Me-Made-May 14, part 4

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?
#mmmay14 me-made @sewaholicdotnet Gabriola skirt & earrings, #firefly tee, Birkenstocks.Day 23: Since I wanted to pull out my Gabriola at least once this month, I drew from one of the potential pairings I did in my round-up back then, just with sandals and earrings that I unpaired from their matching necklace. Yes, that is the exact same Firefly shirt from those photos. But that’s ok.

WA analysis: Obviously, this fits the geeky side! And I’m really liking the fitted tee with long skirt look. More Gabriolas may need to happen so I have things to wear with other geeky tees in my possession…Oh, and there’s orange in the skirt, which is a palette color that hasn’t happened much this month. Probably because I tend to wear that more in the fall.

Incidentally, since I didn’t get a picture of the back of the shirt, it says “I aim to misbehave”.
Me-made necklace/earrings, refashioned jeans, thrifted t-shirt. Haven't left the house, so no shoes! #mmmay14
Day 24: This was the first Saturday all month that I didn’t have to work! I stayed home and worked on my Tauriel costume all day. It was glorious. Aside from the cavegirl-looking necklace, my me-made was a pair of recently refashioned jeans that I’m hoping to post about in more detail soon. I paired it with a slouchy, colorful, thrifted t-shirt with a koi fish design on it.

WA analysis: I’d mentioned looser top and fitted pants as a potential silhouette, but this is the first time it’s actually happened. Mostly because this is the closest thing I currently own to skinny jeans, since my one thrifted pair accidentally shrank and I had to give them away as a result. This angle isn’t the best, since I look like I have one leg (the fantasy lit geek in me is screaming “dufflepud“), but I was happy with this as a weekend look.

Me-mades: jewelry, tea Cambie! I love this fabric so much. #mmmay14Day 25 (ignore the caption, I got my days wrong): Of course I had to get my “Everyone Deserves Tea” Cambie in sometime this month! I wore this for church and for a good chunk of the afternoon while having lunch with my family. I went a little fancier with accessories this time, with my silver gladiator sandals and some jewelry that I’d originally made for my mom to go with a dress to wear to a cousin’s wedding. She gave me the dress (which I’ve never actually had occasion to wear since) afterwards, along with the jewelry.

WA analysis: Can’t go wrong with blue. And this dress is actually super-comfortable to wear! I’ve been happy with this as a warm-weather outfit so far, but think I seriously need to consider some layering pieces to bring this into the cooler months, too. I’d still love to make some kind of ivory Carmine jacket, so that could be a good pairing whenever I get the fabric and the time.

Me-mades: Top (Sadie tank by BurdaStyle), earrings. Also the same pants I wore to work earlier. #mmmay14

Day 26: Memorial Day here in the States! Though it’s not really a holiday when you work in retail. I did take the day off of teaching, so once I got home around 3, I just threw on my purple Sadie tank with the cropped khakis that I’d already worn to the shop, and some me-made earrings.

WA analysis: Not the most exciting outfit, and I probably would have gone for more of a print top if I’d had the option in me-mades.

Me-made convertible dress & earrings, thrifted sandals. #mmmay14Day 27: A rather warm day here! So I decided to go for comfort, and paired some thrifted sandals with my convertible dress,  wrapped to give a little more coverage since I was teaching, and some simple beaded earrings. The sandals ended up not being the best move–I had to stop at the bookstore to pick up a book I’d been waiting all year for, and those sandals made it a bit hard to hurry to my car during the thunderstorm that started up just as I got there!

WA analysis: Practicality issues of footwear and monsoons aside, I did like the way these particular sandals looked with the dress. And even though the dress is solid, it feels less boring to me since the wrap ties add more texture and interest.

I forgot how short this skirt turned out! Me-made Cake Hummingbird skirt/necklace, purchased top. #mmmay14Day 28: Still fairly warm today, so I paired a purchased military-styled black top with my green hemp Hummingbird skirt and one of my more intricately beaded necklaces.

WA analysis: The colors are great, and again, the details in the top make it feel a little more interesting in spite of the solids. The looser top/tighter skirt isn’t a silhouette I’d called out before, but it looks ok here. I did forget how short this skirt is, though, at least by my standards! I spent a good bit of the time wearing it tugging the hemline down, and am serioI usly wondering how I’ll feel about it if I make some Espresso leggings to wear with it!

#mmmay14 Made the pants and jewelry. May need to rethink this top. My torso looks rather oddly short in this pic.

Day 29: The temperatures took a nose-dive–it was a full 20 degrees colder today! So it was back to digging through my 3/4 sleeved-tops to try to find something I hadn’t worn yet, and pairing it with one of my more experimental necklaces and the charcoal Thurlows. (Yes, it’s the charcoal, though I know they look more blue here.)

WA analysis: I don’t know if it’s the length of the thrifted top, which is a little more cropped than usual, or the angle of the photo, but my torso looked oddly short in this one! I’ve had this top for awhile and like the colors and print, but this is making me seriously wonder if I should hang on to it!

Me-made blouse/jewelry, purchased jeans and tank top. #mmmay14Day 30: A slightly more casual teaching day. I paired my Painter’s blouse with a turquoise tank, jeans, and my water element jewelry. This was also good for taking me through dinner out and grocery shopping!

WA analysis: I normally don’t go for the more faded denim–these are honestly the same jeans I wore to work. I think it worked with the lighter top, though. I felt comfortable and casual in this outfit, though I’m quite glad I had multiple colors in the jewelry!

Last day! Me-made jeans and earrings, #lotr t-shirt, Chucks. #mmmay14

Day 31: Last day! I kept it casual for the finale, because my day included helping Doug take our two dogs to the vet and helping my best friend pack and move some boxes into her new place. So it’s my jeans, a different geeky t-shirt, and a different pair of goldish beaded earrings.

And that’s a wrap! Though I want to do one more general round-up/Wardrobe Architect analysis at some point soon.

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