Knitting away

Since I’m extending my stashbusting pledge to my yarn, I thought I’d give an update on what’s going on there!

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to use anything up. But I did finish a couple of projects.

Irish cables hatFirst up: The Chunky Irish Hiking Hat. I used the same yarn that I used for those handwarmers back in the fall, and still didn’t use the stuff up! I’m honestly a little less-than-thrilled with this one. For one thing, the top cable got crossed the wrong way, though I was too lazy to rip back since I was knitting this at my mom’s house and using a pencil as a cable needle. For another thing, it’s too small and/or too short for my head. I wore this for the first time on Friday night, and it barely skims the tops of my ears, which makes it virtually useless for keeping one’s head warm while sitting in a college ice rink to watch a hockey game! (I went with several of my cousins, because the colleges we went to were playing each other. Doug was more than happy to play interpreter.) It also kept riding up to stick up funny, so I had to keep pulling it down. I’m not entirely sure whether I should just rip the whole thing out and make something else with it, or send it to the thrift store and cut my knitting time losses.

Whittier hatI was much happier with the Whittier hat. It’s surprisingly warm for a mesh hat, and once you get past the edge, the mesh pattern is pretty easy. The most challenging part of this one was the cast-on. I’d never done a tubular cast-on before, and was pleasantly surprised when I took the waste yarn away and the whole thing didn’t fall apart! The yarn is Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends. I’m still surprised I can use this stuff, since I can’t even touch wool without reacting. And though it worked fine for my Cadence sweater, I wasn’t sure how it would be wearing it on my head. It gets a little itchy on occasion, but if I shift the position on my forehead every so often, I’m fine. So, at least to 30%, alpaca is a go! The buttons were already in my stash, from a thrifted jacket that I replaced the buttons on, and I think they look much better here than on the jacket!

I still have quite a bit of this left (I had two skeins and didn’t even use half of one), so I think my yarn usage total for January, not counting in-progress things, was about 101 yards. According to my initial estimate, that leaves me with 19,827 yards…but hey, it’s still progress!

While I’m at it, here’s my fabric totals for January:
Yards in: 2 (from Stash Diet Swap)
Yards given away: 1 (gave a piece to my mom, since they didn’t send enough for my project and I had no use for it otherwise)
Yards sewed up: 4.25. Though I actually used significantly more than that, since I cut up several more yards for more Thurlow pants. But I’ll get to those later–I’m quite close to finishing 2 of the 3 pairs.
Net total loss for January: 3.25 yards/3 pieces, plus some scraps for Itty Bits projects. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

(Of course, I’m going to NYC this weekend, so it’s a good thing I gave myself that travel allowance! Mood, here I come!)

I do have a few more knitting projects in progress. One will not be pictured here, since it’s a gift and also a project I’ve been keeping at my parents’, but here’s the others:

Roheline 2I made visible progress on the Roheline cardigan! I finally reached the point where I can divide for the sleeves. I just haven’t gotten any further than that, because I need to actually sit down and watch a few videos–ideally, I’d like to do both of these sleeves at once, and I found instructions for how to do that with two circular needles. Way better than wrangling double-points.

Lacy Keyhole scarf- Craftsy

I’ve also started a very basic project–awhile ago, I bought the Knit Lab class from Craftsy, thinking it would be good to help me make sure I’ve mastered the basics. Of course, since then, they added another class that would probably have been more along the lines of what I wanted. But my mom had mentioned that she was thinking about doing this same class, so rather than both of us buy it, I’ve been going over there a little early on days I teach at her house and we’ve been watching through it together. So this is the start of the Lacy Keyhole Scarf project from this class. I like the texture of this yarn! It makes it look way more interesting than just basic garter stitch. I’m also taking this opportunity to try to get the hang of continental-style knitting, since that’s what she demonstrates in the video, to see if it really is better for my wrists. We shall see. I haven’t had any luck ever with purling continental, so that may be a big determining factor.


4 thoughts on “Knitting away

  1. Cute hat, and the cardigan looks lovely! I also always use circular needles (mostly in the magical loop way) instead of DPNs… that way I'm much less likely to lose a needle!


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