Wardrobe Architect, week 4: Silhouettes

This week’s discussion was all about figuring out proportions and silhouettes that I want to bring into my wardrobe, based on the shapes that I figured out in week 3. Sarai suggested using Polyvore to play around, so I did. I’m honestly not too much of a retail shopper anymore–the closest I usually get is the thrift store–so my goal was more to try to put together different outfit ideas based on things I already have or would be likely to bring into my closet. Of course, even though the challenge was more based on shapes, I couldn’t ignore prints or colors! So I thought I’d share what I came up with.
What I learned overall:

  • I will completely ignore a silhouette if I don’t like the print or color. I probably need to work on embracing the solids, don’t I?
  • I’m somewhat limited in my shoes–since I know I can’t find a lot to fit my extra-wide feet, I tried to stick with ideas that would use similar shoes to what I already have.
  • No wonder I’m having trouble with winter clothes–most of the sweaters I have don’t fit the silhouettes I’m drawn to.

And here’s my various collections! The first two were actually two sets I made on Polyvore years ago, but they fit the project nicely, so with a few tweaks, I used them.

From “My Core Style” Pinterest board

 I think these are probably pretty self-explanatory with the silhouettes– I made this one during one of my other “figure out my style” phases to show how I’d typically dress for when I’m teaching my flute lessons.

Same with this one–more of a casual weekend look.

And now, on to the ones I made specifically for this project! For these, I tried to think of ways I could vary a particular outfit, either to make it appropriate for another season or just to mix it up. I did two for summer, two for winter, and two that could go either way, depending on what I wear with it. So let’s start with summer, shall we?

Even though this one is made with a dress, I think the same principle could apply for separates–a fitted top with an A-line skirt, for instance. Some kind of lightweight layer for when the AC freezes me out, sandals, and chunky jewelry. The fall variation would swap out the cardigan for a jacket. And my brown boots aren’t exactly like that, but close enough. (Also, this outfit is reminding me that I need to replace my falling-apart tan sandals this year. Ugh. I hate shoe shopping.)

For my second summer look, I decided to go maxi! The flats would most likely be sandals in the summer. But I thought this would be a potentially good look for how to wear my t-shirts, too. (Incidentally, it’s hard to find the type of graphic tees that I actually wear on Polyvore, but I did find one, thanks to Etsy. It says, “I never received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. So I have left the Shire to become a Jedi.”)  Of course, for this to actually work, I probably need a maxi-skirt or two that’s actually solid…

I noticed belatedly that I didn’t have any shorts outfits on here. But the truth is, even though I have to own them for at least my retail job, I’m actually a lot more comfortable wearing skirts and dresses in the summer. Probably because they’re generally longer. I probably should come up with some kind of shorts silhouette I can live with, though, because skirts aren’t always a practical option in my world.

For my first winter look, I decided to go with more of what I’d want to wear to work–in this case, skinny pants with boots, a longer top, and a sweater. This is how I’ve been wearing that short sweater that I dyed back in the fall, and I surprisingly like the look. So I’ll have to attempt making skinny pants at some point so I can play with this sort of thing more.

My second cold-weather look is much more fall-ish, due to the color scheme of what I found. In the real world, I think I’d be more likely to wear the straight skirt with a looser sweater and the A-line skirt with a more fitted sweater. Also, I wouldn’t wear that particular print. It was just what happened to go. Also also, I need more tights. Or maybe leggings to wear as tights.

 Finally, my two looks that I tried to make multi-seasonal:
This is the closest to what I actually have. Those grey pants could quite easily be Thurlows–and are very close to the one pair I have left to show up. I actually own those particular black flats, even though I had to import them into Polyvore to make it work. The top could be a woven or a knit, and I do like peplums. I also have yarn to knit into a cardigan very similar to that one, if I ever finish the Roheline. But with the right layering pieces, this could be very versatile.

I tried to come up with a versatile maxi-dress look, too, since that is something I do like to wear and it would be nice to find some ways to wear them that will transcend summer.

So how did I do? I’m not saying I’d only wear these particular silhouettes, obviously, but it’s a starting point. I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s challenge is!


One thought on “Wardrobe Architect, week 4: Silhouettes

  1. I'm week behind in the Wardrobe Architect exercises, but it looks like I should hurry up and get to this week. It looks like what I have been wanting to put together for myself. You are inspiring be to get back to work.
    Create ideas.


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