Sew Grateful Week!

Day 1- Giveaway!
Better late than never, right? I didn’t find out until right before I needed to leave for teaching and a rehearsal that Sew Grateful week was happening this week. I’ve been blogging for awhile, but never really got to fully participate in this before. And the sewing community is such a fun place that I’d love to have a chance to give something back! (I was thinking it would be fun to do a little giveaway soon anyway, since my birthday is tomorrow, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect!)

I have two pieces of fabric to offer. Unfortunately, due to the weight/size, I can only ship within the US. (Sorry!) But hopefully they’ll find good homes with one of you lovely ladies!

SWAP- suitingThe first piece is a taupeish suiting. It’s 58″ wide, and I have 3 yards of it. People sometimes give my quilter mom fabrics, and if they’re more suited to clothes, she passes them on to me–this was one of those. I don’t know the fiber content, and haven’t done a burn test to know for sure, but I strongly suspect that there’s wool in it, based on how my hands reacted to folding this up! Which means that I can’t use this, but it could be great for someone else.

The second piece is a red organic cotton twill, 58″ wide, 2 yards. I bought this one online from Mood a few years ago, thinking that I needed to branch out into some warmer colors and I should make it into a Beignet skirt. I haven’t gotten to that pattern yet, and it’s just as well, because red isn’t really a color that I wear much at all. But I know a lot of you love red, so I’d love to see it get into the hands of someone who will use it! The red is a little less orange than the picture shows– if I remember correctly, it’s listed as “tomato” and they still have it.

The red has been prewashed–I don’t think I washed the suiting. You may want to wash them again, if dog hair is an issue for you. (I’ve tried to keep them clean, but Golden Retriever hair gets everywhere!) If you’re interested in one or both of these fabrics, just leave a comment saying which one(s) and what you might make it into. I’ll leave the giveaway open until Sunday night.

Day 2- Reflections Day 
I’ve talked before about why I sew and how I got started and all of that, so I’m going to focus on the online sewing community. Aside from my mom and grandmother, who are both a lot more into quilting than anything else, I don’t really have local people in my life who sew. Sewing really isn’t a big thing at all where I live, so my local resources are quite limited, and if you check the map, I’m still the only one in my little state!

I’ve been blogging longer than many of the people that I’ve come to think of as sewing friends, and started it more to have an easily accessible record of the things I make and learn about sewing than anything else. It’s really been more in the last two or so years that I’ve really started to feel like I’m part of a sewing community. I love how the internet makes it so easy to find people all over my country and internationally who enjoy the same things I do. I’ve enjoyed getting to know people from places that I’ve never visited, like Europe and Australia, in this small way, and seeing what life and culture is like in these other countries.

Since I grew up sewing the “Big 4” patterns, which was all that was available in the one Joann’s store that I have around here, it’s been really fun to watch the beginnings and growth of smaller companies like Colette and Sewaholic and Cake Patterns. It’s also great to feel like I’m supporting people who really care about sewing and work so hard to put out quality products that are great for all levels of sewists.

I love that I can use things like Twitter and Instagram to get sewing advice in real time now. I also love how seemingly random comments on there can turn into fun sewalong ideas! (Hellooooo, March of the Shieldmaidens!) I’m enjoying having the group encouragement to use what I have this year through the Stash Diet and the Stashbusting Sewalong. I love seeing all of the creativity that different bloggers have with different patterns, and how generous everyone is in sharing their ideas, encouragement, and general excitement in seeing what gets made.

Mostly, since sewing has been such a big part of my life and identity for so long, I love “knowing” people that get it.


25 thoughts on “Sew Grateful Week!

  1. Ooh, I love that red! I would definitely make it into a skirt. If I have enough left over, I'd try to do a top, but more realistically, the leftovers would be an accent piece. Your reflections piece is so well done! I'm fairly new to sewing and the sewing community, and it's interesting to think about what it must have been like before that all came along. Sewing can be such a solitary activity anyway that having the internet and ideas and comments pop up on social media must be wonderful. Thanks for posting this!


  2. Ooh, those fabrics are lovely 🙂 I love them both, but I think I would get more use out of the red (wool and Florida don't always mix well, lol). Thanks so much for such a generous giveaway!


  3. Oh whoa, I have to admit that I really like both fabrics and could find a use for either of them! The suiting could be used for both a beignet skirt that my sister has been asking about as well as some Thurlow shorts for me. And the tomato for more Thurlows becuase I like red. (Sorry, I know I sound a little greedy here.) -_-;

    Speaking of shieldmaidens, that reminds me I should actually blog about my Eowyn shieldmaiden dress. Love that costume. Are you participating?

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveway! =)


  4. I am planning on participating, yes! I've actually already made two Eowyn-inspired dresses (including the brown and cream shieldmaiden one) in my pre-blog days, but I'm sticking with the Middle-earth theme and trying my hand at a Tauriel costume. Archer elves can be shieldmaidens too, right? 🙂


  5. Hi there, I love that red fabric, as well! I love that it is organic, so awesome! I'm feeling a pair of jeans in it, but not sure I'm 'ready' to try my hand at jeans without stretch in them, yet. So, maybe a different trouser pattern. Nothing like bright red pants, right? I'm having a giveawy on my blog, as well, feel free to stop by and enter if there is something you are loving!


  6. I love the look of that red fabric and am a big fan of red too. It probably would look good as a Beignet but man, that pattern is pretty fiddly! But a skirt of another kind would be lovely 🙂


  7. I'd be happy to have a chance at the suiting. I have a 60s vintage skirt suit pattern that it would be great to work with, or I might try making a pair of dressier wide-leg pants.
    thanks for the giveaway. I have to smile a little at the 'march of the shield-maidens,' since my name is Eowyn. I can't say I've ever dressed up as my namesake though. Maybe I should for halloween.


  8. Thanks for the giveaway, Becky! I hope you'll check out mine as well if you are into late 60's patterns–there are some wide-legged pants you might like. 🙂

    As for me, I'd take the red and make a Pavlova skirt out of it, I think. I'm not that into buttons, so Beignet isn't for me.


  9. I think Tauriel totally counts as a shieldmaiden. I don't have a definitive definition, but Wikipedia states that “A shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology.” Yep! (Hm, I wonder if I could drag out Arwen's chase coat for the Shieldmaiden sewalong too…)


  10. Happy birthday! I'd love the taupe for a vintage style cocoon coat and the red would be lovely as a pleated midi skirt worn with a beige/white or black stretch lace top. Though I am partial to a leopard print. Please toss my name into the hat.


  11. Both fabrics are lovely and I can't really say which one I like more, though the red one might be more useful to me at this point in my life. I know what you mean about Golden Retriever fur! We had one for years but had to put him down a couple of years ago. I swear I'm still finding his fur places.


  12. Eek I thought I had left a comment, but it obviously didn't work. So glad I checked in time. Anyway, I really love the red fabric. I would make a pair of high waisted sailor shorts. I tried to make a pair before but had some issues with sizing and made them too small. Do I would be so happy for another chance!


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