Me-Made-May, part 2

I’m in the opposite boat that I was last week, when I had nothing new to show– I managed to finish 2 projects and my first real refashion in awhile last week! Just need to take some pics and write up the details. For now, it’s time to continue with my me-made wardrobe analysis. (And lots of doggy photobombing.)

Me-made TARDIS skirt (modified Cake Hummingbird), bracelet. Thrifted jacket, Old Navy t-shirt, Hotter boots. #mmmay14This outfit was a lot of fun to put together! Worn for teaching. I wasn’t 100% sold on the boots with it, but the weather was right on the borderline of too cold for sandals, too warm for shoes. So I decided to err on the side of warmer feet. I was also excited to find a way to wear this thrifted moto jacket and my me-made mahjong bracelet, because I hadn’t found a way to wear the jacket in particular yet at all.

WA analysis: The grey boots and TARDIS skirt fit right in, color-wise. The jacket is this strange hybrid color between brown, plum, and maroon, so it’s close enough to my palette, I think. (Besides, it reminds me of Martha Jones and Emma Swan, and neither is a bad association. The silhouette isn’t quite one I’d called out–both pieces fitted, cropped top, high-waisted skirt–but I like it. Definitely geek-casual!
Me-mades: Cake Hummingbird top, bracelet. Also thrifted jeans, Hotter sandals, H&M cardigan, jewelry from Etsy (my wedding jewelry!) #mmmay14Day 7– I didn’t have teaching, but I did have a rehearsal, so I wanted to be comfortable. So I wore thrifted jeans, an H&M cardigan, and my Hummingbird top, along with a me-made bracelet and the Etsy-bought jewelry I wore for my wedding. I like these beads, they remind me of shields.

WA analysis: The cardigan isn’t the ideal length for the peplum top, IMO, but the knit is casual enough that it works all right. The colors are definitely in my palette! I’d call this one cozy/casual/colorful.

Me-mades: Burda pants (modified to knock off Anthropologie), Renfrew top, earrings. #mmmay14

Day 8: Another teaching day. I was hoping to get 2 wears out of these pants, since I only wore them for a few hours and they’re a pain to iron, but then one of the goldies drooled all over them when I got home…oh well. Everything was me-made except the shoes (pants, top, and earrings. And wow, I’m wearing more or less the exact same outfit in that post with the top.)

WA analysis: I felt like the more fitted top and looser pants silhouette was working better for actual wearing than they are in this picture. Maybe it’s the shoes? Or that my hair is pulled back? I’d say cozy/casual, and the green/camel/black, again, are very much in my palette.

Blue Friday! Me-mades: refashioned shirt, necklace and earrings. Thrifted jeans, Array sandals, Mom's dog. #mmmay14

My day 9 outfit was worn for a bit of teaching and grocery shopping– I’d brought different pants, but then decided that my student wouldn’t care, and stuck with the same thrifted jeans I’d worn to work. This is one of my Anthropologie-inspired refashioned tops, and I made the necklace and earrings as well.

WA analysis: Blue is definitely good, and the fitted jeans/top silhouette is one that I’m comfortable in. I do wish that the top had been just a little longer, though.

Had to work part of the day again, so low-key #mmmay14. Made the jeans/earrings, tee from Universal Studios.

Day 10: I had to work in the morning, and we took my in-laws out to lunch afterwards for Mother’s Day. So I took the chance of wearing my me-made jeans and earrings to work, and kept my Harry Potter tee on under my work tee so I could quick-change afterwards. I was a little warm at the time, but I’m glad I did jeans and sandals, because then some rain came through and cooled things down.

WA analysis: Moar blue!! This would definitely fall under casual-geeky, and I still love the jeans and t-shirt look. Especially for weekends. I’m also thrilled that even though they’re tight, the me-made jeans fit again! Especially since I haven’t been able to exercise for about 3 weeks straight now. I need to get back on that. (And make more jeans. With stretch, next time.)

Me-mades: Cake Tiramisu dress, jewelry. #mmmay14

Today: I asked Doug which dress I should wear between this and another one, and so he picked my outfit today! It was a good pick, as the Reeses’-inspired Tiramisu was comfortable and cute enough to easily go from church to a casual lunch at my parents’ to grabbing some water ice and doing some cooking when I got home. This is also one of my favorite jewelry sets that I’ve made!

WA analysis: Finally, a different section of my palette! I like that this dress has a touch of yellow in it, as it’s not a color that I have a ton of. I like the silhouette of the dress as well, and I definitely need to revisit this pattern sometime as well. I found myself wishing that I had some different accessories to go with this, especially to bring out the yellow more. (I’m definitely going to want to play with some beads again before the month is out, I think!)


3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May, part 2

  1. While all outfits are nice, I really like the last dress as it's a bit unexpected but still looks like you, it's a different side of you. Plus I really like your me-made accessories, during MMMay I've realised I need to work more on adding accessories.


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