So who wants to swap some stuff?

Andrea, Gail, and Morgan— the masterminds behind the Stash Diet– have come up with another fun stashbusting idea. In the interest of decluttering, they’re hosting a Spring Cleaning Swap Meet! I’m also in a mood to spring clean and declutter some. My husband and I spent several hours last night cleaning about half of our house–ok, he cleaned about half the house, all I did was the kitchen and the living room windows. That kitchen took forever! Though in my defense, it was a really deep clean. And we still have more cleaning to do today.  Anyway. So I dug through my stash and found a whole stack of patterns that I’m ok with parting with. Honestly, these are just the never-been-used ones, so I’m going to have to go through again and figure out which patterns I’ve tried that just aren’t for me.

I’ll ship these pretty much anywhere, though if it’s outside of North America, I wouldn’t mind if you’re willing to chip in on shipping costs. I’m also going to keep it simple this time and say first come, first served. So here’s what’s up for grabs. (The two with the glasses are pictures that I didn’t realize duplicated in the collage until after it was already on Flickr, and I’m too lazy to redo it.) And since I probably won’t be able to get these out right away, let’s say I’ll leave this open till April 1.

swap patterns

  1. Simplicity #2700, sizes 14-22. They’re pretty similar to the Thurlows, and I know that one works for me.
  2. J. Stern Designs #37 Women’s Jeans, sizes 12W-24W. Generously given to me by the designer when I took her class on Pattern Review twice, because I was having so much trouble with fitting, along with the Misses size. I’m keeping that one for myself, but would love to see this one go to someone who can use it.   TAKEN by Linda.
  3. Vogue #8781, sizes 8-16. Just too corporate for my lifestyle.
  4. New Look #6977, sizes 6-16. For knits. I kind of feel like I’m too old for this one for some reason. TAKEN by Paskiaq.
  5. Simplicity #4220, sizes 8-16. I bought this mainly for the top, but I have other similar things. TAKEN by Dottie.
  6. Simplicity #2369, sizes 8-16. For knits. Also bought for the top, which I’m no longer feeling.
  7. Simplicity #2344, sizes 10-18. I liked the jacket, but I have tons of jacket patterns that interest me more for now. The top is a knit, the rest are woven.
  8. McCall’s #5105, sizes X-Small-Medium. I have TNT top patterns that pretty much cover these silhouettes.
  9. Simplicity #1915, sizes 6-14. I thought the waist casing would be enough fitting for my taste, but the Wardrobe Architect project has changed my mind.
  10. Simplicity #1910, sizes 6-14. Bought as a possibility for the skirt of my wedding dress, but I didn’t use it.
  11. Butterick #5212, sizes 8-14. A bit more low-cut than I’m comfortable with.
  12. Simplicity #3559, sizes 6-14. So cute, and totally wrong for me. I’ve learned the hard way that sheath dresses don’t work on me at all.  TAKEN via Flickr by Frau Sma.
  13. Simplicity #7090, sizes 12-18. Not feeling it anymore, but a teenager learning to sew might love it. TAKEN by Becky
  14. Vogue #8099, one size. I don’t even know how I got this pattern–probably something my mom was destashing herself.
  15. Simplicity #4543, sizes 8-14. I’ve also learned the hard way that skirts with wide yokes don’t work on me at all, either. TAKEN by Becky
  16. Simplicity #2416, sizes 10-18. I was looking for a good maxi-skirt pattern, I still think the seaming is interesting, but I’m highly unlikely to make it now that I have the Gabriola skirt.

I have one other thing I can offer up, too, though due to bulk, I’ll have to limit this one to the US.

Some time ago, when I first started knitting, I snagged a couple of sweaters at the thrift store and unraveled them as part of an experiment to see how much, if any, wool I can handle. You can see the original sweaters here. The offwhite one got trashed, the grey is currently being knit into my Roheline cardigan, and this is the greenish one. I was going to attempt to do something with it, but it seems that even tiny percentages of wool and myself don’t get along, because my hands were still feeling prickly from handling this long enough to take a photo for Twitter, about an hour later. So here’s the details:

  • Yes, I washed this sweater before I frogged it.
  • If I estimated right, based on the measurements on my swift and wpi, there’s approximately 1475 yards in a sport-weight. Though the plys seem to want to loosen up quite a bit, so it might be better off doubled for actually knitting. 
  • Divided into 12 skeins of various sizes, based on how the sweater was unraveling.
  • Original sweater gauge is 4×4” square = 20 stitches, 28 rows in stockinette. 
  • Fiber content is 74% polyester, 11% mohair, 7% acrylic and 8% wool.

It’s a pretty color scheme of olive, pale yellow, blue and a darker green and brown all twisted together, and I really wish that my skin could handle it. If no one wants it, I’ll just toss it or donate it back to the thrift store– no harm done, since I only paid $3.50 for all of this yarn.


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