Making plans, Disney-style

If you follow the Sewcialists blog, then you’ve probably heard that this month’s theme is all things Disney. And I’m co-hosting! So I’m really glad to be done with the coat so I can actually, you know, make an outfit for this.

Since I already channeled my favorite Disney bookworm earlier this year for DragonCon, I decided to look a little further back into my childhood for this one. I grew up watching Disney cartoons–one of the things that I always looked forward to during family gatherings was that my grandmother would try to get the latest Disney movie on VHS, and my cousins and I would all watch it together. And if there wasn’t anything new, we’d watch older classics like Cinderella or Peter Pan. I enjoyed those, of course, but the first one I really remember latching onto was this one:

I have this vague memory of this being the first movie that I actually saw in a movie theater, though I guess that depends on how accurate my memory is–after all, I would have been around 7 at the time. But I loved this one. Especially the music, and all of the underwater prettiness, though I’m also pretty sure this is where I got the idea that my hair should be red and if it doesn’t agree, then I should just give it a little help! (Now if I could just get her volume…)

I don’t want to go all-out costume for this one, especially since a shell top and tail just isn’t something I want to be seen in out in public! So I’m taking my inspiration more from her going around town/”Kiss The Girl” outfit:

I actually already have the top done, so I’ll give a little sneak preview!

It sits a little wonky on Donna, but here’s what I came up with! I really thought about making the black neckline more of a sweetheart shape, but with some careful basting, managed to get a mostly clean line for the notch.

It’s a Renfrew, of course, with some modifications for the color-blocking and also a raised neckline. Now that I look at the Ariel picture again, I probably could have left it a little more scooped, but I’ll be warmer this way. Since I’m all about the stashbusting, and some of the pictures look more off-white and some more light blue, I used an ivory jersey for the top/sleeves and the leftover black interlock from the dress I made over the summer for the “corset”.  I just barely had enough to squeeze this out–I couldn’t even cut the band for the bottom, so it’s just hemmed. I’m hoping this won’t look too blatantly costumey if I pair it with cardigans or jackets or whatever, but I do like the look of it, and I’m quite happy that my hack turned out the way I wanted it to! There may have to be more color-blocked Renfrews in my future. Because that’s a way more interesting use of plain colored fabrics, IMO.

More pics to come once I figure out what I’m doing about that skirt–I was originally planning to make a Gabriola, but it isn’t going to work at this point. So I’ll have to improvise. Looks like it might be my old Burda magazines to the rescue…

4 thoughts on “Making plans, Disney-style

  1. I loved Little Mermaid as a kid as well! It's the first Disney movie I saw in the theatre, my dad took me to see it three times as I liked it so much. I also remember playing with the Little Mermaid figurines you got with your happy meal at McDonalds. Brings back some happy memories 🙂 I love your costume, the top has turned out great.


  2. Thanks! I still have to actually start that skirt. I was originally planning on working on it yesterday, but ended up not being able to. Maybe today, I have some appointments and such that need to be taken care of first, so we'll see.


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