First finished project of 2014

One of the gifts that my husband spoiled me with for Christmas was a new Kindle Fire! I’d already had an original black-and-white Kindle, and plan to keep using it for things like taking to the beach, since the non-LCD screen will be better for reading in bright daylight. But I’m having a lot of fun with my new toy so far, and needed to come up with something to protect it, quickly!

Kindle case- standingThis was pretty simple to put together. I used this tutorial, and it worked like a charm. I already had all of the materials on hand–the cardboard was from an old, unused binder, the elastic was just lying around, and the fabric is leftover from the apron I made for a friend last year. I could have done a more involved case with padding and zippers and whatnot, but what really drew me to this one is that I can stand it up. Since some of the books I have on there are cookbooks that I downloaded for free from Amazon (I have a habit of hoarding whatever looks interesting on the top 100 free books of the day), I like the idea of being able to stand this on the counter while I cook (and make it less likely that I’ll splatter food on it.) I’ve also since learned that this works pretty well for reading while knitting, which is what I tend to do when Doug is watching hockey or something.

Kindle case- openFor Stash Diet purposes, I can’t really count this. All of the fabric was in my scrap bin, I didn’t use either scrap up, and even though I am insane enough to measure out yardage, I’m not insane enough to measure my scraps! But this was a great little scrap project, and came together really quickly. I cut the cardboard out one night, cut the fabric another, and sewed this up super-quick on Friday afternoon. Altogether, it maybe took an hour and a half from start to finish. (Today is just the first day I’ve had decent light while I’ve been home to take pictures.)

Kindle case- closedAnd look! I basically matched the pattern without even trying! I love when that happens.

It was nice to start the year with a quick project. I have my next two projects cut out, and have already started on one–I’m making my next pair of Thurlows, and cut out a little something else to use up the leftover fabric. So hopefully they won’t take too terribly long, now that I have the fitting for both things down.

So what are you working on for your first project of the new year?


10 thoughts on “First finished project of 2014

  1. This looks great! I was also thinking that anything I make from scraps can't count towards my diet points … that would totally be cheating! But, I'm putting the final touches on a dress that will most certainly get me closer to my magic 5 number.


  2. Also, I didn't count up the scraps. 😉 But I'm still using stuff up, which is good. And I did actually manage to use up 2 pieces of fabric, thanks to my current sewing projects, so that helps!


  3. Sorry about that–I had to set it to full comment moderation awhile back, because I get so many spam comments when I don't. So if your comment doesn't come up right away, that's why.

    You should make one–it was really easy and quick, and a great way to use up some scraps!


  4. Well, now that you're in the Stashbusting Sewalong as well, this definitely counts!
    It looks neat and useful, too.

    I'm working on a blouse I started and never finished cutting last year. I'm much closer to finish now, although it will still inevitably take longer than I expect…


  5. It's working out well so far–I was using it as a recipe guide when trying out a recipe from Pinterest yesterday, and it stayed up pretty well for the most part! Except when I was trying to swipe one-handed while stirring, lol.

    It's good to start the year by clearing something out of the UFO pile. Good luck with that. I'm glad you're doing the Stashbusting Sewalong, too–it was fun to see someone I “know” on the Facebook page!


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