maternity wardrobe building

I really have been feeling lately like I have nothing to wear! But now that I’m finally feeling up to some sewing again (yaaaaay!), I thought it might be fun to do a little mini-series about trying to put together a cohesive wardrobe to get me through the next several months.

The big challenges so far:

  • When going through the Wardrobe Architect series last year, I was reminded that the silhouettes I’m most drawn to involve a fitted waist. Which means that, despite actually losing weight overall due to being sick all the time and barely eating, most of the clothes I already had stopped fitting there before my first trimester was even over! On the plus side, I’ve long liked the look of empire waists, but not on me, because I thought they made me look pregnant. So I guess I have an excuse to rock those for a few months!
  • I’ve mentioned this on Twitter here and there, but finding maternity clothes in the stores has mostly sucked so far. It seems like everything is either black, grey, red, or taupe. While black is a wardrobe necessity for any classically-trained musician, and I do wear grey, I don’t really do red, and I loathe taupe. Also, I was having trouble bringing myself to spend money on clothes that didn’t even fit right in my shoulders or left my wrists hanging out of the sleeves oddly. It’s not like those are getting bigger.
  • Also, almost everything I’ve been able to find are solids. Which are fine and actually very important for a real mix-and-match wardrobe, but I’ve missed my prints. I haven’t had great luck finding clothes at Goodwill either, sadly, but I did find one ITY print top recently that will work as a maternity top. The first day I wore that was the first day I really felt like myself again, style-wise.
  • It’s winter. And while I’m trying not to do all long-sleeved tops/make sure I have layerable things, since this will go through the spring, I legitimately do need a few more long-sleeved tops. 

I have found that I do have a pretty solid color palette emerging, at least. So to wrap up this post, I’m going to show what I have managed to assemble so far as a capsule wardrobe.
Wardrobe collage

So here’s what I’ve got, top to bottom:
2 dresses: 1 thrifted, 1 purchased new on clearance rack
5 long sleeved tops. The Simplicity top and my Plantain aren’t maternity, but are fitting ok so far. Hoping the length will stay ok until it’s warmer. Also my maternity Ariel top, a thrifted empire-waist shirt I already had, and a purchased lightweight pullover maternity sweater from Target.
4 3/4-sleeved tops. The black and coral were purchased new on the clearance rack, the blue print is one of my previous refashions that I’m hoping will adjust for the bump, and the other print top is thrifted, and may also not fit the entire time since it’s not specifically maternity either.
3 skirts: 2 thrifted, in denim and black, plus my Ariel maxi-skirt (not pictured).
3 pairs of “work” pants, all refashions, 1 in navy and 2 in black. (One not pictured, because I think it’s in the laundry.)
1 thrifted embellished tank that I already had, but it’s very flowy, so it should have plenty of room.
2 short sleeved tops: 1 teal purchased new on clearance, 1 thrifted tie-dyed in navy/gold/maroon.
3 maternity/long tank tops for layering. Showing the navy, but I also have black and teal.
2 pairs of jeans, 1 bootcut and 1 skinny. Both purchased.
Cardigans/sweaters: Camille shrug, thrifted green 3/4 cardigan, purchased black, refashioned turquoise, and my Roheline.
I also have 1 pair of maternity leggings in black, purchased, not shown. And that is all of it!

Next time: My sewing plan, as it stands so far.


3 thoughts on “maternity wardrobe building

  1. Have you looked at Old Navy's maternity clothes? They at least have a rainbow of solids and a few prints – lots of things in your color pallet from the looks of it.

    Definitely have fun with some of those empire waist fashions while you can! =)

    ~ Brooke


  2. Old Navy was actually the first place I looked! That's where I got the skinny jeans, the leggings, and the black/navy tank tops. But that's also the place where the one top I was interested in getting had the oddly-fitting shoulder area (too wide for my shoulders). And maybe it's just the one we have locally, but the selection was actually pretty small overall.


  3. Look at the website – they have tons more than most of the stores actually have on the racks. I know that one of the stores close to me has a larger maternity section than most of the other locations in my area. It's kind of surprising how different the stock can be in different stores because it seems like it should be so cookie-cutter.

    ~ Brooke


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