It’s not that I haven’t been sewing. I put a lot of hours in last week, actually. But it’s not really stuff that’s exciting to read about. 
This is what my cutting table looks like right now–plastic bags full of little felt bits for some geeky “quiet books” (the patterns were among my Christmas presents from my parents), and piles of cotton fleece to stuff the cloth diapers that my mom and I are teaming up to make. So I’ve been spending my daytime sewing cutting liners and serging these rectangles, and my evening TV watching time slicing felt. 
Once I get through the serging, I’ll probably just work on this a couple days a week with my mom, and go back to making some clothes again on the side. I’m already plotting. But I’m pushing through this more boring sewing in the meantime, comforted by the fact that this project will be extremely useful in the long run. (Not to mention that I actually did math, and sewing really is saving us quite a bit of money in this case, though not my time.)
I’ll be back when I have something a little more interesting to show.
(P.S. Thanks for all the happy and encouraging comments on my little gender  announcement! I’m starting to get excited about seeing what boy stuff I can come up with.)

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