once more with feeling

Grey Thurlows 2There really isn’t too much for me to say about Thurlow pants by this time. But I finished one more pair yesterday.

This is pretty much the same fabric as the olive pair, aside from the color. For the inside, I used the same lining fabric that I used for the navy denim pair. I do have to say that after sewing two pairs at the same time, only doing one made it feel like it went so quickly! This one only took 4 days total, and I finished half of the sewing in one day. It went a little slower when it came to finishing details like the waistband and hand-stitching the hem.

I decided to play around with my color palette when choosing what to wear for these photos. Plus, I always desperately crave color this time of year anyway. The sun is actually out today, so that helps! The blouse and sweater are both thrifted– I found them on the same trip, and I couldn’t help but notice how well they went together.  I kind of love how in your face orange the cardigan is, even though I’m never really sure what to wear with it aside from this blouse and one other top that happens to have orange in the print! I haven’t worn it in a few months, though, because black pants with this always felt a little too Halloween. But I think the grey works with it pretty nicely!

Grey ThurlowsDecided to play around with poses here, too. Mostly to hide the shoes, which are less than ideal, but I didn’t have many options since I know I’m going to have to trample my way through some snow later. Yeah, I look like I’m listening to “Twist and Shout”. Anyway.

With this fifth pair, this brings my “pantsapalooza” to an end. I’m sure it won’t be the last pair I make ever– I’m in need of some more jeans, the pair of plain black pants that I’ve had since college has chosen recently to start dying (the fabric-piercing hook fell off). And I’m a little concerned about the longevity of the charcoal denim pair, since the fabric has already started pulling at certain seams! It’s not that it doesn’t fit–I think it’s more the fabric, almost like it’s a slightly looser denim weave. I’ve reinforced with extra stitching, and did a little thread-weaving on the back seam last night to try and strengthen that particular area. I will most definitely be keeping an eye on it. But for now, I am quite happy to move on to another type of project. Even though the two things I have planned next are also more on the involved side… stay tuned!

Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlow trousers

Amount of time it took to make: 4 days

Fabric used:Grey cotton twill from Fabric.com

Amount of fabric used: about 1.25 yds twill, plus .5 yards lining- 1.75 yards total

Stashed since: 2012

Current stash total: 336.5

It actually went up about 3 yards, because I made a couple of purchases last week– 3 yards of something for my March of the Shieldmaidens project, to be revealed at a later time, and half a yard each of some cotton and some flannel for a baby shower gift that I’ll need to make before sometime this spring. For Stash Diet purposes, the costume fabric is my “use 4 buy 1”, since I used my travel exception for NYC, and the shower gift falls under gift exception, because guess how much baby-appropriate fabric I have? Pretty much none. Besides, I needed about $2 more of stuff to get free shipping. 


6 thoughts on “once more with feeling

  1. Thanks! I'm glad I did it, because my wardrobe is going to be so much easier to deal with now that I have pants that go with most of my tops, but I'm also quite happy to take a break from this and move on to some new and exciting stuff for awhile.


  2. I've been thinking about a jeans variation too, for sometime in the next few months–I have some lightweight denim that could make some great summer jeans, and this pattern seems like it would be a great starting place for a non-stretch, wider leg jean! So I'll definitely be watching to see what you do with it. Just want to finish a few other things myself first.


  3. They look great on well done on five pairs of pants. I really like the colour of these, light and still winter-y. I still haven't tried out my Thurlows that I won from you last year, but I will. One day.


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