sewing swap!

We can all agree that giving and getting goodies in the mail is fun, right? So I decided to participate in this year’s Spring Sewing Swap, hosted at Kestrel Makes. I got paired with Emily, who was a blogger I hadn’t “met” before. But she makes lovely vintage-inspired things and enjoys going to historic events, so I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of her posts so far!

I got my package in the mail on Monday, and this is what was inside:

 Two pieces of colorful printed cotton (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s cotton– I haven’t done a burn test, or even measured them yet!), along with two vintage patterns. Isn’t that maxi-dress fun? And the pullover blouse looks like it will be a good, easy-to-customize basic.

Beads! And earring hooks to go with. This is a fun color combination, so I think more jewelry-making will have to happen, once I get a little more caught up on my DragonCon sewing.

There was also this partially-finished dress in a nice jade color, along with the pattern. Several of the pieces are still pinned to the pattern tissue! So I’ll have to try this one on and see what needs to be done.

All in all, some very lovely things! Thanks, Emily, and I hope you enjoy what I sent you in return! (I feel bad that yours was packaged so nicely and I had to resort to stuffing them in a post office envelope!)


4 thoughts on “sewing swap!

  1. That's a really lovely shade of green. Swaps are fun! I haven't participated in much / any recently, because at the moment, I feel I'm short on things to swap, but it's always so nice to receive something from another part of the world – and sometimes also very, very useful. 🙂


  2. You're very welcome! I owe you a thank you post too. I really like what you sent too, the pattern is super cute. 🙂 I had a note that was suppose to be included but somehow I ended up shipping without it. Found the note on the counter yesterday, oops! I hope you can use the unfinished dress. It came to me from a family friend with some other sewing related items. It's not really my color so I thought it best to pass along to someone else. I wish I had someone else to cut out all my pattern pieces because I know things would get finished much faster that way! lol!


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