Me-made-May, part 1

As much as I wish I could be posting fabulous new clothing items, I’ve still been very short on sewing time. Although I’m pretty close to finishing some much-needed PJ pants! And I’ve made progress on the costume from Shieldmaiden March (ha!), but nothing is actually finished yet. And that deserves a separate post. So I’m going to use this one to evaluate my outfits so far in light of the Wardrobe Architect component of my self-challenge.

I also have to say, I’m actually really enjoying doing the pictures with Instagram. I know they’re not the best quality photos, but it’s working for me!   Also, any close-up pics of jewelry are things I’ve made, I just don’t necessarily have specific posts for them, depending on when I’ve made them. On with the show, shall we?

Day 1 was a teaching day, so I tried to dress the part. 
Me-mades: the top (Simplicity 5555, pre-blog), the Olive Thurlows, and the jewelry.

WA analysis: The core words I think of for this one are “casual” and “artsy”. The colors are definitely in my palette, the print on the top adds some interest to the all-neutral outfit, and the silhouette is definitely within the range of what I called out (semi-fitted top & pants).

On a side note, I keep thinking I should revisit this pattern. I love the funky sleeves.
Day 2 was another teaching day, along with going to see a local school play (they did Sound of Music, and borrowed one of my mom’s German shepherds to be the SS officer’s dog.)
Me mades: the “Silk Road” refashioned top, the jewelry, and a skirt passed on from a friend, which I altered to fit me better.  

WA analysis: This strikes me most as a skirt riff on the “fitted pants, looser top” silhouette, and I think it works. It was pretty hard to get a picture of the skirt that didn’t make it look like pants, though! Again, with all the blues, this fits right into the palette. Style is probably more “casual, colorful”.

Day 3: This was the day that I didn’t think would happen–if I look like I’m really forcing that smile, it’s because this was shortly after spending over 10 hours at a retail job on a Saturday! In fact, the only reason I managed this outfit at all was because I’d asked Doug to figure out dinner, and he decided to just drive us to the Waffle House. So these horribly faded jeans are the same ones I wore to work–I only bothered to change my top and threw on the “Junior Mints” jacket.
WA analysis: The layered jeans and t-shirt look is definitely one I’d wear–just not these jeans, as I prefer darker ones. (My “work” jeans are all ones that I got at the thrift store, they fit well enough, and I don’t care about the style because they usually end up covered in dirt and occasionally paint.) The red t-shirt isn’t really my palette, but I love the design on it–they had shirts in colors I like better at this particular concert, but I liked this design the best.  Overall, I’d call this “casual, colorful, geeky.”

I really wanted to wear something Star Wars yesterday (May the Fourth!!), but realized I don’t own a SW shirt at the moment. Oops. I was running from church to a rehearsal to an orchestral concert, along with killing some time at the library, so I figured I should try to go with a more versatile outfit anyway. So I wore my navy denim Thurlows, and a me-made scarf. I’m really glad I also had my Smauglock coat, because it was a lot colder than it was supposed to be!

WA analysis: Definitely a “Casual, colorful, cozy” look. The white isn’t quite the palette, but it’s close enough to ivory. Also, it was surprisingly hard to find something to go with this particular scarf, which surprised me, because turquoise and royal blue are definitely colors I gravitate towards! This will have to be remedied, I think.

Today’s outfit was worn for teaching again. Me-mades: the Eva Equestrian jacket and the “Zeros and Ones” blouse.

WA analysis: I feel like it worked better in my head than it does in the photograph. I think it’s the pants. They’re just a little too wide and too short for the boots, and the silhouette strikes me as dumpy. But that could also be me being angry that it’s Cinco de Mayo and I’m still having to break out corduroy jackets–it’s usually a lot warmer than this by now! Aside from the silhouette fail, the colors are definitely me. I definitely need to consider whether these pants should stay, though. 

Overall, I think that days 1 and 4 were the most successful looks for me so far. How’s your MMM going?

2 thoughts on “Me-made-May, part 1

  1. Thanks! It's definitely giving me the itch to start making some accessory projects again, because sometimes I just don't seem to have the right thing!


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