a post of small things, part 2

To continue from the other day…though these are slightly bigger things.

1. So you remember back when I was making that wedding dress, and I had to muslin the top of the Cambie dress 4 times to get it to fit? Obviously, planning a wedding was messing with my judgment, because this was my thought process at the time: “The bulk of the dress is going to be supported from the waist, so I should fit the waist first and then adjust the bust to fit, even though this is for pear-shaped figures. Even if it takes me multiple FBA’s and eventual conversion of the darts to a princess-seamed top.” (Which it did.) 

Well, somewhere in the moving process, I lost the final muslin. And I never actually made those changes to the pattern, because I was sewing a wedding dress/packing and moving all my stuff/often working 6 days a week, and who had time to alter tissue patterns for later projects? But the next thing I have planned to sew, aside from the costume, is a “real” Cambie. And since I’m using a bigger table at my parents’ house to cut out the costume, I dug into my refashion bin one night recently and found something to chop up and do a quick mock-up, which I’m hoping to turn into a wearable top at some point. Makes me feel better about muslin time, if I get something actually wearable out of it. But this time, I cut the size based on the bust, because it’s ok for a casual summer dress to be a little looser at the waist. Around here, it might even be preferable.

Clearly, I should have done this for the wedding dress, too. This is straight out of the envelope, with the only alterations being that I took the back darts in a tiny bit and did Tasia’s straight neckline variation. Oh well…live and learn, I guess.

For the record, I know the neckline looks gappy, but when I fold the seam allowance under, it seems to be fine. There’s also some diagonal wrinkles at the sides, but the weight of the skirt should pull that out in the real version. I think I could probably take the front darts in maybe 1/8″. Any thoughts, before I start chopping up my pretty dress fabric?

2. In other news, I’m having a surprisingly tough time with last week’s Wardrobe Architect assignment. It’s one thing to assemble silhouettes that I’m drawn to for various seasons, and another to use that to plot out a capsule wardrobe. I think where I’m getting hung up is the spring/summer bit–I already have a few projects in the queue that I’d really like to get to this season, and it’s not necessarily stuff that would make for a cohesive chunk of my wardrobe. And I haven’t really had a whole lot of time to sew in the past week or so. When I have, it’s basically been that Cambie top mockup or working on a prom dress that I agreed to shorten for a friend of mine. (Only because she’s a good friend that I see regularly–I’d already turned down one request this spring from someone else who I haven’t actually seen in years but am friends with on Facebook.) For now, this week’s assignment on colors is inspiring me more, and the more I think about this, the more I think I may be better off skipping spring altogether and focus on the summer, or even summer into early fall, since that will allow me time to get these next couple of projects done first. So I’ll come back to these later.

4 thoughts on “a post of small things, part 2

  1. I like your plan to skip spring and sew for summer! I always figure that when something isn't exciting or motivating, it's time to change the goal or the pathway there! Might be interesting to take a step back and really check that the silhouettes you picked out at really ones you want to wear – it's so easy to get sidetracked by what we dream of wearing! Then again, maybe it's just the lack of time stealing your spring sewjo! 🙂


  2. I'm not skipping spring entirely–just for the purposes of the capsule wardrobe. I just really want to make some more progress on that costume first. Or any, other than mostly cutting out one piece, really. I have a shirt I'd like to make that's been bagged up with fabric and notions for 2 years straight, and I still haven't gotten to it. And I'm hoping to finish that Cambie before Easter. Though, I will admit that I already have my palette picked out, based purely on other things I already have in my stash and know that I want to sew, and the Cambie will fit right in!


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