To move, or not to move…

I’ve been debating about moving this site from Blogger to WordPress for awhile now. It seems so much easier to deal with comment replies, and I like their tagging system better than Blogger’s. The photo and text formatting has been annoying me lately. Through playing around with a secondary blog, I’ve also learned that it’s really simple to pre-write a post on my Kindle through their app, and then go back and add photos and links when I can get to my computer, which is really helpful since I can write while trapped on the couch with an eating or napping baby. For some reason, there isn’t a Blogger app, at least not an official one. Not that it would make a difference, because I’m using the official app on my phone and this is my third attempt at writing this post. It loses a huge chunk every time I put the phone down and have to reopen the app. (Incidentally, this is also how my flamingo skirt post got wrecked. Grr.)

But sewandso is already taken at WordPress. And I have 8 years’ worth of posts, comments and mostly Google-hosted photos that would have to transfer successfully to make it worthwhile. I just don’t have time to reconstruct on the photo end of things in particular. So here’s what I’m wondering:

-How much work would be involved in getting this up and running again if I made the switch?  Particularly photos and links to previous posts.

-What would you do about the name? I’m still rather fond of this one, since I’ve always been a multicrafter who just happens to sew the most.

-Is it worth the effort?

Thanks in advance for feedback…. And here’s hoping this stupid app doesn’t eat my words again.


8 thoughts on “To move, or not to move…

  1. I switched from Tumblr to WordPress a year ago, and I definitely don't regret it. Most things transfered over just fine, but from Tumblr to WP, I wasn't able to bring my old comments over. That made me sad at the time but doesn't really bother me now. I say just do it!
    Oh, and a name… Hmm… maybe something that combines music and sewing? Like a musical term for speed/volume + sewing (Sewing Fortissima; Adagio Sewing; etc)? Or try So and Sew? Good luck!


  2. I really like WP… it's very user-friendly (much more so than my old blog, many years ago, on Blogger). But I've never moved between the two so I can't give you much help there! Is Sew-and-so with dashes available? Or sewandsoblog.wordpress?


  3. As someone who decided on WordPress over Blogger after doing some research before ever starting a blog, I can truly say I have never regretted my choice. WP has only gotten better over time (I really need to get back to my poor neglected blog!).

    As someone who reads blogs and likes interacting and getting interaction on my own, I can tell you I am about 95% more likely to comment on a WP blog than anything else simply because it's just plain easier. And I also don't have to remember to check back on each individual post to see if someone replied or asked a question in response. The interaction on WP is a lot more like what you get on IG.

    I like Gillian's idea about a music term with the sewing for a new name. You could also try something in reference to Dr. Who and sewing and see what's available. I bet you can come up with something more “you” (“sew and so” seems a bit generic anyway). Sometimes it's just nice to start fresh. =)

    ~ Brooke


  4. I've been considering doing this for years. I even have my blog set up over at WordPress, since I was planning to go there when I started up my new blog. But I found the whole thing unwieldy and I was never able to work it as easily as blogger – I'm probably doing something wrong. In the end, I decided to stick with blogger, but that's probably my technophobia showing. 🙂 Good luck, what ever you plan to do!


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