a post of small things, part 1

None of these are really the sort of thing that warrant an entire post by itself, so this is going to be more of a round-up. Which I’m actually going to do in 2 parts, because otherwise it’s going to be super-long. So I’m going to start with what I’ve actually been working on or finishing up lately, and then move to the things I have to think through a little more tomorrow.

1. First off, my most recent completed sewing project. I’ve used this bib pattern before, though I think this may unintentionally be the last time– I left it on the kitchen table and now it’s not there, so I’m thinking that the dogs ate it. (Our dogs are the type who would have legitimately eaten my homework when I was a kid. They recently ate our checkbook, as evidenced by the fact that we recently found a quarter of one check with a chewed-up edge on the floor….and we haven’t found any other remnants of it!) I hope I can find it or something similar again. It was an online freebie, though I can’t remember from where since I downloaded it years ago. I like that it’s a larger size to keep clothes cleaner, and this has become my go-to for the homemade portion of any baby shower gifts. And I have another friend who recently found out she’s pregnant, so I know I’m going to need it again in the next few months!

I made this set for one of my oldest friends, who is expecting a baby girl in May. It’s kind of neat when you unintentionally choose perfect fabric–I needed a little more on a recent order to get free shipping when I picked up something for my Tauriel costume, and knew this was coming up, so I ordered half a yard each of this owl fabric and some coordinating flannel to back it with. The owls were cute and on sale, and I figured the colors were neutral enough that she could continue to use them if she has a boy somewhere down the road. Then I found out that she’s decorating the nursery in an owl theme! So there was a lot of owl-themed stuff at her shower. (And a lot of pink. So yellow is probably a nice change!)

2. My mom and I are working through a Craftsy knitting class together. We agreed that it’s probably a little too easy for us, though I have still learned some useful things. This was the main scarf from the class, which I finally finished a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out since I used a more textured yarn and the ends were lacy, but I kind of like the funky look of it. Also, I managed to knit the entire thing continental-style, and I’m pretty proud of that since continental purling is the weirdest hand motion. I still don’t really feel like I have the hang of it, but the ability to switch back and forth from my usual English-style might be useful with my carpal tunnel issues.

The yarn is Chacabuco from Araucania, which Ravelry says is now discontinued. I found it mostly ok to work with, though pulling the puffier bits through the loops was sometimes difficult, particularly when binding off. I’ll have to keep that in mind when choosing a future project, because I do still have one skein of this in a different colorway. I actually got to this particular skein pretty quickly as far as stashing goes, since I bought it back in August specifically for this class, and I mostly used it up. (There’s about 20 yards left. What do you do with 20 yards of bulky yarn? Seriously. There really weren’t that many options on Ravelry.)

3. My costume for the Shieldmaiden Sewalong continues to go slowly, but I did get a little further, at least.

I have two more pieces to cut out, plus any other little decorative overlay bits I may want to do. It’s a good thing I’m making this out of bedsheets, because it’s a bit of a fabric hog!


2 thoughts on “a post of small things, part 1

  1. Have you heard of/tried the Eastern European style of knitting? The experts all swear by it, and I've found it only really hurts my wrists and hands if I do it for a long time at a time (and it's so FAST – I'm the fastest knitter out of all of my friends).

    Here's a really good demo (she calls it “combination,” but I've always seen this referred to as Eastern European): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnPesmBWB-I


  2. I haven't tried it yet, but I think that might be one of the styles covered in that next Craftsy class that my mom and I are taking. It does mention combination style in the class description. I'm definitely excited to see if I can find a painless way to speed up my knitting!


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