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It’s no secret that I like my geeky sewing projects, right? I mean, look what I spent half the year sewing for. So I was pretty excited when The Monthly Stitch announced that this month’s theme was going to be sewing all things fandom-related…

Except, you know, that whole pregnancy thing I’ve got going on means that my usual tactic of secret costumes is currently out. Plus I just did Disney, and I don’t really have anything else in my stash right now that would make good geeky maternity clothes. Unless I wanted to do a Starship Enterprise-esque maternity top, and I’ve just never really been that into Star Trek.

Ok, I’ll admit that copying this shirt was really tempting. But I didn’t.

So I made stuff for Hobbit instead. I’m not messing with clothes yet since we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, but you always need bibs, right? This is the same pattern as every other bib I’ve ever posted on here. And these first four aren’t even all that original, since I made a set for a friend years ago. But I did do a few things differently this time.

Rohan/Gondor bibs
Hobbit bibsSince Lord of the Rings is my all-time top geeky love, of course I had to start with that. So I did a White Tree for Gondor and a horse for Rohan. Instead of the DIY screenprinting I did last time, I tried out the freezer paper stencil method. (Mostly because my screenprints kind of cracked in storage and are now useless.) And ohmygosh, even though cutting out all those little bits was kind of tedious, this worked SO much better than the screenprint! I think the lines came out much cleaner, too.

I also re-made the two hobbit-themed bibs I did last time, except I also did the stencil for this instead of what I had to resort to with the previous set, which was re-painting the letters with a tiny paintbrush because the stamps didn’t work. Since I’m calling the kiddo “Hobbit” anyway, it fits, right?

Space bibs
I also did a couple sci-fi type ones, though these were much easier thanks to the fabric. The TARDIS one is leftover fabric from my Cooper bag lining, and the Star Wars one is pieced together from the leftovers of the bibs I made for my friend Julie a couple of years ago. Yay, scrapbusting! Though I had to steal some fabric from my mom’s quilt stash to finish this one off.

I will admit that I also printed a Firefly-related stencil, but then opted not to actually cut and paint that one yet. Because since it said “I aim to misbehave”, I figured that would be better for a t-shirt when Hobbit is mobile. Or a toddler. Probably the latter. I know these probably read as “boy” colors for the most part, but I figure girls can like blue and Star Wars and Doctor Who too! I do!

Aside from the Star Wars bib, which has more of the darker blue print fabric on the back, the rest are backed with flannel like I usually do. I also inserted another layer this time, because my mom suggested that it might help keep stuff from soaking through the two layers of cotton too quickly. So I have a layer of polyurethane laminate inside each of these. 

PlutoGoing a little different for the canine photobomb today. I’ve been trying not to go crazy buying toys and stuff–ok, I’ve also been having to talk Doug out of a lot of these–but we couldn’t resist this stuffed Pluto that we found on Friday because it was on sale and it’s soooo soft. I finished the Star Wars bib first, and Doug put it on Pluto and has left it on ever since. I told him I needed it back for these photos, and he said that was fine as long as I left the bib on Pluto. So I’m doing this one for you, Doug!

I will be making a few more bibs, because I promised Doug I’d also do some hockey-related ones. My mom’s also made a bunch already, too, so I should be very well-stocked on these!


12 thoughts on “geek in training

  1. omg these are soooo cute! love the stencil printed ones!

    good bibs are hard to come by – i personally much prefer the ones that closes on one side, since i am already using it on drooling baby that doesnt know how to sit up yet.


  2. Thank you! I've actually made one more since this (same pattern, hockey fabric), and my mom handed off what she's made. So I'm pretty well-stocked on those now. I hope.


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