Me-Made-May final thoughts

Me Made May 2014

I sat down with my Flickr photostream and did a quick run-through of the month. And here’s what I found:

  • For silhouettes, the ones I figured out were pretty close to what I actually wore. The top 3 were some variation of the fitted top/flowy or A-line skirt, semi-fitted top with pants, and fitted to semi-fitted top with jeans. There were only a couple of outliers from my original silhouette post, mostly a couple of looser tops with more fitted/straightish skirts, and fitted tops with looser pants.
  • My color palette was also really close to what I actually wore. Since I was counting colors that were part of prints, and jeans mostly as navy, black and navy were definitely the most-worn colors, with chocolate and grey not far behind. For the more statement colors, (not surprisingly) teal and (surprisingly) sunflower yellow popped up the most, with the latter being due to prints and accessories. 
  • If you don’t count various other shades of blue and green that are close to, but not quite, what I marked for my palette, I only had a few instances of colors that weren’t in it.
  • I was surprised to see that there was just as much white as there was ivory. But I think that’s more due to what I already had. I know now to try to steer away from the stark white for future fabric purchases, with the possible exception of mixed into prints, because I do think ivory looks better on me.

So in terms of practical application, I guess I thought through the exercises pretty well, overall!

Other related thoughts:

  • Trying to pick an outfit to wear after my job, without the benefit of time to check it in the mirror/know what the weather is doing is challenging. Working 3 out of the 5 Saturdays was challenging, too.
  • I need more royal blue in my life. And some coral, since I really only had the one shirt.
  • I actually got more comments on my accessories than I did on my clothes! It made me miss making jewelry. So I sat down on Saturday, pulled the beads out, and made some more. I’ll probably post about that later.
  • I need to branch out into some accessories that aren’t jewelry, maybe. 
  • I did have fewer outfits this year that I just wasn’t happy with, so that’s good. When I wasn’t happy, it seemed to be a proportion issue. So that’s something I’ll need to work on.
  • I was surprised at how many things didn’t get worn this month. Mostly in the realms of skirts, dresses, and summer tops. It felt like an unusually chilly May overall here, though we did have some warm days, and I was tending to err on the side of dressing warmer (meaning lots more pants). I have been wearing some of the things that didn’t make the cut since the month ended, though, since it has finally started to stay consistently warmer.
  • That being said, I only had two repeats the entire month! The charcoal Thurlows, and my jeans. Also, Pantsapalooza was a good move, because I would have been in serious trouble without all of those pants to choose from!
  • Going the Instagram route was a good move, too. The daily pictures still got tedious by the end, but a lot less so than if I’d been trying to force my SLR on people.
  • With a couple exceptions, namely my convertible dress, I found that the outfits I was more likely to feel bored about when I really looked at them consisted of all solids. I was less bored when there was more textural interest in the fabric, or instances like on day 4 when I had a printed scarf. I know solids have their place, but clearly, I am a printaholic.
  • I’m also a bit of a clotheshorse, apparently– I was reading some discussion on the Coletterie about how people found they found they were happier with fewer clothes. Me, I like having lots of options!

So how did your Me-Made-May go, overall? Any wardrobe revelations? 

Aside from that, here’s May in a nutshell:

  • Total fabric used up: about 3.6 yards.
  • Total fabric purchased: 7 yards. Though two of the three pieces are for specific DragonCon-related projects, and therefore have to be used up by the end of August. (The third was just a piece of denim-looking knit that was on sale, from Mood, for a very good price!) So not so great on the Stash Diet end of things, even though I can technically count the DC stuff as part of my exception rules.
  • No new patterns purchased, and I did try one new one (the Tofino pjs.)
  • Total sewing projects completed: 4–two refashions that I will post about soon, the Plantain cardigan, and the Tofino pjs. I also made a couple pairs of earrings, about 3 necklaces, and a bracelet.
  • In the UFO realm, I also made some good progress on the Tauriel costume since my last post about it, though the first piece of it still isn’t done. I’m also still knitting away at my grey cardigan, though it’s been very stop and start as of late due to both cramming in sewing time instead, not being home, and the intermittent carpal tunnel issues that always flare up for me in spring.

    2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May final thoughts

    1. How cool that you could use MMM to analyze your Wardrobe Architect stuff! I'm impressed how organized you are (that really isn't my strong suit, at least in regards to sewing). 🙂


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