sew and tell time!

Yeah, I could just come out and tell you what the gender is. But it’s so much more fun to take this as an excuse to sew something to show it!! (Ok, so I already posted this to Instagram/the Stashbusting Sewalong group on Facebook. But this warrants a blog post too, right?)

So this is the outfit I made for Hobbit.
gender reveal outfit
That’s right, it’s a boy! Doug is absolutely thrilled, since he was hoping for that outcome more than he was willing to admit, even to himself. Plus he’s excited to teach him all about hockey. I’m excited too, though I will admit that some of my first thoughts were along the lines of wondering how long I’d actually be able to sew things for him/can I still do crafty stuff with him/etc. Good thing I’ve already seen stuff on Pinterest about building toy catapults and such, because that looks fun! I’m also giving myself pep talks about all the geeky things I like that boys often also enjoy, like Tolkien and Star Wars and Legos and Marvel movies, to remind myself that I’ll be ok.

gender reveal outfit closeupOh, right, I should probably talk about the actual sewing project, too! This pattern is McCall’s 6494, made in a size small, which looks like about 1-3 months. Ok, so I’m guessing on that– I’m pretty new to this whole kid sewing thing! I’m hoping this will work for this summer and into September, since our Septembers are often on the warm end as well. I did have this pattern on hand, because I’ll admit that I did buy a couple in the cheap pattern Joann’s sales back when we first started talking seriously about having a kid. And I chose this one, because minimal pieces made it look like it would sew up fast! We told our family and closest friends on Monday, but this was my chosen method for the Facebook reveal, so I didn’t want anything that would take too long and risk someone accidentally letting it slip. Also, the dinosaur was fun.

The fabric is lightweight denim, left over from my Thurlow trousers. I had 1 3/4 yards of that left, and this project used up 3/4 yards of that. So I guess some little baby jeans-like pants may be in order to use up the rest–I don’t think I can squeeze anything for myself out of a yard, given that I don’t entirely have the full width of the fabric to work with due to how I cut the Thurlow legs out. I made the applique from the last scrap of the solid green that I recently made those Lord of the Rings bibs out of, plus some rick rack purloined from my mom’s stash (with her permission). Yay for stashbusting! I also had just barely enough snaps of a slightly larger size to do this. I guess I’ll need to pick up some more if I’m going to make any more baby clothes. Unless I can find snap tape at Joann’s, since I need to stop there today to check on supplies anyway. (Not fabric, for the record. Hardware for a diaper bag so I can use up some fabric.)

I did make a couple of changes to the pattern/instructions:

  1. I left off the facing, because those partial facings always flip out somewhere and annoy me, no matter how careful I try to be with understitching. Also, an interfaced extra layer of denim that ends partway down the chest sounded like it wouldn’t be too comfy for a baby’s sensitive skin. (Look at me, trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about!) So I turned and topstitched those edges instead, and added a little tab on either side of the snapped shoulder to reinforce it. It looks more jeans-y that way anyway.

    (Note: I’m very, very glad I basted this first, even though it made things take longer, because I would have not caught the edge in multiple places otherwise.)

  2. I did the bias tape facing for the snapped crotch lining before I hemmed it, because why wouldn’t you want to eliminate unnecessary handwork? Sewing on those 7 snaps was enough!

With that update, here’s my question for those of you with sons or nephews that you’ve made things for: any cute boys’ sewing patterns to recommend/sources for fun prints? Because my general overall lack of boy-friendly fabrics in the stash means I can justify a little bit of shopping, right?


19 thoughts on “sew and tell time!

  1. Such a cute outfit! You should show us the Hobbit when he's wearing it!

    I don't have experience sewing for kids since I started sewing not so long ago. What I did quite a lot was knitting for my niece, my boyfriend's nephew and a friend's daughter. Sewing for kids still scares me a bit since I am never sure if the finished garment will fit the child (knitting is so much more forgiving).


  2. Yay! A boy will be so much fun! Let's see, I've made M6016 for little boys a few times… it's a fast and easy button-up. My favorite version ever was one in a Hawaiian print… it just looks so hilarious in a tiny size! I also have the See Kate Sew Recess Raglan. I bought that because it's sized from 18M-8, and works for either gender, so it's a good value. I've also got the Blank Slate Patterns Berkshire Blazer, which is ADORABLE, but I haven't had a chance to make it yet.


  3. Congratulations! I'm afraid I don't have much advice to offer on boy sewing patterns but you can get some great quilting prints for little boys. I made a quilt for my nephew out of Timeless treasures Shipyard range (lots of cars, boats and cranes in nice bright colours – they could even double as a playmat!)

    Also I really like this dragon hooded towel tutorial. I bought hooded towels when my daughter was born and we still use them now (she is nearly 5!)


  4. Knitting for kids actually scares me a little more– I'm so slow at it that I feel like just as I finished the project, it would be outgrown already! Thus the reason that the only thing I've knitted for the little guy is a hat that was specifically designed to be super-stretchy so it'll fit. And I'll see what I can do about the Hobbit picture when the time comes. šŸ™‚


  5. Those are both really cute! I like that the McCall's one comes with shorts, too. And it looks like it could be great for some reconstruction work, since some of Doug's work shirts are starting to wear out. It would be adorable (and cheap) to cut those down and have his son wear those shirts! Thanks for the recommendations!


  6. Ooh, that does look like a good pattern! And I like that it's not specifically for babies, since I'm sure I'll probably be given a bunch of clothes for that size range. Thanks!


  7. I probably won't make too much in the way of quilts, since my mom's already made one for him. But I can get away with quilt prints for baby pants, right? šŸ™‚

    That hooded towel is really fun, too. I do actually have plans to sew up a hooded towel, since I have leftovers from making one for a friend a little while back. I don't think I'd have quite enough for the dragon, but that's ok…it's yellow terrycloth, so I was already thinking along the lines of Despicable Me minion.


  8. awww so cute! My eldest is a boy too šŸ™‚ and I used to make hime tonnes of stuff from a series of magazines called TopKids, which was an English translation of a Dutch sewing magazine. I'm not sure if you can get it in the US though? anyway there are loads of amazing childrens' patterns nowadays from Burda and Ottobre magazines. It's kinda easy with boys, you only need one or two patterns for a little shorts/pants and top set, and just make it up over and over in different fabrics šŸ™‚


  9. I have seen a lot of Ottobre patterns sewn up by some of the mom sewing bloggers out there, and it does look like they have some nice stuff. I just did a little poking around, and it looks like they have an Etsy shop that would make it pretty easy for me to order at least some of those magazines stateside. I do have a stack of old Burdas I'll need to look at, too.


  10. I am so late on this, but congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and Hobbit and I must say that I'm secretly, selfishly glad you're having a boy like me šŸ™‚

    That dinosaur is absolutely fabulous, although I must say that as an eight year old I was obsessed with dinosaurs!


  11. Hey, it's not like you haven't had anything to keep you busy. šŸ˜‰ The dinosaur phase was definitely more my brother than me, but I do agree that the applique could be cute on a girl, too!

    Also, you would absolutely love the felt book pattern I'm currently making for Hobbit–it's all Lord of the Rings!


  12. So after you commented on my blog about The One Ring teething rings, I went and looked it up, got excited, ordered some blank teething rings (way cheaper!) and I am going to make SHB one. Would you like one for Hobbit? I'd be happy to send one along? Email me šŸ™‚


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