Wardrobe Architect, week 5- Colors!

This week’s assignment was a lot of fun! I’ve been meaning to work on a color palette ever since Gillian posted her how-to months ago, so this was the kick in the pants I needed to sit down and actually do it.

After examining my closet, my fabric stash, and thinking about what colors I’m drawn to anyway, this is what I came up with:

    Not really much of a surprise, if you’ve been reading this for any length of time! And I did say that one of my core words is “colorful”. I did mostly colors up top and neutrals at the bottom, so here’s my thoughts otherwise: 
  • I’m counting the olive green and the navy as neutrals–the former because the general consensus online seems to be that it is one, and the navy because jeans are totally a neutral!
  • There’s black, because as long as I’m doing anything related to classical music, that’s a must-have in my wardrobe. Plus it goes so well with bold colors. Grey is pretty much an extension of that. I don’t mind it when it’s a cooler grey, like stone or charcoal.
  •  Aside from those, I seem to lean towards warm neutrals–I like the way ivory looks on me more than white, at least in larger doses. If it’s part of a print, I’m fine either way. I also like warmer browns, like caramel and chocolate and tea-type colors. No beige or taupe for me, thanks–that just reads to me as the colors of boredom!
  • So aside from the ivory, black and tan, this is pretty much every single pair of Thurlow pants I’ve sewed over the last several months. (Stone grey is in progress.) Go me!
  • The colors themselves aren’t much of a surprise– lots of ocean colors, right? But I do also like plummy-type shades of purple, and I’ve realized that my closet needs some warmer colors. I’ve been told that I look pretty good in orange on multiple occasions, and while I can’t find the picture, Gillian actually made a palette for me awhile back that involved coral. I don’t have much coral in my closet, but I do have one RTW blouse in that color and I think it looks pretty good. Also, it’s more orange than pink, so I can live with that. As for the yellow, I don’t think I’d want it right next to my face, but I’ve found myself getting fabrics lately that have yellow in the print. Plus my favorite flower is sunflowers, so it is definitely a color that I’m drawn to. It’s the color of sunshine and happiness, and I’d love to have more of that in my wardrobe. Especially when the world around me is all grey, white and taupe right now. (Winter. Ugh.)
  • Haha, the blue and gold right next to each other are pretty much exactly the colors of my college. I swear I didn’t do that intentionally.

Just for fun, I took a picture of my stash shelves to see how that matches up with this color scheme.

It’s pretty close, actually– you definitely get a decent representation from blues and greens. There’s a little purple, a little orange, and the couple of prints near the bottom have some splashes of yellow. I actually have some kind of knit (probably polyester, it was free so I have no idea) that’s a solid coral, though it’s hiding somewhere on the top shelf. The neutrals stay pretty much in the ivory/tan/brown/black range, though I do have a couple of prints with a navy background. There are a couple of oddball things–that red twill on the third shelf down, for instance. But for the most part, the colors I have are mostly the colors I like. And there are a few more solids than I tend to picture when I think of my fabrics! So that gives me hope that my stashbusting efforts will still work out as I’m trying to create more cohesion in my wardrobe.

(Incidentally, that’s not all the fabric– I specifically pulled a few of these that were already paired with patterns and notions out of my closet for color representation, and there are a few more things in there. Plus coat fabric yardage that just won’t fit on the shelf. My ultimate goal is to get this to a point where I can keep all of my fabric and yarn, aside from maybe scraps, on this one set of shelves, and still give it breathing room!)


    2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect, week 5- Colors!

    1. Great palette! I like how you have lots of neutrals to choose from. I need to take another look at my palette – I've definitely caved and started wearing a lot of black again! It's just so useful! 😛


    2. I'm excited to use this for future fabric purchases, though I'm certainly not going to limit myself to it. (Especially for blues and greens, there's just so many shades!) Thanks for making such a great how-to, it definitely helped me!


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