribbing waistbands (yoga pants style). You could do linen trousers for summer and jeans for winter. I’m guessing most tops are long enough to cover the jersey band so no-one would be the wiser, and a drawstring could give security for when you lose weight… 🙂


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