The Gabriola Skirt!

Can I just say how hard it’s been to keep this a secret? I’ve had this skirt done since December, but waited to post it till now, because I was one of the lucky ladies selected to test Tasia’s latest Sewaholic pattern! It just came out today, so go check it out!

IMG_1154This is the Gabriola skirt. I was super-excited when I got the email calling for testers when I read that she was designing a maxi skirt, and even more excited when I got selected! I love a good maxi.

Aside from one incident where I accidentally cut one of the yoke pieces the wrong way, this came together really nicely. I love the interest that the diagonal yoke seaming adds to the hip area, and it’s so swishy!

Of course I had to do the contrast version. The hardest part for me was choosing the fabric. This uses a lot of fabric, so I didn’t have anything in the stash that came remotely close to having enough yardage. (Or so I thought–after I finished this and was cleaning out the sewing room at the end of the year, I found something like 6 yards of a lightweight teal satin! Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to make another one!)

fabricI told my mom about this opportunity, and when I showed her the design lines, she suggested that a leather-looking yoke would be really cool. I completely agreed, and I kind of had my heart set on that idea. Since I was short on time, I had to go to Joann’s, and figured I could just go for one of their silky prints along with something leathery. And it figures, this was the one time where they really didn’t have a big selection of silky prints! I guess I went right between clearing out the fall/winter stuff and getting the spring stuff in. I did manage to find a suedecloth that looked very much like leather, which is even still hand-washable! And for the rest of the skirt, the best option ended up being this print.

Guess I sort of did Jungle January after all! Just in December. I’m really not that big into animal prints, but this one was subtle enough that it worked for me. Plus the color scheme is right up my alley–browns, olive greens and orange? Totally in my palette. Most of the challenges I had in putting this skirt together came from trying to mix the two fabrics, so there’s a few wrinkles in the yoke that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. But aside from needing to take a wedge out of the back seam, this one fit me pretty much right out of the envelope.

The most challenging thing for me right now is figuring out what tops to wear with it! After all, I don’t often tuck a top into a skirt. I tried it for the initial photos I sent back to Tasia, so she could see the waistband and yoke clearly. In the interest of, um, science? here’s one of those photos…this was the best shirt option I had, and it was not working. At. All. (It probably doesn’t help that the waistband gaps away from me a little bit, which is completely the fault of the fabric. It’s not really that stiff, but it’s stiff enough compared to the print that it didn’t really mold to my waist well.) So since I’ve been playing around with the Wardrobe Architect challenge anyway, I decided to throw a few different top options on and see what silhouettes would work. The first one was the green top in the above photo, which didn’t really have a good cut for this skirt. But I did find a few other options, complete with photobombing dogs…

Gabriola Skirt

For one look, I embraced my geeky side and threw on my Firefly t-shirt. You can only see part of the yoke in this, but it’s a very fitted t-shirt, which makes it work pretty well! If I really wanted to go all the way with this look, I’d probably swap out the flats for my brown sneakers or something.


A more summery option would be to embrace the flowiness and throw on a looser top. This one (my “French Vanilla” top) has waist fitting, so it worked a lot better than many other tops would have.


I wanted to come up with a more wintery look, too, so I threw it on with a more fitted white top and my orange cardigan. I guess the key to the tucked in look for me is to have a layer that isn’t! I feel very teachery in this. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing for days that I’m teaching, right?

And just for fun, here’s an outtake from the photoshoot: proof that those other pictures really were as good as it got!
IMG_1159 I really enjoyed getting to be a part of the testing process for this! So go check out Tasia’s versions–and I’m sure there will be lots of lovely things popping up soon from the other testers! I definitely plan on making this again at some point! (Along with maybe a few other tops to go with…though I guess I had more than I thought!)


12 thoughts on “The Gabriola Skirt!

  1. Thanks! I was a little worried when I went to the store and everything seemed to be sheer, because I did NOT want to take the time to do a 2-layer skirt when I was pattern testing! But I'm overall happy with how this turned out.


  2. I just need to decide whether I'd want to use the matte or shiny sides. Or play with both. I don't know. I'll let the idea sit for awhile, since I have several other planned projects I need/want to get to first.


  3. I really like your version. The contrast yoke is so effective. I think it looks really good on you with close fitting tucked-in tops. A black strappy vest top/cami would look good. Well, in my opinion!

    Luckily I have this pattern. I'm going to make it in black viscose crepe. I like to think it's not boring but chic!


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