March Stash Diet Update

It was a slow month for me, mostly due to going back to my second job/agreeing to hem that prom dress. Which is now DONE, aside from pressing the hem. (Which I’m honestly considering skipping, since the fabric is cheap poly jersey and I’m afraid of melting it!) But I still made some progress.

Sewing totals:
Total projects completed: 3 (the Robson coat, the bibs, and one more last-minute project that I’ll show below), though I at least started my Shieldmaiden March costume. Even if I didn’t get past the cutting stage.
Total fabric out: 17 yards (including 5 given away for Sew Grateful week)
Total fabric in: 2.5 yards. I went to Joann’s the other day to get some notions, and ended up buying some stretch denim– I had a credit for number of pieces used up, it was on sale, and I do legitimately need some jeans. Also, the only denim I had that isn’t the metallic leftovers from the TARDIS skirt was non-stretch, and I think I’m going to need a little more give in my jeans.
Difference: -15.5 yards. It’s going down!!
Total stash left: approximately 322 yards. Which is a lot closer than you’d think to what I said the February totals were, but I had that Excel issue to blame for that.
Pieces of fabric completely used up: 4, plus 2 given away. That makes 11 for the year so far, and 2 more before I have another fabric credit.
Patterns used: 2, since I’m not counting in-progress stuff until the month it’s done.

Knitting totals:
Total projects completed: 1 (a scarf)
Total yarn out: 100 yards, plus whatever I’ve done on WIPs.
Total yarn in: None this month… I probably should have done this in February, since I did buy several then for the next Craftsy class.
Difference: I can’t really accurately assess this, since I didn’t do the math…
Skeins of yarn completely used up: None, though I am SO, SO close with the yarn from that scarf.
Total stash left: I added it up again, since I’d never added in the February purchases, and I’m now at approximately 21,859 yards. Yiiiiikes.

So, this last-minute project… I already mentioned that Doug and I were spring cleaning our house this weekend. We made a Target run after we finished up so we could get a few new things for the house–he hated the shoe rack I brought with me and wanted a more stable one, I needed to get some mailing envelopes so I can send out swap patterns, etc. One of the things we agreed on was to get some new living room curtains–there’s 2 layers there, and our dogs have this habit of looking out the window and jumping up to hit the windowsill anytime people pass out front. So the sheer ones got torn. I’ve hated the outer layer from day 1–it was this ugly colonial-type blue that didn’t really go with the pale green wall color, but the thing that really bugged me is that the tops had horizontal pleats, one was pleated further down than the other, and one curtain was shorter than the other! (#sewcialistproblems, am I right?) I had the thought that morning, and mentioned it to him, that I should just make new curtains for the kitchen sliding glass doors and move the kitchen curtains to the living room, since I’d bought the fabric to do so before we got married and it would save us some money. He agreed, so after we got home, I knocked out a new pair of curtains in about 3 1/2 hours.

Kitchen curtainsThe top is the curtains that have been there since I met him, the bottom is the new set.

I’m not a fancy curtain person–I’d rather let the fabric print do the talking than deal with pleats and gathers and whatnot. So I kept these super-simple. They’re unlined, folded over at the top to make a casing for the curtain rod, and the other 3 edges hemmed. Literally all I did for cutting was fold the piece of fabric in half length-wise, cut it, and then finish the edges. So not the most exciting project from a sewing standpoint, but my kitchen looks so much happier now, and the living room looks warmer, and it was a really satisfying project to finish for something so simple. Plus it knocked 5 yards out of my stash just like that, even though I’m not counting home dec fabrics towards my new fabric allowances, and cleared a nice chunk of space off of my shelf.


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