Top 5 of 2015: Hits and Misses

#sewingtop5 - The Top 5 of 2015!

Time for the yearly roundup posts– thanks for hosting this again, Gillian!

I did do somewhat of a maternity/baby-specific roundup back in May. But since I’ve had a half a year of sewing since, it’s a good time to revisit. For the purposes of this roundup, I’m going with 4 things I made for myself and one thing I made for Hobbit, per category. Mostly because for my clothes, I couldn’t think of a fifth for either category.

Top 5 hits:
IMG_23271. My black maternity maxi-dress. I still need to hem it shorter, and should probably do so in the next few months so I have it for my next concert– I’m going back to the flute choir soon, and I’m sure the spring concert will be before I’m done nursing. Excess length aside, I’m happy with the nursing alteration, and I feel like it was comfortable and flattering in both my pregnant and post-partum states. But it did get a lot of use during the warmer days this year. Tie dye maternity skirt front

2. The tie-dyed maxi skirt. In retrospect, I wish the yoga band wasn’t quite so wide, because I have to fold it down a lot now. But my hope was to wear it after the pregnancy, too, and it worked out well for that.

exploding TARDIS Rae






3. The Exploding TARDIS Rae skirt. Out of all the things I’ve made during the “oh no,  the baby’s out and all my stuff is still too small” second half of the year, this one is hands-down the piece that I feel is most me, stylistically.

IMG_32124. The Espresso leggings. Once I got the waistline tweaked, they turned out to be pretty comfortable, and I’ve been wearing them pretty much every time I wear a skirt since it got cooler. I have a piece of brown rayon knit that I think could make a nice second pair, so this pattern will definitely see more use.  (And excuse the derpy picture– I literally had time to snap one, once I realized none of my pics of them actually showed the leggings.)

IMG_31665. Hobbit’s top hit: the play gym. I’ve had to swap out several of the felt animals for more durable/noisy toys by now, particularly since googly eyes fell off of a couple, but he still loves this thing! It was definitely well worth the time spent.

Top 5 misses:

Not my best project ever.1. The Manila leggings were the worst by far. I won’t go into the whole saga again, but aside from the maternity alteration itself, this one was a total fail. I don’t even want to keep them.

Since that was the only true wadder, the rest of my list is things that are okay, but I wish were improved in some way.

Maternity/nursing maxi-dress

2. The print maternity maxi-dress. I’m guessing it’s from swapping the bodice with another pattern, but this one never fit as well as the black one, even when I was the most pregnant. I’m hesitant to reconstruct it, since we are hoping for another child at some point and then I’d need this again, but the temptation to take in the back somehow is very strong. Adelaide front

3. The Adelaide dress. As I said in my post, it’s ok. I’m just less than thrilled with the fabric, and found it a little boring. I did wear it several times this summer/early fall in spite of that, and I think I actually would consider using the pattern again. It did fit pretty well with no alterations. We’ll call this one a wearable muslin.

Darling Ranges Front

4. The Darling Ranges dress. I still love the fabric, but I’m disappointed with the fit, especially the bodice. Not enough to toss the dress, but enough that the chances of me making this pattern again aren’t looking good. IMG_2729






5. Hobbit’s top miss: the baby shoes. Mostly because I should have gone larger. Despite going two sizes bigger than I thought I needed to, they only fit him for about two weeks! And they were warm weeks, so I think he only wore both pairs a combined total of three times. Also, he hates wearing shoes and/or socks, period. (My friends and family raved about them on Facebook, though, and I’ve been told I should keep them forever anyway.)

I guess that overall, it’s not a bad year since most of my misses still got plenty of wear! Granted, at least half of my wardrobe either still doesn’t fit or just doesn’t work for nursing at all. Things may have been different otherwise. But I’ll take it.


8 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2015: Hits and Misses

  1. gilliancrafts

    Those baby shoes are SO CUTE! What a shame they didn’t last him for very long. I really love your maxi dresses and tie-dye skirt, and of course your tardis skirt. I wonder if you can find another geeky and colour print to make a similar skirt? It really does seem like the most “you”!
    I’m so pleased that you’ve managed to keep sewing this year!


    1. I’ll have to keep an eye out. The Rae worked so nicely with the quilt cotton that it definitely opens up some possibilities! I’d honestly love to do something with a bookshelf print. I saw a dress like that in a fashion ad and have wanted one since. I may have to resort to Spoonflower for that. We’ll see.


    1. Thanks! I am a little sad that he outgrew them so fast. But it wasn’t a huge time commitment, I used up some scraps, and I got some really cute pictures with him wearing them. And we do plan to have at least one more kid, so I still might get more use out of them.


  2. The baby shoes are so cute and the play gym is such a great idea! I know that having a baby makes you challenge your style as the body keeps changing and your activites change, you have less time, but I really feel like the Tardis skirt is the most you. I also Think that both the Darling Ranges dress and the Adelaide feel like your style and shape, but it’s furiating when the fit is off. Still a good year for you, especially considering being pregnant/nursing/having a baby.


    1. Out of the two, I think the Adelaide is a much easier fix. I really just need to lower the darts a bit, and maybe do some kind of adjustment to the front neckline to stop the gapping. I think a somewhat drapier fabric would help, too. So I may check the stash closer to the summer and see if I have enough of anything else. I did like how fast it came together, and I overall liked the style.


  3. Aww, such a shame about the shoes, they’re so pretty! I love your tardis skirt and that black maxi, gorgeous! Maybe cou could sew some elastic into the back waist of the teal patterned maxi dress, to take it in a bit but still have it fit when pregnant?


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