Me-Made-May, part 3

Moving along…trying to get a bit caught up before I fall too far behind and have to do a monster post. This one is monster enough.

#mmmay14 day 12: new cardigan (based on @deer_and_doe Plantain), me-embellished tank, jewelry. Cropped pants passed on from a friend, @ModCloth shoes.Day 12: I had teaching and then a rehearsal, and it was actually a warmer day! So I wore my new Plantain cardigan with the same capris I had worn to the garden shop earlier that day and a tank top that I swapped the beading out on. Also a funky beaded necklace that I strung.

WA analysis:  I was pleasantly surprised by the cardigan colors–I’d originally brought khaki pants to wear, but it was too warm, and the lighter tan strips were just the right shade to somehow tie the tan and grey together. Good thing, since those tan sandals were the only shoes I’d brought that weren’t my crappy work sneakers. The cardigan makes my hips look a bit wide in the photo, but I felt pretty good about the silhouette overall while it was on.

Not my best look, but I had to pack the outfit so I didn't have other options. Me-made skirt, refashioned top and belt. #mmay14Day 13: Another victim of my method of grabbing things out of the closet that look like they’ll go without having the ability to actually get dressed and look in the mirror first.  I thought the refashioned dress-to-top would go well with the peasant skirt that had been out of rotation for awhile– I finally just cut the torn lining out and decided to wear a slip with it. Way easier than taking off and sewing on an elastic waistband just to add a lining.

WA analysis:  The colors were good, but the proportions were off, and tucking it in just made it worse. In the picture, it looks like a fairly decent silhouette, but I think it would have been better if the top was shorter or the skirt was longer.

Me-mades: charcoal Thurlows, top, infinity scarf. #mmmay14Day 14: I dressed up for teaching, but the one lesson I had got cancelled at the last minute. Oh well. This is the charcoal Thurlows, the “Time for Tea(L)” top, and the infinity scarf I made out of my leftovers from the teal Plantain.

WA analysis: Of course I’m happy with the colors, since teal is practically my favorite! I’m trying to be braver about mixing prints, and I think it worked pretty well here since the top is a subtle one. I thought I did a pretty good job of looking polished but comfortable.

Me-made blouse & jewelry; purchased cami, thrifted jeans, Birkenstocks. #mmmay14Day 15: More teaching, but with a student whose mom is friends with my mom and they don’t care how casual I dress. So I just threw the “spring fever” blouse on with the jeans I’d already worn to work.

WA analysis: I’m happy with the colors, they feel really fresh, and the brown jewelry went really nicely without being too matchy-matchy, which I am definitely prone to. (It’s hard to see in this picture, but there is brown in the print.) Very basic silhouette, but it works.

Me-made shirt & earrings, thrifted jeans and necklace, boots from Zappo's. #mmmay14Day 16: See day 15 for the day’s activities, but with nicer jeans. I wasn’t sure how warm it would be, so I wore my Ayden shirt because I knew I could easily adjust the sleeves for the weather. There is a subtle yellow stripe in the plaid, so it was a good enough excuse to pull out these earrings.

WA analysis: With the definite reddish-peach tones in this top, it’s not exactly in my palette. But I still like it! Besides, they’re more like guidelines than actual rules, right?

No full outfit today, I blame work. Spent the afternoon in this t and painted TARDIS shoes. Also me-made Tofino pj pants. #mmmay14Day 17: I had to work in the morning (a Saturday), and didn’t want to bother dressing up too much after. The only thing we did, aside from me doing some sewing at home afterwards, was go to the Waffle House for dinner. So rather than a complete outfit, I wore my painted TARDIS shoes along with this super-fun T-shirt, and counted the Tofino pj pants as my garment for the day. I’m skipping the Wardrobe Architect analysis because, you know, pajamas. Though I definitely proudly let my geek colors show with everything else.

#mmmay14 Made the skirt, purchased top, jewelry previously worn this month.Day 18: I had to go with something fairly versatile and quick-change today, because I was going from church to lunch at my parents’ to playing in a concert! So I pulled out a basic black skirt, a blouse handed down to me from my mom (it looks more coral in real life than the hot pink it looks like here), and the same jewelry I wore on an earlier day this month. I later swapped the boots for sandals and the coral blouse for a black top for the concert. Which was so fun.

WA analysis: It’s a nice outfit, but I’ve noticed that I feel like I’m being boring whenever I wear all solids! This is the only coral thing I currently own, though, and since I have it in my palette, I wanted to pull it out and test it. I guess maybe this means I need some kind of skirt with coral in the print? Or a funky scarf or something?

Me-made everything but the shoes. :) #mmmay14

 Day 19: A very me-made outfit for teaching! This was the grey Thurlows, my “Puzzle Pieces” blouse, a refashioned sweater, and jewelry that I made for myself and the other bridesmaids for my friend Julie’s wedding several years ago. With all those neutrals, I wanted a pop of color!

WA analysis: That pop of color was a good idea, I think. Otherwise, I probably would have been bored again.

Side note: I noticed this time that the armholes felt a little tight on the blouse. Not enough that I’m going to get rid of it at this point, just enough to be noticeable. But I’m thinking it’s a result of trying to do an FBA, because I had the same problem with that Pendrell blouse that I don’t have anymore.

Me-made pants, plaid shirt, jewelry. Purchased cami & Birkenstocks. #mmmay14Day 20: Went casual for this teaching day with my Happy Camper blouse, navy denim Thurlows, and a little leaf jewelry set I made back in college.

WA analysis: The colors are good. Also, denim trousers are the best. They’re basically sneaky jeans!

Side note: The jewelry is also secretly geeky, because I made this during the era of the Lord of the Rings movies. And I purposely put 9 seed beads between every green bead–one for every member of the Fellowship. Yes, I’m a dork. And proud of it.

Made the pants/top, purchased cardi/cami. Also one of my favorite me-made jewelry sets ever. #mmmay14
Day 21: More teaching! So I wore my brown Thurlows (I guess this was the unintentional week of Thurlows), my Sea Flowers top, a purchased cardigan, and–if I may say so–possibly some of my best-crafted pieces of jewelry ever.

WA analysis: I was a pretty big fan of this outfit overall, both in terms of silhouette and color.

Me-made earrings, me-embroidered skirt, @ModCloth top. #mmmay14

Day 22 (yesterday): In the interest of keeping it real, this outfit is called “it got warm on the day where I hadn’t bothered to shave my legs because it had been oddly cold all week.” I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons maxi-skirts are so popular! Anyway, I made the earrings, and embroidered the skirt back in college. The shirt is from ModCloth.

WA analysis: Definitely a better take on the peplum top and skirt look than Day 13! I still think it would have looked better with a shorter top, but I’m pretty sure I did that outfit last year. And I’m not sorry about wearing sleeveless when it was suddenly 80 degrees and humid, vs. the 60s and rainy that it had been the day before! Oh, Mid-Atlantic weather….

And I’m going to stop there, since I haven’t actually had a chance to get my picture for today yet. Hopefully I can bribe Doug to snap that picture with some homemade pizza….which I actually need to start making.

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