Look at this pile, isn’t it neat?

Cut-out ThurlowsWouldn’t you say my collection’s complete… ok, before I get that song more firmly stuck in my head, I should probably clarify that the collection is not complete, because I still have to, you know, actually sew this. (And cut out the interfacing.) But this pile represents 3 pairs of pants, which is what remains of the original 5 pairs I’d planned to make. Now that I have the fitting worked out, I think this will go very quickly. Especially because I can use the same serger thread for both the blue and black denim versions, which means that I can definitely assembly-line make those two pairs! The grey will have to be done separately for it to look right, I think, but you can’t win them all.

As far as my stashbusting goes, overestimating once again bit me in the butt. I don’t have the full width yardage on any of these, but I still have a solid 1 3/4 yards of both the blue and the black lightweight denim. So I’ll have to figure out what to do with those, though I did manage to use one largeish remnant of the black for a secret project. (Which doesn’t count towards that 1 3/4 yards, unfortunately.) I do have quite a bit of the grey left as well, but I do already know what I’m going to do with that. And it isn’t another Hummingbird skirt.

On the plus side, I did use up the cherry print, and one length of the multiple cuts of this batiked muslin from ages ago. I think there were something like 6 total. So that puts me at 3 out of 4 fabrics to get out of my stash completely before I can buy more– 4 if I count the zebra print charmeuse that I passed on to my mom for a bag lining. I’d ordered 3 yards, but they only sent me 1, and then ran out, so I can’t use it for the winter coat lining that I’d originally planned.

I think I’m going to count it. After all, I can’t delay too long in ordering fabric if I’m going to be ready for March of the Shieldmaidens. But I’m still making progress, right?


4 thoughts on “Look at this pile, isn’t it neat?

  1. I like to cut out loads of garments at once too. Fitting and cutting are not the best bits, so I get the pain over with all at once. 2014 I intend to stash bust…but I said that last year too!


  2. Cutting is probably my least favorite part of sewing– I think part of me is always worried that I'll wreck the fabric! I've learned that cutting out too much at once can sometimes come back to bite me–I have at least one top that's been cut out for probably 2 years now that I still haven't gotten around to sewing yet–but since these were all the same pattern, I figured it would be ok.


  3. Isn't it funny that the arguing-with-yourself works for stash diets, too? 😉 Yay for thee pairs of pants! And I spy that at least one of them is getting cherry pockets, right? Fun!


  4. I'll be even more excited when I get to sewing them! I did get the interfacing cut out last night, and just barely had enough to squeeze them out. Whew. And yes, the charcoal denim pair will be getting cherry pockets! I had the fabric leftover from a wedding gift for a friend from a few years ago, and there wasn't enough to do much with it–I actually had to find a scrap of plain black to line the waistband with, because I barely had enough for the pockets!


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