Happenings in my corner of the internet

No pictures this time…just a few things of interest lately.

First of all, I wanted to thank those who responded to the Spring Cleaning swap! Out of the 16 patterns I offered up, I got requests for 6 of them, which is not bad at all. My work hours for the next 2 days are shorter, as I had some rearranging with my lessons and only have the garden center job tomorrow, so I plan to get those packaged up and out in the mail by the weekend. I think I’m going to put the remaining ones up in the Flickr group, since there’s still the ongoing swap for the year there and one of them was actually requested through it anyway.

I have a little package of my own to look forward to–Gail had this cool piece of bamboo-printed rayon denim that she offered up, and my name got picked! Thanks, Gail! I’m already plotting what I can do with it, though I’ll have to check my own pattern stash for yardages and all.

Now that it’s April, I finally have some tangible progress on the March Sewcialist theme. Haha. I haven’t sewed a stitch yet, but I did finally finish cutting out the first garment for my costume yesterday. I guess it’s something. 

Saving the best for last, because I got good news today…Pattern Review’s independent designer spotlight of the month was for Sewaholic Patterns, and they were running a contest to get some more reviews of her work up there. The prize was that two randomly drawn people would win a voucher for 3 Sewaholic patterns, and I found out today that my Robson coat review was one of the ones picked! Which leaves me with the question: what patterns to choose? Honestly, I might have to wait for her to release some more, because I already have almost all of them…

2 thoughts on “Happenings in my corner of the internet

  1. Wow, congrats on winning 3 Sewaholic patterns! I packaged up all my swapping today, and I'm hoping to get to the post office tomorrow, so with any luck you'll have that denim by the end of the week!


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