Thurlows so nice, I made them twice

Twice more would probably be more accurate. But I finally got to test out my plan to sew these assembly-line style. I still have one more pair cut out to sew, but the serger thread has to be different for it to look best, so I waited. Navy blue and charcoal, though? Black served absolutely fine for both.

Navy Denim ThurlowsSince I’ve already showed two pairs of these, there isn’t too terribly much to say. (Other than I need to work on my tripod camera positioning, because this angle makes me look kind of stumpy!) I did make a few minor detail changes to make them more jeans-style, since both of these are made from a lightweight denim. There’s topstitching on the waistband, the darts, and around the welt pockets. I added a bar tack on the fly and some topstitching to just after the front pockets after wearing the charcoal pair for a day, because a stress point was already showing! (I also reinforced the stitching in the crotch and thigh areas for the same reason.) I did not, however, make the belt loops for these two pairs– I didn’t even cut them out this time, since by the time I got to that step for the other two pairs, I was pretty much mentally done and just wanted to hem them and be finished.

I am happy that this navy denim pair can count for the #bluefebruary sewalong!

Charcoal Denim ThurlowsAnd here’s the charcoal pair. Do I look a little smug here? (That wasn’t intentional. I also need to work on my posing. Sadly, this was the best of the lot.) Even though you’re probably tired of me talking about making pants, I think these will both be great additions to my wardrobe that will go with tons of stuff. I had to give myself a break from pants yesterday and made a quick knit project instead (to be blogged soon), but I think I’m ready to continue with the last pair now. And then take a bit of a break from pants…but it won’t be forever, because I need some jeans! (Especially since my one pair of skinny jeans accidentally ended up in the dryer this weekend and now I can’t get them on anymore. So sad. On the plus side, now I know what to do with the leftover stretchy denim from the TARDIS skirt…)tablet case- outside

One bonus project– I actually finished this in January, but couldn’t show it until now, since it was part of Doug’s birthday present. He’s been talking about wanting a Microsoft Surface tablet for months, so I teamed up with both sets of our parents to get him one. It came with a thin keyboard-style case, but I thought an extra case would also be helpful to keep things from jamming between the keyboard and the screen. So I used a scrap of the charcoal denim to make this envelope-style case, basically just winging it on the measurements by folding the fabric around the actual tablet.

tablet case- inside

The inside fabric was a fortuitous find– I went to Goodwill with my bestie recently to try to find some preliminary costume materials for some stuff we’re hoping to do later this year. While poking around the home decor section, I found this bedsheet that’s all the various hockey teams in the NHL. Doug is a huge hockey fan, so I snatched that up and smuggled it home! I only needed a small scrap for this bag, but made sure to center one of his two favorite teams so that it was showing–the one that would require me to cut into the least amount of fabric, of course! I still have quite a bit of this left, though I’m not counting it as adding to the stash, but I’m sure I can use it up for some big blocky project like making pillows for the basement, aka his “man cave”.

And now for totals:

Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlows (plus improvised pattern for tablet pouch)

Amount of time it took to make: About two weeks, plus some breaks to make the pouch while Doug wasn’t home, so that averages to a little less than a week per pair. Not too shabby.

Fabric used: lightweight denims from

Amount of fabric used: approx. 3.5 yards (about 1.25 yds of main fabric/.5 yd lining per pair) – there’s approximately 1.75 yards of each main fabric remaining, though not the full width of the fabric. (Any ideas?)

Stashed since: 2012

Current stash total: Counting the 6 yards I just bought at Mood, about 336 yards. Well, it’s still some progress.


8 thoughts on “Thurlows so nice, I made them twice

  1. I did make the jacket! It was one of the very first projects I posted on this blog, from back in 2006. (So early that I don't have many pictures of it, because I didn't even have a digital camera yet when I started this thing!)


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